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Are you thinking about throwing the best Christmas party this year? Then you need to check out our neatly curated list of fun activities.

An essential step in throwing a fun Christmas party successfully is to plan out some exciting activities to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the party.

Whether you are in search of kid-friendly party ideas to keep the children busy or holiday party activities for grownups only, you don’t need to search any further.

Check out the list of Christmas party ideas below.

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Choosing a Christmas Party Game

The first step to throwing a successful Christmas party is deciding on what games to play. Once you have decided on the number of guests you expect to attend your  Christmas party and the age range, you can begin to plan out your entertainment.

There are some questions you should ask yourself when choosing the right games for your Christmas party crowd:

  • How many guests are attending? Before deciding on a game, think about the number of guests you are expecting at your Christmas party. The larger you want your party to be, the more inclusive the game should be. If you are expecting at least 20 guests, you must choose games that allow you to divide guests into large teams.
  • Will there be kids at the party? Make sure that you plan separate activities for kid attendees and have a responsible chaperone assigned to the kids’ area. This way, the grownups in attendance will enjoy themselves during their respective games.
  • Do most of your guests know each other? Answering this question is crucial as you will have to include some icebreaker games if most of your visitors do not know each other. Every party that involves an Icebreaker game is always fun, and as the game puts guests in a comfortable mood.

Christmas party games

White Elephant

This is a popular Christmas party game that involves gift exchange. Small and large groups can enjoy this game anytime during the party. You can tell your guests beforehand to come with a wrapped present for the gift table.

The white elephant game involves each guest picking a present from the table and even stealing another guest’s present. Research the rules of the game before your party.

Christmas Charades

This is one of the most accessible Christmas party games. The Christmas charade involves acting out some of your best Christmas activities without saying anything.

Some options of things to add to your charade include ice skating, decorating a tree, and snowball fighting. The internet has several ideas for Christmas charade games.

Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

This a great game that involves the use of Christmas carols. To play, each guest must pick a song from the game organizer and draw out the song on a piece of paper, while others guess the name of the song.

Each team will take turns three times until one team gets all their three turns right.

Christmas Carol Bingo

Play is a simple game of bingo that your loved ones will love. It involves swapping the numbers for a 4×4 card of famous Christmas symbols! If you love to keep things simple, you can download a Christmas bingo printable from the internet.

Stocking Guessing Game

Surprise your visitors with a Christmas stocking full of different odd objects and allow them to make guesses about the stockings content.

Players are allowed to feel the stocking but must never look inside. When the game is over, the player with the most correct guesses becomes the owner of the stocking!

Name that Christmas Song

This is a good ice breaker game for your Christmas party. To play this guessing game, dividing your visitors into 2 to 3 teams.

This competition requires each team to write down the correct name of a Christmas song after you sing and say one line of the selected song out loud.

Do not forget to keep your answers gathered together as you will have to verify every team’s responses, to determine which team accumulated the most correct answers.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Do you love each movie? Then you can test your Christmas party attendees with an exciting game about their knowledge of Christmas movies!

You can ask them questions such as “What town did the Grinch live in” or “What was the name of Santa’s favorite reindeer” to refresh their memory.

Christmas Mad Libs

Let your guests play a simple game of Christmas mad libs by giving them some Christmas mad lib printables.

This game involves storytelling activities, so do not forget to reward the people or team with the best story a prize.

Gift Wrap Relay

Just like every other type of relay, this game is about gifts and speed. Have a gift wrap relay this Christmas season by dividing your party attendees into two teams.

Once you have shared the teams, set aside two tables facing each other with unwrapped gifts and some wrapping paper and other supplies.

Players will then hurry to their tables one by one and wrap a present as fast as possible. The game comes to an end when the winning team wraps all of their gifts.

Candy Cane Relay

This is a Christmas party game that involves candy canes only. Players have only one minute to use their candy cane to collect as many candy canes from a bowl as possible.

However, the rule of the game is that the players must only use their mouth to hold the first candy cane — the guest who collects the highest number of candy canes before the game ends wins.

Christmas Card Swap

Tell all of your attendees to come with 2 to 3 different picture Christmas cards of themselves from when they were kids for this icebreaker game.

Once your guests arrive, they have to drop one of their cards into a basket on a table. Once everyone has contributed their Christmas cards, each person will randomly pick a card from the basket and attempt to match the card with a person at the party.

The first guest to successfully match their selected card with the visitor who’s in the photo wins.

Get your family and friends together for a cookie decorating table activity with lots of sprinkles, icing, and edible toppings. This is the best Christmas party game for food lovers.

Gingerbread House Decorating

Make a few gingerbread houses and allow your Christmas party guests spend time decorating the gingerbread houses. You can enable couples or families to decorate houses together or let everyone picks a partner to decorate with. This is a kid-friendly Christmas party activity.

Christmas Arts & Crafts

You can never go wrong with an hour or two of holiday arts and crafts. Collect an array of Christmas-oriented materials, patterned paper, and supplies so guests can make their own Christmas ornaments, cards, stockings, or mini-trees.

Consider having a volunteer supervise the table if kids will be making arts and crafts. You can also use free Christmas coloring pages to keep kids and guests busy.

Who doesn’t like to engage in Christmas art activities? Put together as many art supplies as you can, and allow people to explore.

Tree Decorating

Gather your guests together for a short session of tree decoration before food and drinks. Each guest can make a tree ornament at the party or just bring their own from home to make the activity exciting. Do not forget to have Christmas music on for this activity.

Christmas Card Crafts

Have your guests bring some new or old Christmas cards along with them to create an exciting Christmas card project! Whether they choose to make a collage or make ornaments with the Christmas cards, this is a perfect way to spice things up with the aid of extra Christmas cards.

Christmas Carols

The best way to end your Christmas party is with a quick Christmas caroling trip with your guests around the neighborhood.

If you do not want to do that, you and your loved ones can just sing a few popular Christmas carols at the party. Every person will enjoy singing because it is an old holiday activity that never goes out of trend.

Christmas Karaoke

This may seem like a little bit extra, but you can host an hour of Christmas karaoke for your friendship and family who have waited all 12 months of the year for their best holiday tunes.

All you need to do is sear has for the karaoke versions of famous Christmas tunes and get at least two mics in case there is a need for a duet.

Christmas Photo Booth

Put together all of the funny and cool Christmas props around your home and create a special Christmas photo booth for your party. You can use Santa hats, elf ears, candy canes, star-shaped hats, and any other thing that can make the photos more lively and full of laughter.

If the theme of your Christmas party is a Winter Wonderland or a Santa (these are the most common themes), you can use opt for Christmas props that work well with your theme.

Having a few Christmas party games and activities throughout the holiday can make the season a truly memorable one for you and those that matter to you. Organizing holiday-oriented events can be a lot, but it always makes the environment warm and festive.

If any of the activities or games you choose require your guest to anything, don’t hesitate to mention it on your party invitations so that everyone knows what is expected of them.

Planning a Christmas party can be stressful, so make sure to seek the help of your friends and family members. It’s OK to spread the party into the new year if you want.

Do not forget to suggest other Christmas party game ideas in the comments sections. We also welcome questions and suggestions.

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