61 Popular Cherokee Names and Their Meanings

Cherokee Names

The name you give your child will stay with them forever. So you want to make sure it’s something that reflects the person they are inside and out.

Choosing from Cherokee names can also be challenging. And this is because many Native American cultures use one word as a first and last name.

So it’s essential to know the meaning of the name you are plinking from the Cherokee names. Before putting it on your child’s birth certificate.


It is a Native American Algonquian boy’s name meaning “spirit.” This single-syllable name is one of the scarce Cherokee names in America. We hold a popularity ranking of 1,460,931 in the United States. 


It is a Native American Algonquian name meaning “he laughs.” Ahanu is one of the Cherokee names used globally, though it’s still not very popular in most places.

Also, Its light-hearted meaning could be a beautiful wish to bestow upon a new baby boy. You are insinuating a life full of laughter and joyful moments. 


It is a Native American Navajo name for boys meaning “he fights.” Ahiga, pronounced ah-HEE-gah, is very rare among Cherokee names; in 2018, less than five boys were given the name Ahiga. If you choose it for your baby, he’ll likely be the only Ahiga he ever meets!


 It is a Native American Hopi name meaning “restless one,” Ahote is a short and distinctly intense name for a boy. It is pronounced ah-HO-teh. Its meaning suggests a child who is bound to be a busy body. One of the Cherokee names is perfect for parents who want to cultivate a creative personality in their child.


Also, one of the Native American Cherokee names, the meaning of Atohi, translates to woods. But it’s also known to depict someone deep within a forest.

Hence, Atohi could be ideal for parents who love spending time in the depths of nature. It can also be spelled Adohi or The.


Is a Native American Ojibwe boy name meaning “river by a lake”? Bemidji is a unique name for boys with earthy undertones, also one of the Cherokee names for nature-loving parents.

And its beautiful meaning conjures up a serene scene of water, which could be perfect. Especially if your new baby is born under an astrological water sign like Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. 


A Native American Navajo name means “he is strong.” There have been less than 100 boys with the name Bidziil since 1880. He was making it a pretty rare name choice from the Cherokee names.

However, It has many alternative spellings, including Bidzill, Bidzil, and Bidiil. All of these spellings are equally as rare within the United States. 


It is a Native American Navajo name for men meaning “speaker.” However, it may take a few years for someone to live up to the meaning of their name. Boys named Bisahalani may be destined to make their voices heard. 

And It’s reasonably long and complex, pronounced as bi-SAA-hahl-aa-NEE. Several charming nicknames help shorten the name, such as Lani, Bisa, or Bi.


Is a Native American Sioux name meaning “falcon?” Though the name Chayton comes from Sioux heritage, it has an almost English ring.

As of 2021, it is ranked #3,148 in the United States. This represents a jump in rank of 178 since the previous year. 


Is a Native American boy name meaning “witty?” It’s one of the Cherokee names with a quality that’s both charming and cute phonetically. The way it sounds matches up perfectly with its meaning. Other meanings of Chesmu include “rough, gritty or abrasive.” 


Is a Native American Dakota name that means “little one.” Chiquita could be a fantastic choice if you’re hoping to find a solid traditional option among Cherokee names! Pronounced as see-KAH-laa, Chiqala is fitting for a child who will always be your precious little one in your eyes.

Although it has an adorable meaning, the name still emanates a level of masculinity. To ensure that it’s still suitable as your son grows older.


It is one of the Cherokee names of Algonquian origin, meaning “blackbird.” Chogan is a two-syllable name that carries a powerful and mysterious impression. Several alternative spellings are available, such as Chosen, Chopin, Chogyn, and Shogun.


It is a Native American Hopi name for boys meaning “antelope.” The seven-letter name Choovio, pronounced sh-UUW-vee-one, is an intriguing title that’s pretty easy to pronounce. 

Also, the name can be spelled Chooveo. It’s one of the Cherokee names that is very rare in the United States. To the point of being practically never heard before. 


Is a Native American name meaning “eagle,” ranking at #6,626 in popularity as of 2020? The boy’s name Dyami, one of the Cherokee names, has been experiencing a recent surge in popularity. Since 2019, it has risen 1,673 places in terms of popularity in the United States.

However, Dyami reached its peak in popularity in 2005 when 11 in every million American babies were named Dyami. 


It is a Native American Miwok boy name that means “soaring falcon” Elsu is a short name, pronounced el-SEW. One of the Cherokee names that possess a beautiful, mystical meaning. Which could serve as a beautiful good luck charm for your child’s success.


It is another one of the Cherokee names with an Algonquin origin, meaning “holy one.” Eluwilussit may be an excellent fit for your new baby boy, especially for the more religious parents. 

Although this particular name is a little more complex and lengthy than others, the name Eluwilussit still manages to be attractive. 


It is a Native American name for boys meaning “the sun,” one of the Cherokee names that carry a powerful meaning. As the piece of nature that keeps the entire planet alive. It may be an honor to have this natural name bestowed upon your son.

Also, It could instill a fiery and confident personality in your sweet boy. Perhaps with a little bit of badass too! 


It is a Native American name meaning “solitary.” Ezhno is a creative and smooth name that may encourage an independent demeanour in your boy from the get-go.

This Native American name can also mean “he walks alone.” Echo is one of the Cherokee names that remain unranked in the American popularity charts. 


A Native American Santa Clara name for boys means “snow child.” Fone is a simple single-syllable Native American male name that carries a delicate and beautiful meaning for a child. 


It’s one of the Cherokee names from Navajo, meaning “raven”. Pronounced as gah-JEE, this nature-inspired Navajo name is still scarce in the United States. It has yet to be listed on America’s list of the most popular titles.

However, it carries a marvelous flow and uniqueness. And makes it one of the best but rare Cherokee names around. 


Is a Native American Miwok boy’s name meaning “rippling water”? As with many Cherokee names, Misu is considered a unique boy name in the United States.

Despite its rarity, Misu also offers a beautiful simplicity. This could easily make it a super trendy name for your shortlist! 


It’s a Native American Miwok boy name meaning “yellow jackets inside a nest,” Muata paints quite a vivid image. There are some lovely variations available, such as Muadh and Muatah.


It is a Native American Sioux name meaning “courageous.” The name Napayshni is ideal for a daring young boy. There are some stunning variations of Napayshni, such as Napaishnea and Napayshni. Though the name is on the longer side, it certainly has a catchy ring to it, honorable! 


Does a Native American Choctaw name for boys mean “wolf” or naa-sh-OH-bah? This Choctaw name comes with the southern-sounding nickname of Nash. 

Is it one of the uncommon Cherokee names today? You are ensuring that your little boy will likely be the only one bearing the name in his class. 


It is a Native American Hopi name that means “clay,” Nayavu is spoken as nah-YAH-voo and comes from the Hopi tribe. As with many Cherokee names, it is a medium-length, offering a few possibilities for shortened nicknames such as Naya.


Is a Native American boy’s name meaning “moon,” in addition to being the name of a city in California? Ojai is also a stout Native American boy’s name. It’s pronounced oh-HAY and can also be spelled as Ojay. It is very scarce in the United States, with a popularity ranking of #17,680 in 2019. 


It is a Native American boy’s name meaning “he is prepared.” It’s a beautiful sentiment to set your son up with a name that wishes him continual preparedness. For all the different things he will take on in life. 

However, this traditional masculine name has a bouncy quality to its interesting syntax while still being effortless to say. If you are looking for any Cherokee names with a profound meaning, this is one of them.


It is a Native American Hopi boy’s name meaning “feathered water snake.” Pachuca is another Native American male name that qualities as rare with its popularity ranking of #14,309 in 2020. It is pronounced as pah-CHEW-ah and is sometimes shortened to Pachu. 


Is a Native American name that means “warrior or fighter.” The powerful boy’s name of Pallaton has an equally fierce and daring meaning. It’s one of the perfect Cherokee names if you hope to raise a confident and independent young man.

And it is dubbed a rarity in the United States. And also in other most English-speaking countries. 


Is a Native American Sioux name meaning “grass” here’s a short, catchy word pronounced PEH-zee. Prezi is thought to be a derivative of Peter or Petrus. Variations like these come from countries such as Germany, Italy, Finland, and Bulgaria.


Is one of the beautiful Cherokee names meaning “she stays at home,” a fitting name for homebodies. Arabesque most likely comes from the Chippewa word “abi,” meaning “sits in a place,” and “ishkwii,” meaning “she/he stays behind.” However, it could also derive from “anzhikewabi,” which means “she lives alone.”


A Native American name for girls means “doe” Alisa is one of the adorable Cherokee names for your little doe-eyed girl. It could be an excellent choice for a shy baby who rarely cries. Some online sources report that Awinita is the Cherokee word for “doe” instead of Alisa.

In actuality, Anita isn’t in the Cherokee dictionary. The closest word to Awinita is “awina,” meaning “young man” or “boy.” So, Alisa is probably the more suitable choice for a little girl! 


Is a Choctaw name meaning “beautiful,” pronounced eye-yuke-lee; Aiukli is a name from the Choctaw tribe. The most famous bearer is Isabella Aiukli Cornell, a Choctaw Indian who wore a red dress to her prom. 

To raise awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women in 2018. This gorgeous name could be a fitting choice for your little beauty!


It is a Native American name meaning “great land. On par with Georgia’s and Dakota’s of the world, Alaska is another name derived from a place. It comes from the Aleut word Alyeska, meaning “great land.” 

It also means “mainland” or “the object towards which the sea is directed.” This free-spirited name is yet to make the U.S top 1000. However, its popularity appears to rise, with the number of baby girls named Alaska doubling in recent years.

So, now could be the perfect time to choose this name before it becomes the next trend! Because it’s one of the fast-rising Cherokee names. 


It is a Native American name for girls meaning “angel,” a non-traditional pick. It first came about during European colonization. Some Native American tribes used it as their word for “angel” since their languages did not have the letter “L.”

 So, If you were considering naming your daughter Angel but would prefer something a little less obvious, Angeni could be an attractive alternative! 


It is a variation of a Native American name meaning “white oak.” Byhalia, pronounced bye-HAIL-yah, is the name of a town in Mississippi. It was derived from a nearby creek called Bihalee, inspired by the Chickasaw word Dai-Yi-il-ah, meaning “white oak.”

And The U.S. Postal Service accepted Byhalia as the name for this town in 1846. This unique place name is rarely used as a personal name for girls, making it a genuinely original pick! 


Is a Native American female name “tall” or “high,” or does being tall run in the family? If so, Chaha could be one of the adorable Cherokee names for your not-so-little girl. 

And Chaha is a word from the Choctaw tribe. This cute name could be a unique alternative to more conventional “Ch” names like Chelsea or Charlotte. 


Does a Native American girl’s name mean “fairy” or “ghost”? Chepi were prominent figures in the myths of the Narragansett people, an Algonquian Indian tribe from Rhode Island. They were said to be spirits of the dead who gave knowledge to the medicine people in the tribe while sleeping.

And the medicine people could also call upon the Chepi to destroy an enemy or an unwanted spirit. Chepi is sparingly used as a surname and a given name for girls. It’s one of the mysterious Cherokee names you can name your girl. 


It means “foreign speakers” in Sioux, and the Cheyenne were Plain Indians who lived in Minnesota until the 1700s. The tribe called themselves Tsistsistas, which has an unknown meaning. They were given the name Cheyenne by Sioux Indians unfamiliar with the Algonquian language they spoke. 

However, Cheyenne was first used as a given name for U.S. girls during the 1980s. Its popularity skyrocketed from 1994 to 2000 when it became a top 100 pick. Cheyenne is familiar but not overused today, ranked #581 in 2020. 


Is a Native American girl’s name meaning “bird,” Cholena pronounced ko-LEE-Nah, one of the modern Cherokee names with indigenous roots. It is believed to have derived from the Lenape word “Schulen,” meaning “bird.” 

But the name is rare, with very few bearers. The most famous Cholena is the Indian princess mouse. From the 1998 classic, An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island. 


A Native American name with an unknown meaning pronounced TAH-des-te. Dahteste was a Chokonen Apache woman who was an accomplished warrior, linguist, and translator. She participated in many raids, fighting alongside legendary figures like Geronimo and Lozen. 

However, later in life, Dahteste served as a mediator between Geronimo and the U.S Cavalry. Until he surrendered in 1886, this mighty Apache name could be a unique choice for your little warrior! 


It is a Native American tribal name meaning “ally.” Pronounced dah-KOH-Utah, Dakota isn’t a traditional Native American name for girls. Instead, it is the name of a Sioux tribe that lived in Minnesota and western Wisconsin for many generations.

So, naming your daughter Dakota is like calling her “the American” or “the Frenchman.” Several famous individuals are named Dakota, including prominent actress Dakota Fanning and football linebacker Dakota Allen. As of 2020, Dakota ranked #261 out of the top 1000 girl names, making it a trendy selection. 


It is a Native American, Croatian, and Hebrew girl name meaning “bluebird.” This feminine name has several different origins. In the Navajo tribe, Doli is a shortened form of the word “doliilchii,” meaning “bluebird.” 

Also, Doli is the Croatian version of the English name Dolly. Additionally, Doli could be a diminutive form of the unisex Hebrew name Dolev. If Doli isn’t authentic enough for you, you could name your daughter Doliilchii and use Doli as a cute nickname.


It is one of the Cherokee names with a Native American and Polish origin, meaning “rain.” This cute “e” name is one of many Shoshone words for rain. If Ewa is too short, you can name your daughter Ewatainne, meaning “rainbow,” and use Ewa as a nickname. 

This name also has origins in Poland, where it is the equivalent of the English Eve and Latin Eva. Many Polish namesakes exist, including singer Ewa Demarczyk and Olympic rower Ewa Ambroziak. Another one of the Cherokee names for nature-loving parents! 


It’s a Native American name meaning “great” it was derived from the Sioux word “iyotak,” meaning “greatest” or “most.” Eyota is the name of a city in Minnesota first settled by Benjamin Bear. Who chose the location because of its ever-flowing spring. 

This stunning indigenous name is unique and exotic-sounding, which adds to its charm—one of the great Cherokee names. 


It’s a Native American female name meaning “woman chief” in Tuscarora mythology; Godasiyo was the leader of the Iroquois people. Until they fought and split into different tribes. Godasiyo was so displeased with the fighting that she became a fish and swam away. 

And the Iroquois tribes remained enemies until a legendary figure named the Peacemaker reunited them generations later. This name ends in “o,” which gives it a masculine feel.

However, if you can overlook this, Godasiyo could be a mighty name with a great story to back it up! One of the Cherokee names to consider. 


As an Indian name for females meaning “wise,” Gouyen is a strong choice among our Native American names for girls. The most famous bearer was a 19th-century Apache warrior who snuck into a Comanche camp.

To kill the chief that had taken her husband’s life. And Gouyen remains a legendary figure among the Apache, honored for her heroism and bravery. A “wise” name to consider among the Cherokee names. 


A Native American girl’s name, a modern derivation of the Miwok word “ha they,” meaning “press with the foot” or “make tracks.” Many sites state that it means “footprints in the sand,” but this could be an embellishment.

It’s possible that Hateya could be an anglicization of a longer Miwok name that did have this meaning. 

Also, Hateya looks like the words “hate” and “ya.” So it may have negative connotations if you live in an English-speaking country. 


It is a Native American word meaning “beautiful.” Hurit comes from Unami, an extinct Algonquian language formerly spoken by the Lenape people, meaning “good or fine.” The Lenape don’t usually use Hurit as a name.

However, its pretty meaning and close resemblance to Harriet make it a great option! If you are considering one of the Cherokee names. 


It is a Native American name for girls meaning “lady of the water.” In Tupi legends, Iara is often used for naming mermaid-like creatures. When the Iara see men nearby, they lure them with songs, like the Sirens in Greek mythology.

However, in another Tupi legend, Iara is the name of a famous female warrior. Her brothers became jealous of her skill and plotted to kill her, but she managed to get to them first. As punishment, her father banished her to a lake, where she was transformed into a mermaid.

Moreover, Iara is a relatively popular choice in the U.S., ranked #706 in 2020. So, it could be an on-trend option for your little mermaid!


It is a Native American name for mythological figures. Kachina is spirit beings that are central to the religious beliefs of the Hopi, Zuni, and Keresan tribes.

While the Kachina is not worshipped, they are treated with respect because they can provide the tribes with rain and protection. 

Also, for fertility and other things they need, Kachina isn’t traditionally used as a name for girls. However, in modern times, some parents may use it as a fresher alternative. For commonplace “K” names like Katherine and Katherina.


It is a Native American name for girls meaning “beautiful snow,” pronounced ka-nieh-tee-yo. This is a gorgeous name inspired by nature. However, It’s challenging to pronounce, making it an uncommon choice in the 21st century. 

And the only notable bearer is Kaniehtiio Horn, a Canadian actress of Mohawk descent. Cute nickname options include Ka or Trio. 


A Native American girl’s name, pronounced Kah-teh-ree, is the Mohawk version of Katherine or Catherine, meaning “chaste or pure.”

Kateri Teckakwitha was the first Native American saint, informally known as “Lily of the Mohawk.” She was initially named Tekakwitha, meaning “she who bumps into things,” but was called Kateri after being baptized. 

Also, Kateri is revered for having an unwavering faith in God even after her tribe shunned her for converting. Kateri could be an excellent option if your family is Catholic! 


Is a Native American name meaning “moon”? It comes from the Arawak tribe, who viewed the moon as a sacred deity controlling childbirth and the tide. Kati was on the U.S. charts from 1980 to 1992 but has since been replaced by Katy and Katie. 

Still, Kati is a cool name with a tribal past, making it a winner in our books! And one of the Cherokee names you can consider. 


It is a Native American name meaning “secret,” Keme derives from the Algonquin word Kim, meaning “secret.” Some sites state that Keme means “thunder,” but this is false. This mistake is often attributed to a typo in a baby book. 

While Keme is traditionally used as a boy’s name, it is pronounced similar to the feminine Kimmy. So, it could also be an excellent choice for girls!


It is a Native American name for girls with an unknown meaning, pronounced mah-hah-lah, Mahala’s true origins are unclear.

It could be an Indian variation of Mary or a shortened form of several Native American female names. Another possibility is that it’s a corruption of the Tutelo word “make,” meaning “woman.” 

Although, its exact origins are unknown. Mahala is a beautiful name that could be a unique alternative for the more famous Michaela. 


Matoaka is among the most beautiful Cherokee names, “flower between two streams.” It was Pocahontas’s name at birth, and she was named this because she was born between the Mattaponi and Pamunkey rivers. Ita was Pocahontas’s “secret name” that only people in her tribe knew. 


It’s among our many nature-inspired Native American names for girls; Mecha means “moon.” In Yaqui mythology, Mecha was a moon spirit who was the mother of all creation. 

And this pretty name has never made the U.S. top 1000, making it a unique choice that is easy to spell and pronounce.


It is a unisex Native American name meaning “running eagle,” Pitamakan is traditionally a masculine name in the Blackfoot tribe.

On rare occasions, it is given to females to honor their achievements. One warrior named Weasel Woman was given this title after saving her father from an enemy tribe. 

And also avenged her husband’s death; naming your daughter Pitamakan could encourage her to be as brave as this she-warrior! 


It is a popular choice among our Native American female names, meaning “playful one.” Pocahontas is one of the most famous Native American women in U.S. history.

She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan. Who helped the struggling English settlers in Jamestown survive during the 1600s. 

However, in 1995, Disney created an animated musical that showed a romanticized version of Pocahontas’s life. Including her relationship with English explorer John Smith, despite Pocahontas’s fame, her name has never made the U.S. top 1000. So, Pocahontas could be a recognizable yet unique name choice for your baby on the way.


It is a Native American female name meaning “mother of the sea.” Senda is the Inuit goddess of the ocean and marine life. In Inuit legends, she was a beautiful maiden taken by a bird spirit.

So her father tried to save her by taking his kayak to the piece of drift ice. Where she was held hostage when the bird spirit returned and saw that she was missing, he asked a sea spirit to make the ocean rough. 

And it rocked the boat, causing Senda to fall out of the ship to the bottom of the sea. This whimsical name could be an excellent choice if you plan to raise your daughter by the seashore!

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