34 Country Boy Names and Their Meanings

Country Boy Names

Good country boy names can be hard to find and an even more arduous task to choose from. But it’s worth the effort if you want your baby to have a name through life and adulthood with pride/masculinity. 

However, you also want the name to be unique and memorable. So your baby name can stand out from all the other kids in his class.


It’s derived from William and is pronounced like lee-ahm. It’s part of the rugged country boy names that’ve been popular for years. 

Both country music artists and athletes have favored this moniker.

Moreover, this makes it fit perfectly into a list of handsome country boy names. These country singer boys named Liam are also attractive choices if you like short last names for your sons.


Evan, meaning strong and healthy, is a great choice for parents who want their child to stand out. However, Evan is one of the country boy names that will help your son stand out among the crowd. It also isn’t one of those names that will cause teachers and peers to overuse (and misuse) your child’s name. 


Often mistaken for a Christian name, many people are surprised when they discover that Matthew is an Old Testament name. Generally, it’s believed that Matthew comes from Hebrew or Aramaic words meaning gift of God. 

However, in Christianity, it refers to apostles and saints who wrote one of the four gospel accounts of Jesus Christ. Today, it’s a popular choice for parents looking for solid country boy names with religious meanings. 


Luke has a long history as a name that goes back well before the Bible. The name comes from Lucanus, which is Latin for light-giving.


Logan is an Irish surname that means ‘hollow.’ It can also be the first name in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. In America, it was popularized by a minor character on TV.

Its definition is excellent for Country boy names because it reminds them to be firm. Suppose you decide to go with Logan as your son’s first name. Make sure he doesn’t hate being called Log when he gets older. That could get ugly fast!


In short, it’s a nickname for Ethan or Ethan, but we’re not sure which. In America, Ethan is mainly used as a formal name that is of Hebrew origin.

However, it’s part of the Country boy’s name that means strong, though we went with handsome in our description. 

So, whether you choose Strong or Handsome as your caption choice. You have many options regarding nicknames, Eth, Ethie, or any combination. We just like that ‘Ethan’ sounds cool no matter how you spell it!


The name Dylan has been a hit for more than six decades, from 1965 to date. The name’s popularity has waned just a bit over time. 

However, it’s still one of those rare country boy names that everyone seems to like. The meaning is Son of the sea. And if you want him to have a cool nickname (Dyl!), go with it.


David has been a popular biblical name among country boys names for ages. However, some variations on it are even more appropriate for your redneck or hillbilly baby boy. Davy is an attractive option, while Daevon will be great if you’re looking for something a little more unique. 


The origin is Irish, Gaelic, and the meaning of Connor is headstrong. The name Connor has English and Irish roots, the country boy names. Connor was most popular in 1961 when it was given to more than 500 newborn boys. 


Benton, as part of the country boy names, can be traced to two distinct origins. It originated as a surname and is ultimately derived from Old English. 

So, It comes from Benton, meaning bent, which was about someone who had a crooked body or hunchbacked. It can come from barth, meaning brown, and was used as a nickname for people with brown hair or skin.  


All those parents hoping to name their little girl Flanner may have to think twice. This unisex name is regarded as one of the country boy names. 

Moreover, it has largely been considered an unusual choice for baby girls. The best thing to say about it is that it’s weird but not off-putting. 


Bradford is a long-standing traditional name for a male baby. The meaning of Bradford is the hill where brad grew, as well as broad ford. This one of the country boy names means district town. 


Loudoun was originally a place name and can be found in England, Scotland, and Ireland. These country boy names are more commonly used as a last name. 


Abner is a French boy’s name. The meaning of Abner is ‘father’s brother.’ The part of the country boy named “Abner” is most commonly given to American boys.

Moreover, Abner means a diminutive of Germanic names beginning with ab. Examples are Abelard, Albanian, Mongolian and Turkish for father. 


Boys named Beau usually have very outgoing personalities and are known to be incredibly charismatic. As a name, it’s often used in conjunction with another title. This is to create a double-barreled combination that highlights both characters equally. 

In addition, country boy names like Beau tend to be people-pleasers and are very giving, especially from family members. They’re quick thinkers who can solve problems on their feet and maintain composure under pressure. 


The name Asher comes from a Biblical word meaning happiness or goodness. It refers to bowls and platters made from brass used for sacrificial offerings in ancient Israel. However, Asher is also one of several biblical names with references to food.


The name is perfect for boys and girls alike, with a particular spot in our hearts for any little one with three characters to choose from. 

However, Hart has many beautiful meanings (as does food); both are tied to various origins and spellings. Although, we love how this one of the country boy names can lean traditionally/ gender-neutral. 


Hartley is a diminutive from a medieval female name and refers to Hart deer. It was initially used as a surname. But it became increasingly popular as a first name for girls in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

However, its popularity has declined lately. It remains one of the top 50 baby country boy names. They are often considered masculine, but they are increasingly popular with girls too.


In 1993, Country singer Vince Gill released his album When I Call Your Name, which spawned several hits. The first track on that album is a ballad written by Gill, and Norro Wilson called The Reason Why. 

However, In that song, Gill sings about a man who reflects on his life after being diagnosed with cancer. The story tells how he wishes to say goodbye to his wife and child. 

So, at one point in the song, he mentions names for them, Grant for a boy and Rebecca for a girl. Since then, people have named their children after both names.


Jefferson is one of the English Country boy names. In English, Jefferson means Son of Jeffery or son of Geoffrey. 


The name Jason originated from ancient Greek and meant healer or curative. Jason was a character in Greek mythology. 

However, It is pronounced as Jay-son, often mispronounced as Jess-on. It is supposed to be pronounced Jay-son with a long I at the end (like Brian). 


Keith is among the country boy names, which has a nice ring. Although, many don’t realize that it is a shortened version of a surname. 

Furthermore, Kehte means warlike, which contrasts nicely with the brutal image held by boys who carry that name today. They may not all be tricky, though.


Cade is one of the country boy names of American origin. It means: From a surname initially derived from Old English ceado marsh. 

So, ways to spell it: Kade, Kaden. How famous is Cade? Out of 5,823 boys in America, 340 are named Cade.  


The name Decker is among the generally given country boy names. And in some cases, people also use it for girls. It is derived from English origins. 

Moreover, It is used as a boy’s name mainly. While today it is more commonly used by parents as a unisex or boy name by assigning masculine traits.


George has had lasting popularity as one of the country boy names. It was in use by England’s Royal Family, starting with George I, who reigned from 1714 to 1727. 

There have been so many British Georges over time that Latin translates as a farmer. This name is thought to be a variation on gorgeous. This means earth-worker, which fits nicely with our current agricultural times. 


Hank, is it a name or a verb? Have you ever hanked something instead of just hanging it? 

Hank is a fun moniker but not common enough to be on most people’s radar. Hank falls into that category of country boy names that are borderline too cool for school and almost silly.  

In addition, the best thing about Hank is that once you get past its funny spelling. There’s nothing about it that looks weird or unsavory in any way.


Originally from Middle English, its meaning is a stony ford. A fun fact about Hartford as another one of the country boy names is that it also functions as a surname.

Moreover, it was even more popular than Smith as a surname at one point in time. The name means that if you’re having a boy, you can choose to pay tribute to your city with a country name.


Barrett means the baron in Gaelic. Barren means poorly cultivated rocky land. The name is taken from MacBarridh and Mac a Barraich. There are many theories about its possible derivation that researchers have suggested.


Thanks to its origins as a surname, Bennett is unisex. It’s also one of those country boy names that sounds just as good for a boy or girl, primarily since it’s traditionally associated with baby boys and men. 


Blake is a traditional baby name and one among the country boy names used more often as a surname. However, Blake emerged in 1997 with baby names. The number of babies named Blake in 2016 was 50 times more than in 1900. 


When you’re choosing a name for your baby boy, do you think about characters that are timeless, masculine, and attractive?. You can make things easier on yourself by looking at American history. This is because many classic names have been on country boys for generations.

However, Blaze is one of those country boy names that harken back to a time. The time when people settled their differences with words instead of weapons. Although it seems like a newly popular name today, it got its start in America at least 175 years ago. 


In England, America, and Ireland, Alan has a similar meaning. It is derived from “al,” meaning rock in Latin. In Irish, it was initially Gaelic for ancient. 

However, It’s old with an essential distinction of being able to give rise to female names. In Scotland, the country boy names are meant for eternity. The title makes a good nickname or diminutive in Jack or Albie as well as Alanis and Allana.


Thanks to US actors, this name has become part of the popular country boy names. Also to country singer Chris LeDoux who died in 2005. 

However, the first use of Boone as a male name was in 1920, when it was given to 2 babies. In 2012, 168 boys were named Boone, meaning it had only experienced a slight increase in popularity over previous years. 

Although, today, there are over 600 registered Boones, with about 40 new names added each year. It’s not yet common enough to be part of any trendy baby-naming fads. So, it can be a unique option for your son or grandson.


If you’re looking for something outside your typical Caid, Kaiden, or Kason, try Country boy names like Cane. It may sound similar to Cain, but it is spelled differently and is more Southern. Perhaps, it’s finally time to give your little cowboy an unconventional handle.


At last, we’ve come to our final section. You’ll notice that there are no specific names here.

However, we tried to find country boy names that fit into each letter category. We hope you enjoy reading through these lists of more popular country boy names. 

So, we encourage you to try creating a few unique ones. Remember, starting with an image or word can be fun and exciting. However, let it inspire your creativity in choosing an appropriate baby name.

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