Busy Boards: a Life Hack for Mums

Busy Boards

Every mum needs a breather, and a busy board may be the answer. According to a study recently carried out by Microsoft, it has been revealed that the average adult human being has an attention span of only 8 seconds.

This is a massive Drop from the 12 seconds recorded in the year 2000. If, as you read this article, your attention is not yet divided, then there just might be a ray of hope in the world. Now, if it is this difficult to get an adult to concentrate, then imagine how it would be for a newborn baby or a toddler.

For babies, everything is a plaything. Imagine how they would want to grab on anything and everything they can find before they become mobile. And the next thing they do with these items is to throw them and reach for the next.

Immediately kids can walk around, get ready to scream your lungs out as they’re definitely going to mess your entire house u, and make your life everything but easy for you. But then, we can’t really blame these little bundles of Joy.

The world is brand-new to them, and the best way they can enjoy it is to explore. This is why every parent needs something to keep their toddler busy and in this article, we are introducing you to busy boards, as they are the perfect life hack for every mother or father that needs some time for themselves.

Let’s face it, your child would reach for your car keys, would reach for dog food, or anything they can find. So, why not give them all the wonderful things that they need in a safe and controlled setting? Plus, the added advantage of avoiding choking hazards. Come on; you got to admit that this is a win-win situation for both the baby and yourself.

With busy boards, your adventure-bound toddler will enjoy all kinds of fantastic touchable items to satisfy their curiosity, and it’s more astonishing because they don’t have to be confined to their crib or bed.

Also, you get to be that mother who seems to have everything all figured out because your house remains arranged, and you don’t have to scream your lungs out.

The beautiful thing about Busy boards is that you do not need to spend all the money you have saved u, to get your child one. You can start right away with the little items you have at home, and still feel like you have got your child the most expensive plaything on the planet.

All the supplies you will need to get your busy board done is a flat piece of polished wood or a beautiful piece of cardboard. However, if you make use of cardboard, it would only be a temporary plaything for your child, so polished wood is a better option.

The basic principle is to make sure that when mounting objects on your busy board, you ensure that they cannot be easily pulled off. And also, ensure that the things you place on the busy board cannot easily be pulled off by your little fellow.

When creating a busy board for your child, you have to be extremely careful so that the board does not drop on the baby when it’s finally propped up. Also, it is vital that the baby cannot crawl under the busy board or pull it down as children may attempt to climb on it.

Busy Boards

Now that safety has been sorted out, it is time to have fun. Put together all the little things in your house like ribbons, papers, bells, tiny toys, and other fancy accessories that you can easily stick to the board.

Make sure that all the items you are putting together are not so small if at all your child can pull any of them from the board, he or she cannot swallow them.

It is also possible for you to create a tiny busy board for days when you want to travel so that your child can keep himself occupied while you’re on the road. I hope that you found this article very helpful, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section provided below.

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