Cornerstone Tiny Homes Review

Cornerstones Tiny Homes

Cornerstone Tiny Homes is a company that manufactures tiny homes of the highest standards. They pride themselves in having licensed professionals who work round the clock to offer reliable quality and safety in tiny homes.

They are also constantly foraying into new markets in the US such as Virginia, Florida, Illinois, and the Bahamas.

One of their flagship projects is their houses on a 13-acre island, which was hit directly by Hurricane Sand which is a category three storm

Fortunately, the houses encountered minimal damage, and they’ve used this knowledge to design and build smaller homes.

When you look at their experience and excellent craftsmanship, you will know why everything they touch is desirable.

Also, they adhere to the same coding requirements common in other types of houses.

What do they offer?

Cornerstone Tiny homes offer different types of these “small homes.” From modular homes to traditional stick-built homes placed on permanent foundations.

They also build tiny homes attached to a trailer using conventional construction materials.

They can also convert a storage container or a shed to a tiny house by using it as a shell. Also, since most of them are built on trailers, they are TVs. Therefore, your house could be licensed as an RV and not as a home.

Their Options are

Tiny Houses on Wheels

The company has more than 7 styles of tiny homes ready for purchase. You can request the company to modify these plans to suit your needs.

Additionally, you can also request a customization of the floor plan to ensure it suits your tastes.

Additionally, the houses have custom trailers to match the floor plans. They also have AMP trailers designed for their homes, and since it is reputable in its niche, they ensure you get the best trailer for your home.

Finished Tiny Houses

Cornerstone has many completed shells to enable enjoy a tiny home lifestyle. Their finished shells contain amenities such as a refrigerator, kitchen sink, outside stairs, porcelain toilet, air-condition, porcelain toilet, chrome faucets, tankless water heater, and a porcelain bathroom sink.

They have all the features you will need in a finished model. Additionally, if you have extra needs, you only notify the company and add them.


Tiny house shells include the walls, roof framing, roof sheathing, and interior framing designed to match RVIA standards. Some of the not present things in these shells include cabinets, doors, HVAC, plumbing, floor finishes, roofing, insulation, and interior wall finishes.

They are optional, and you will decide the ones you need at home.

The Walden

This design is one of the largest in the tiny homes which Cornerstone Tiny homes offer. It is a 32-feet tiny house and has a similar design to other types, including a bathroom, kitchen at the end of the house.

It also has a large sleeping loft and office/bedroom. It is ideal for people who have a large family.

The Abbott

This is a 30-foot-long tiny house with wheels with a large living area, and a single sleeping loft. It also has a spacious bathroom and kitchen at the end of this house. There is also a staircase that will guide you to the sleeping loft.

The Gooseneck and Westbury

This is also a 32-foot design similar to a five-wheel travel trailer, yet it still retains the tiny look. It has similar plans to most models, including a kitchen and bathroom. It also has stairs to lead you to the loft, and the model is one of the most spacious, making it ideal for small families and couples.

The Vincente

This is a 24-feet tiny house that is more open and is very spacious. It has two overhead lofts for storage and sleeping and a large kitchen and bathroom.

The Cortes

The Cortes is a 20-foot home that is carried on wheels. It is ideal for anyone looking for a minimalistic home, and it has a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.


Cornerstone is one of the best companies that build tiny homes in America. They have multiple designs and work with clients to ensure their needs are satisfied. Besides, they have stylish and beautiful products, and this review will help you choose the one you love. Check out their website if you are interested.

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