23 Breastfeeding Tools for New Mothers

Breastfeeding Tools

Breastfeeding is the process of feeding babies with breast milk. Breast milk is essential for growth, development, and health.

Breastfeeding tools are specific products designed to promote, relieve, and help both nursing mothers and their babies to have a successful breastfeeding journey.

During the first few weeks after being born, newborns feed as much as every forty-five minutes. They may encounter some unpleasant challenges in their breastfeeding journeys.

This may include breastmilk leakage, nipple soreness, general discomfort and others.

Nursing mothers need support to help them get through breastfeeding their babies with little to no problem at all.

Mothers should have a stress and pain-free experience while breastfeeding their babies. Therefore, certain products are made to make this happen, and they are:

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1. Contact nipple shield

Breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt, but several nursing mothers feel pain while breastfeeding their babies. While giving your babies the whole areola for proper breastfeeding, a silicone nipple shield can be used to relieve you of the pain if you feel any.

A contact nipple shield helps in creating a more reliable lock between your nipple and your baby’s mouth. Nursing mothers with inverted or flat nipples need this product most especially.

Nipple shields come in various sizes designed for various nipple shapes. Therefore, you should make purchases that suit you.

2. SoftShells for inverted nipples

The breast and nipples come in various shapes and sizes. Women that have flat or inverted nipples may have their children find it challenging to have their mouth attach to the nipples for suckling.

Nipple shields, as explained above, are designed to help babies’ mouth grab on the areola for proper sucking. Softshells, like nipple shields, can be regularly worn even as you are expecting a baby.

This is to help pull the nipples out so that the babies may find nipples to suck on when they are born. Besides, they are designed to protect sore nipples and to reduce engorgement after breastfeeding.

More so, this product also collects leaking milk and colostrum so that you can store them.

3. Lanolin breast creme

Babies are supposed to be breastfed well, but it will tell on your nipples. You may have cracked or sore nipples for actually doing what you are supposed to do.

One common breastfeeding tool in the market is the breast crème, and it can be applied to the area where the pain is felt to help make healing easy.

This is a topical remedy because it does not contain preservatives or additives. Thus, you do not need to wash it off before breastfeeding your baby because it is safe for your child.

This product is designed to help dry, sore, and cracked nipples which are as a result of constant moisture from aggressive sucking. However, applying this crème may worsen breasts cracks if the nipples are overexposed to moisture.

This is why it is advisable to let your nipples dry before you wear your bra.

4. Silicone breast pump with milk saver

Lactating breasts give out milk when stimulated, and the stimulation is usually as a result of suckling. When you are breastfeeding your baby with one of your breasts, sometimes, the other breast gets stimulated as well causing them to leak, this is where a milk saver is helpful.

This product is designed to collect breastmilk from the breasts and store them for you.

5. Boppy nursing pillow and positioner

When you are breastfeeding, you may hunch for a long time to do that, but when you are done, you may find it challenging to sit back again. This may cause backaches, but with the use of a nursing pillow, your comfort is rest assured.

6. Salter electronic baby and toddler scale

How are you sure that your baby is being fed adequately? Are sure that you are breastfeeding right? Well, you can consult your paediatrician during baby’s checkup, to confirm if your infant is adding weight.

If you are the type of mother that is too concerned about things like this, you can buy this product to determine your babies weight yourself until your next visit to your doctor.

7. Spectra baby S2 double electric breast pump

Having a baby pump has got to be the best breastfeeding tools. Certain people can’t bear being deprived of sleep, but at the same time, you are not going to let your baby starve.

After a stressful day, you can still enjoy a goodnight sleep while a caregiver or the daddy feed the baby with the bottle. You can extract some breastmilk during the day against the night.

8. Nursing pads

Sometimes, when your breastmilk production is too much, it can overflow, and this can cause an embarrassing wet spot on your tops but with the use of nursing pads carefully placed on your bras can absorb leakages.

9. UpSpring milkflow Fenugreek gummies

Fenugreek may serve as a supplementary herb which, when consumed by nursing mothers, promotes the production of breastmilk.

10. Motherhood maternity clip-down nursing cami

You may not appreciate the fact that you need to lift your top showing your tummy whenever you want to feed your baby, especially when you’re in public.

Even when you are wearing a buttoned-down shirt where you can quickly unbutton it to feed your baby, you also need nursing camis.

Nursing camis provides coverage, comfort, and support that mothers need by wearing them alone or under your tops which allows you the convenient clip release with easy exposure of the nipples when needed.

11. Seamless nursing bras

Ladies are recommended not to wear a bra to sleep, but as a nursing mother, you are recommended to do so.

But not with the average bra that ladies wear, you are to wear nursing bras which provide some comfort and support to relieve sore boobs.

This type of bra is designed to hold nursing pads in place to avoid leakage during the night, and they are easy to pull down when you need to feed your baby at night.

They are very comfortable and can be worn even after you are no longer nursing a baby.

12. Mother’s milk tea

This product may help in the stimulation of milk production because they are likely to fluctuate.

13. Heating pads

This tool helps in the relief of discomfort caused by the contraction of the womb after delivery and while nursing.

14. Ice packs

This is a DIY (Do It Yourself) hack that can provide you with the relief you need for any breast discomfort. You can freeze sealed bags of raw corn kernels or peas. Do not allow them to get all mushy when you unmelt them. They are likely to contour to shape your breasts.

15. Milk storage bags

Mothers that pump needs to store their breast milk. Storing them in milk storage bags are excellent ways to preserve your breastmilk for your babies. Most of them are designed with seal locks to stop leakage and prevent freezer smells.

16. Nursing covers

When you want to feed your baby in public or a room with many people, including strangers, and you feel like covering yourself, then you need nursing covers. This helps you feel comfortable feeding your child even in the presence of unknown people.

Nursing covers provide you with some privacy that you need.

17. A frame for baby’s picture

According to studies, looking at your baby’s picture during a pumping session promotes relaxation in nursing mothers, and this encourages milk flow production.

18. Lactation cookies

The consumption of lactation cookies, especially the ones with oatmeal because they contain nutrients such as iron. Eating lactation cookies helps in the increment of milk supply.

19. A variety of starter bottles

Newborn babies are typically picky when it comes to their food bottles. Having a variety of starter bottles will give your baby the range of options to pick the one they are comfortable using.

20. High protein snacks

Nuts such as almonds, squeezable fruit packs and protein bars are rich in protein and are needed by nursing mother.

21. Reusable water bottle

Drinking enough water promotes good health and breastfeeding.

22. Sterilizer bags

Breast pump parts and bottles need to be kept clean and sterilized for the health of your baby.

If they are often sterilized, your baby’s food is likely to be contaminated by bacteria growth which can harm your infant’s health.

Doing this is a handful of chores amongst other things you have to do as a mother, but with a sterilizer bag, you can get them squeaky clean and sterilized in not more than in the microwave.

23. Books on lactation

Reading up on books about lactation and breastfeeding gives you a view of what breastfeeding is and how to handle particular challenges. Also, you are likely to have had a lot of questions before, but you may find your answers between the pages of books.

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