14 Christian Parenting Books for Your Parental Journey

Christian Parenting Books

You can never be all ready for parenting. It’s possible to read all the parenting books available in your local store and still feel unprepared for the parenting journey.

Christian parents experience tougher times. In a Christian family, it’s not just about parenting style but molding a child’s heart to follow God.

All hope is not lost. There are numerous Christian parenting books available for every Christian parent, both fathers, and mothers.

These books offer better guidance than any other since they draw inspiration from the Bible. The living word of God has the power to transform hearts and achieve great character quality.

4 General Christian Parenting Books

The following books on parenting offer general wisdom on how to raise children regardless of their gender and age.

1. The Bible

This is the first book that every parent should study before any other written book. The Bible is a collection of different books written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

It gives great wisdom on how to handle parenting issues. The principles underlined in the word of God surpass any parenting strategy you can apply.

In this manual, you will find answers to the tough questions that children ask. There are awesome ideas on how to discipline your children.

The scriptures also caution fathers against provoking their children to avoid destabilizing their emotions.

The best approach to parenting is practicing the principles in the Bible and teaching your children to do the same.

2. Grace-Based Parenting

Parenting has never been tougher. In this century when the media and the internet seem to have taken over child-rearing, Christian parents need a better perspective on parenting. Strict rules no longer do the trick.

Dr. Tim Kimmel has come to the rescue in his book, Grace-based parenting. It teaches parents to raise children in love. Showing mercy, understanding, and forgiveness.

3. Shepherding A Child’s Heart

Written by Tedd Tripp, this Christian parenting book is a great guide for parents with children in any age group.

The writer draws inspiration from the great shepherd on how to nurture a child’s heart.

The Bible says that all the issues of lifestream are out of the heart hence the need to shepherd it correctly.

He provides scriptural approaches to parenting that will enable parents to raise children in the ways of the Lord.

4. 5 Love Languages of Children

In this book, Gary Chapman takes caregivers through the process of learning how to love their kids effectively. In every situation, true love carries the day so it’s important to know how to love correctly.

He advises parents to first discover their kid’s love language and use the language they understand best to discipline them.

This way, caregivers will love their children unconditionally and train them more effectively.

Christian Parenting Books for Toddlers

Toddlers can be tough nuts to crack especially when they start throwing uncalled-for tantrums.

Christian parents depend on God’s wisdom to apply heart-oriented discipline to their little ones. The books below will be of help to those who are raising toddlers:

5. Don’t Make Me Count to Three

This book by Ginger Hubbard is among the top-selling Christian parenting books for parenting toddlers.

Parenting pre-schoolers is characterized by acute repetitions, ultimatums, and several shouting incidences which only make the situation worse.

Ginger introduces caregivers to biblical principles and practical applications on how to tame their toddler’s wrong behavior. This book provides a balanced approach to nurturing children.

6. The Ministry of Motherhood

In this Christian book, Sally Clarkson acknowledges the work that goes into mothering a pre-schooler. From laundry to meal preparation and everything in between.

Mothers get overwhelmed. It’s easy for you to stick to routines neglecting the spiritual welfare of your toddler.

Sally charges mothers to focus on following the example of Jesus when raising toddlers. Leading by example is one of the most effective ways of training toddlers in godliness since they are very observant.

Christian Parenting Books for Nurturing Girls

Raising a girl poses special challenges to Christian parents. Some of the books that address girl-child issues and how to deal with them are:

7. Raising a Daughter After God’s Own Heart

If you are wondering how to raise a godly girl in this ungodly age, worry not; Elizabeth George got you in ‘Raising a daughter after God’s own heart.’

She provides inspiration on how to study and pray with your daughter as you mold their character.

The author uses their experience and bible knowledge to help parents in raising obedient and faithful daughters. This book provides wisdom for both the girl and the parent.

8. Bringing Up Girls

James C. Dobson has addressed several issues that bother girls. This book draws insights from biblical principles on overcoming eating disorders, peer pressure, and ungodly behavior.

It challenges parents to evaluate their parenting strategy and see if it’s working or not.

The author helps parents to address their fears and offer sober guidance to their girls as they transition to womanhood.

If you want to learn how to bond with your girl in a manner that imparts wisdom, ‘Bringing Up Girls’ is the book to read.

Christian Parenting Books for Raising Boys

Bringing up boys to become responsible and godly men will heal families on a large scale. God ordained men to be the heads of a daily unit, so there’s a need to have a sober head.

Check out the books below for wisdom on how to raise your boys right.

9. Boys Should Be Boys

In this book, the author Dr. Meg Meeker belabors to help parents who are raising boys of any age. Boys are wild, full of energy, and adventurous.

He advises caregivers to let their boys climb trees and do all those wild activities.

The author offers wisdom on how to balance between allowing boys to be themselves and setting boundaries.

He discusses how to raise confident and high-spirited boys who are submissive to God and other relevant authorities.

10. Bringing Up Boys

The author of ‘Bringing up Girls’ also had something for parents of boys. In his book ‘Bringing Up Boys,’ James C. Dobson handles toxic masculinity and other issues that face men today.

This book is loaded with practical ideas on how to raise boys to be men of honor.

James answers some of the tough questions that each caregiver to a boy should handle in order to be an effective parent to boys.

Parenting Guidebooks for Christian Fathers and Mothers

You may never be a perfect parent in this Christian life, but you can keep your act together and do your best to bring up well-balanced kids. The following books on parenting will be of great help:

11. A Little God Time for Mothers

Most mothers try as hard as they can to salvage a little me-time amidst all the child-rearing chaos. What most of them don’t know is that God-time is equally important for every mother to maintain her sanity.

‘A little God Time for Mothers’ is a 365-days devotional written by Broadsheet Publishing Group LLC, for mothers to connect with God.

This book will help you to reflect and be grateful for your kids, and seek guidance and strength from God to become a better instead of a bitter mother.

12. Hope for The Weary Mum

Stacy Thacker wrote this Christian parenting book to encourage a mother who feels overwhelmed.

After running up and down dealing with tantrums and doing unending laundry, you can lose yourself.

This book encourages mothers to let God into their mess. Instead of allowing misery to take up your life, you can choose to give God the lead and rest.

All the anxiety and care will take away your joy and peace.

13. 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad

Jay Payleitner wrote this book to bring fathers up to speed with biblical parenting. Most dads spend little to no time with their kids.

Maybe they are busy building empires for their children to enjoy later in life, or they don’t have the patience to form a bond. This culture leaves a lot of gaps in a kid’s life.

In this book, the author encourages dads to be present in raising their kids and educate them on what is expected of them.

Being a Christian father calls for more than paying bills. Physical, emotional, and spiritual presence is of the essence.

14. Better Dads, Stronger Sons

When fathers have a healthy relationship with their sons, the outcome is incredible. Dads fit into their biblical role of headship and mold their sons into responsible godly men.

Sons are more likely to imitate their fathers hence the need for dads to model positive masculinity.

Rick Johnson equips fathers to be the number one inspiration to their sons. Teaching them Christian discipline, honor, and matters of sexual purity. If sons can find godly models in their fathers, many generations will be saved.

Christian parenting books are not all you need to become an effective parent. However, the ones discussed here have great inspirations for biblical parenting.

They also contain the practical application of wisdom drawn from the authors’ personal experiences. The books are also pretty relatable in this modern world.

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