15 Celebrity Twitch Streamers to Follow in 2023

Celebrity Twitch Streamers

Are you curious about which celebs stream on Twitch? Here’s a list of celebrity Twitch streamers.

The number of actors, sports, and singers who livestream on Twitch may surprise you. However, not every one of them creates excellent content.  

The most excellent part about streaming is that it allows you to see how your favorite gaming celebrities play.

But it’s not just the Shrouds and Ninjas of the globe demonstrating their uncanny accuracy.  

Furthermore, celebrities and sports stars like gaming for an audience.

In addition to you, me, and all the other ordinary folks attempting to keep our potato aim under check.  

Some of them may surprise you, so here are some celebrities you may not know who have streamed games. 

1. T-Pain

by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Is there anything T-Pain can’t do as a rapper, singer, composer, producer, and now Twitch streamer? T-pain, who has 593k Twitch followers, is one of the platform’s most popular and active superstars right now.  

Additionally, T-Pain broadcasts at least once a week and occasionally multiple times on Twitch. However, many celebs utilize it sporadically at most.  

Meanwhile, the quantity of video hasn’t harmed the quality, as he alternates between playing games like Call of Duty and Overwatch. and simply engaging with fans and performing the occasional freestyle. 

2. Andy Milonakis

Many may recognize the name from MTV’s The Andy Milonakis Show.

And even though the show has been off the air for years, Milonakis’ weird and off-beat sense of comedy has been followed by ardent fans on Twitch.  

Additionally, His programming is diverse; he frequently takes his followers on excursions through the streets of New York City, but he also spends hours simply conversing with fans.  

Furthermore, one of his “just talking” streams lasted almost five hours.

Like so many others, Milonakis has found a new home on the platform, although the spotlight is no longer shining on him. 

3. Logic

He is a rapper and record producer from the United States. He has six studio albums to his credit and has been nominated for two Grammy Awards. Logic is also one of the celebrity Twitch streamers.  

Additionally, Logic has discovered a new fan base on Twitch, where he streams anything from Q&A sessions with fans to video games, beat building, and even the occasional chess match.  

Moreover, outside of his musical career, Logic has managed to build a loyal fan following, which comes as no surprise to many ardent fans of his music since Logic has been open about his love of video games in many of his songs. 

4. Deadmau5

Deadmau5 is a Canadian music producer who used to be at the top of the charts every week, but he still makes music and has a devoted Twitch following.

However, Deadmau5 has one of the unique streams on the platform, with 488k followers.

Rather than playing video games or simply conversing with followers, Deadmau5 uses the platform to broadcast how he creates music.

It’s pretty fascinating to watch a complicated computer dashboard transform into a catchy dance beat. 

5. Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog
by Daniele Dalledonne is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Snoop’s streaming habits are perfectly summed up in this video, and with 367k Twitch followers, it appears like many people are tuning in to share the vibes.  

Unlike other streamers who narrate every action and interact with followers, Snoop merely sits back and plays video games.  

Although, he does lose his cool from time to time, once being enraged at a lousy game of Madden.

And walking away from his console entirely, but we’ve all been there.

His Twitch bio says, “It’s the chill vibe in here. I don’t stream like everyone else, just vibe.” 

6. OffSet

by HOTSPOTATL is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Offset, one-third of the rap group Migos and Cardi B’s other half is no stranger to the spotlight. He is one of the celebrity Twitch streamers.  

In October, he joined Caffeine, a new streaming site, to play his favorite games and give the Twitch competitor some clout.  

Additionally, Offset’s arrangement with the site involves a show where he competes against other celebrities for rewards and entertainment.

So, you might see some of your different favorite faces there as well. 

7. Freddie Prinze Jr

If you’re under the age of 18, you might find this a stretch, but remember Freddie Prinze Jr? He has returned!  

It’s a stream! In addition, the actor known for a succession of teen film roles in the 1990s has matured into a position where he plays games on Twitch and YouTube while remaining highly respectful.  

Good evening. Good Game is the name of a YouTube channel. Additionally, that is very healthy.

Check out Freddie on Twitch if you liked him in the Scooby-Doo movies She’s All That, or I Know What You Did Last Summer.  

Furthermore, we’ve also recently discovered that he and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) are still married, so there’s a lot of good information here. 

8. Ju-ju Smith Schuster

Many NFL fans have suggested that JuJu spends too much time on Twitch.

He is one of the most well-known of the ever-growing list of Twitch streamers who are professional athletes.  

Additionally, This isn’t ideal if you’re a Steelers fan, but it shouldn’t bother you if you’d rather watch folks play Fortnite, JuJu’s preferred game. 

9. Terry Crews

Terry Crew has had a remarkable professional career. NFL athlete, actor, Old Spice ambassador, and Crackdown agent all rolled into one. Crews are also one of the celebrity Twitch streamers.  

Furthermore, He was also supposed to be the new Overwatch character Doomfist at one point, but even when that didn’t play out, his love for gaming remained unwavering.  

Meanwhile, He’s a significant techie who claims that building his PC offers him more POOWEEERRRRRR.  

However, He has a Twitch account, but he prefers to broadcast on Caffeine, announcing himself on Twitter before he begins. It might be anything from Rocket League to himself, for example. 

10. Ben Simmons

Most people are familiar with Ben Simmons as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. But he is also a Call of Duty: Warzone fan.  

Simmons is dedicated to developing his Verdansk abilities, with many streams lasting two or even three hours.

Furthermore, Simmons takes his gaming seriously, frequently playing with other players from across the NBA, such as Karl Anthony Towns and Seth Curry.  

Some may recall him getting into some Twitter problems criticizing the Atlanta Hawks during a live stream with Karl Anthony Towns. 

11. Felicia Day

Kathryn Felicia Day was born on June 28, 1979. She is an actress, writer, and creator of web series in the United States. She is also one of the celebrity Twitch streamers.  

Kathryn Felicia Day is the creator, star, writer, and producer of The Guild (2007–2013), an original online series primarily based on her life as a gamer.

She also wrote and starred in the Dragon Age: Redemption web series (2011). 

12. Hunter Pence

While the NBA appears to have more Twitch streamers than other professional sports leagues in the United States, Hunter Pence demonstrates that it’s not just basketball players who enjoy venting after work and sharing their hobbies with followers.

During the MLB off-season, Pence, who plays right field for the San Francisco Giants, has a very regular Twitch schedule.

He spends a lot of that time broadcasting Magic: The Gathering, a welcome change of pace from the normal Fortnite and Warzone streams. 

13. Lil Yachty

After last year, Lil Yachty, an award-winning rapper, was welcomed into the FaZe Clan.

Additionally, “FaZe Boat” has gone a long way from his first effort at streaming above.

And he’s now a natural in front of the webcam, as he should be after performing on stage in front of millions of fans all year.  

Furthermore, Lil Yachty’s streaming schedule has been a touch inconsistent in the past due to his touring schedule, but he still streams FPS games like Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege on Twitch now and then. 

14. CJ Anderson

Even though he is a free agent, CJ Anderson has a great NFL resume.

Anderson spent most of his career with the Denver Broncos and with the Los Angeles Rams during their Super Bowl run in 2019.  

Furthermore, Due to his absence from football, the running back has had more opportunities to interact with fans via live streams.

Which he generally does while playing Apex Legends. Fans enjoy witnessing a more humble, laid-back side to a player who is often regarded as a bruiser on the field. 

15. AOC

Since her election to the 14th congressional district in New York after years of serving tables, bartending, and interning on campaigns, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been dubbed the “millennial politician.”  

She continues to preserve her cultural ties to Normal People by streaming Among Us on Twitch or performing on charity streams, like the highly successful Hbomberguy Donkey Kong 64 marathon/punishment. She continues to preserve her cultural ties to Normal People. 

Conclusively, Twitch has evolved into much more than a platform for watching people play video games.  

It’s also a full-fledged social networking site. It allows streamers to communicate with their viewers in real-time and answer questions while they’re playing.

As famous as it is, Twitch is still very new, and with celebrities using the site, it will only grow in popularity. 

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