14 Countries That Celebrate Halloween in the World

Countries That Celebrate Halloween in the World

Do you want to know about the countries that celebrate Halloween? Then read on. Halloween, also known as “All Hallows’ Eve,” is celebrated annually on October 31.

Halloween is hugely famous in the United States, where customers anticipated spending more than US$10 billion on costumes, decorations, treats, and different Halloween-themed fees in 2021.  

Despite this, Halloween has never been a purely American celebration. Halloween originated in Europe and is now swiftly gaining popularity among a wide range of people with great spiritual backgrounds and nations worldwide. 

However, the specific form the excursion takes varies significantly from one united states to the next. For instance, many other countries continue to wear gruesome costumes and minimize the trick-or-treating component of the event.  

At the same time, Halloween in the United States typically centers around costumes of any kind and tradition.

In addition, because All Souls’ Day and Da de Los Muertos fall around the same time as Halloween, they are frequently combined.

Well, some of the countries that celebrate Halloween are listed below:  

1. United States

Halloween has become extraordinarily well-known in the United States, where it is celebrated on October 31 and is cherished through the potential of every younger people and adults.  

Favorite Halloween things to do in the U.S. encompass dressing in costumes; carving pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns.

And trick-or-treating entails going door to door, knocking and calling out “trick or treat,” and receiving candy in return.  

Spooky occasions such as telling horror reminiscences and going to horror videos or “haunted houses.” points of the hobby are additionally trendy.  

Moreover, Halloween has its usual personal treats, including caramel-covered apples, sweet corn, and pumpkin-flavored foods. Canada and Ireland both have comparable traditions.  

2. Canada

Canada is also one of the few countries that celebrate Halloween. Halloween is famous in Canada and observed an awful lot like in the USA.

It’s a fun and festive nighttime stuffed with costume events and trick-or-treating. Canada’s Declaration to Halloween repute is the phrase “trick or treat,” which dates returned to 1927.  

This once occurred when an Alberta, Canada newspaper article said, “pranksters have been touring properties demanding both a trick or treat.” 

3. United Kingdom

The Scots, Irish, English, and Welsh all celebrate Halloween alongside the Gaelic festival of Samhain. The Americanized model of Halloween was once in no way huge in the U.K.  

In England, Guy Fawkes Day, on November 5, has long been more exciting than Halloween. Still, you’re probable to see pumpkins, costumes, and kids going door-to-door trick or treating in the U.K. 

4. Mexico

In addition to the Gaelic celebration of Samhain, Halloween is also observed by the Scots, Irish, English, and Welsh.

The Americanized version of Halloween wasn’t always a big deal in the U.K. Guy Fawkes Day, which falls on November 5, has traditionally been more thrilling in England than Halloween.  

Even so, it’s likely that you will see pumpkins, costumes, and youngsters trick-or-treating in the U.K. Ofrendas, or private altars, are constructed and used to offer gifts to the deceased. The Day of the Dead is celebrated in various varieties in many Latin American countries.

5. Greece

Another country that celebrates Halloween is Greece. Halloween is celebrated mainly by using the potential of expatriates and vacationers in inns and bars.  

However, Greeks observe the same tournament, “The Apokrias,” which takes neighborhood in February, when adolescents costume up and call upon their pals to see if they can wager their identities.  

“Treats” like cake and sweets are additionally surpassed, and in massive cities, Carnival-like parades are held along the most important streets. And did you know? Greeks have their recipe for “Greek Pumpkin Pie,” known as “Kolokythopita”! 

6. Germany

Germany is one of the countries that celebrate Halloween Halloween celebrations are tremendously new in Germany.

Alternatively, historical traditions related to All Souls Day include inserting away knives on Halloween nighttime to forestall damage from returning spirits.  

Today, in predominantly cities, particularly college towns, neighborhood adolescents and expatriate English instructors experience dressing up and getting mutually for drinks and parties in a variety of nearby golf equipment and bars. It’s a perfect time to whip out that historical Beethoven costume! 

7. Brazil

Even if it isn’t a principal holiday in the land of Carnival, expatriates in Brazil do have fun Halloween, and many locals are greater than completely satisfied to be part of the party!  

Local flavor consists of caipirinhas, batucada, and colorful parades with drum music! It can be handy to discover a Halloween birthday occasion as most Rio de Janeiro restaurants, bars, and golf equipment.

And especially in the Lapa district, put collectively unique Halloween nights and spooky festivities, so be part of the fun! 

8. Spain

Halloween in Spain has a unique familiar feel that differentiates it from most European countries. El Dia de Los Muertos, often known as All Souls’ Day, is celebrated in Spain, just like in Mexico.

Halloween is a three-day celebration in Spain that begins on October 31 with Dia de las Brujas (Day of the Witches), continues on November 1 with Dia de Todos Los Santos (All Saints’ Day), and concludes on November 2 with Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  

Families visit the graves of their departed loved ones during the public holiday known as Dia de Todos Los Santos with holy water, flowers, food, and beverages while they enjoy themselves and interact.  

Still, Halloween activities range from metropolis to city. For instance, in Galicia, Spain, there is a combination of Celtic traditions and present-day Halloween adaptations, alongside the Catholic way of honoring useless loved ones with the aid of journeying their graves. 

9. Poland

Next on our list of countries that celebrate Halloween in Poland. Although Polish organizations might decorate a shop window for Halloween, and there would possibly be costume parties, many Polish humans are very shielded from their traditions.

Therefore, Poland’s Americanized version of Halloween has no longer won a foothold. The Polish have exciting Forefathers’ Eve, a historical Slavic custom that has been syncretized with the Christian celebrations of All Souls’ Day held on November 2.  

During Forefathers’ Eve, there may additionally be a silent procession to ancestors’ graves, where a grave candle is lit and located on the graves of partners, children, and friends.  

On this night, more prominent locations are additionally set at dinner tables, so the spirits of the useless can be a phase of in. After dinner, leftover food is taken to the cemetery. 

10. Italy

Halloween is gaining it has popularity throughout Italy. However, La Festa di Ognissanti (All Saints’ Day) on November 1 and Il Giorno dei Morti (All Souls’ Day) on November 2 is broadly celebrated with various events and parties.  

On the island of Sardinia, humans have a good time on All Souls’ Day with the aid of carving pumpkins referred to as Concas de Mortu, which means heads of the dead.  

The excursion starts on October 31 and goes thru November 2 to consist of All Souls’ Day. Although there is not much trick-or-treating, and celebrations range in the many regions, Italians have a good time with loved ones who have handed on All Souls’ Day. 

11. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is recognized as the Halloween celebration capital of Asia. Halloween in Hong Kong has two traditions.

The first entails the event known as “Yue Lan” (Festival of the Hungry Ghosts). Its emphasis is less on the celebration.  

As an alternative, it is the probability to give presents to the spirits of the lifeless to furnish alleviation and ward them off.

The 2d and more commercialized tournament is celebrated using expatriate Americans or Canadians.  

Hong Kong Disneyland hosts the annual Halloween Bash. Bars in Lan Kwai Fong famously throw Halloween events each year.

While trick-or-treating is not as generally celebrated in Hong Kong, there are occasions at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Avenue of the Stars that attempt to mimic the celebration.  

12. Romania

Romania is also one of the few countries that celebrate Halloween. Where better to rejoice in Halloween than the home of Vlad the Impaler, extra commonly regarded as Dracula? Spend the night time in a medieval haunted fort in Tran 

13. Syria and the Middle East

Eid il-Barbara, or Saint Barbara’s Day, is a holiday very comparable to Halloween. It is annually celebrated on four December among Arab Christians in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories. It is celebrated in honor of the Christian Saint and Martyr Saint Barbara.  

The common faith among Syrian and Lebanese Christians was that Saint Barbara disguised herself in many unique costumes to break out the Romans who had been persecuting her.  

Many similarities exist between this celebration and Halloween is celebrated on October 31 worldwide. Children costume up in costumes and trick or treating, and famous decorations such as carved pumpkins embellish the streets. 

14. Sardinia

Rounding off on our list of countries that celebrate Halloween is Sardinia. The three-day weekend has a lot in familiar with the Celtic tradition. Despite praising the lifeless was once a pagan festival.  

November 2, additionally, the Catholic Church celebrates the commemoration of the dead, a party linked to harvesting and the time in which, according to tradition, the world of the dwelling and the lifeless come into contact.  

The ritual is very ancient and belongs to all populations, which asserts that. On the night between October 31 and November 1, the dead had been free to roam the Earth, and the thin line that separated the two worlds wore so thin to allow their spirits to circulate freely on the Earth. 

In Sardinia, teens go around the cities knocking on doorways and asking, “close is animals” with a bag or a pillowcase.

For the occasion, the households prepare traditional candy saba (Pabassinas) or brown bread to offer to teens who knock on doors.  

In some areas of Sardinia, orange pumpkins are exposed, mainly in Barbagia. The place traditions continue to be primarily devoted to those in the historical days.

It brings us back to the historic ritual practiced in Sardinia and Corsica. Particularly taking skulls from the cemetery to make it rain.  

Everything brings us lower back to the Nuragic, and we believe that Sardinia celebrated this anniversary even then, as historic as it used to be, Halloween for the historic druids.

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