18 Brands Similar to Lacoste

Brands Similar to Lacoste
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René Lacoste, a well-known tennis player from France, sought to create a clothing company.

In 1933, his primary focus was sustainable fashion, drawing inspiration from the high standards of the sport. There are lots of brands similar to Lacoste.

Given that its apparel is sold in shops worldwide, the company has a history of being a fashion innovator in athletics.

Even though Lacoste is regarded as an approachable luxury brand, many people still find it extremely pricey. 

Given this, it is understandable why many people seek more widely available Lacoste alternatives that maintain the brand’s simple, sporty aesthetic.

Here are brands similar to Lacoste for you to consider.

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a New York-based American fashion brand that is well-known for its famously American-made clothing, home goods, accessories, and fragrances. “Made to wear” is their slogan.

When Ralph Lauren was created, he had a very specific customer in mind: one who valued distinction, quality, exclusivity, style, and great living.

Famous, functional clothing from the American West served as inspiration for its original designs.

They serve as a significant source of inspiration for designers, along with aspects of the quintessential American style combined with traditional designs that aspire to transcend trends and last forever.

2. Alice McCall

The brand was established in 2004 and introduced its online boutique services to grow its online consumer base.

Since then, it has significantly increased the number of its shops and now sells its clothing at other multi-brand stores.

In an effort to broaden their horizons and become more approachable, they have also partnered with less expensive labels like Topshop and General Pants Co. Alice McCall is one of the brands similar to Lacoste.

They keep making a name for themselves with their unique prints, beautiful runway shows, and creative installations.

3. Tommy Hilfiger

In the early 1980s, Mohan Murjani, an Indian textile tycoon who wanted to start his men’s apparel line, met Tommy Hilfiger. 

They established the company in 1985, the year Tommy unveiled his first collection of signature pieces, which featured contemporary and preppy designs.

They began selling women’s clothes in 1990, and by 1998, they had already introduced their bed and bath range. 

The company is well-known worldwide for being a founder of the traditional American cool look. 

With an approach that focuses on opulent sports like horseback riding, golf, and boating, they draw inspiration from classic pop culture with a hefty dose of Americana style. 

Most of the time, both brands’ product pricing ranges are comparable. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the brands similar to Lacoste.

4. Steve Maden

In 1990, Steve Madden opened its doors in Long Island City, New York.

For men, women, and kids, the brand creates fashionable footwear and clothing. They create clothes that are quite comparable to Lacoste’s.

What started off as a small investment grew into one of the most recognizable shoe companies in the world.

Although having gained notoriety for its wide range of shoe designs, the company is now creating highly sought-after clothes. 

5. Guess

Compared to Lacoste and the majority of its rivals, Guess is younger.

Nonetheless, Guess has rapidly amassed a sizable fan base worldwide thanks to their unique style and premium materials.

It was founded in 1981, and it can be found in all countries across the world.

Their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Guess is among many the brands similar to Lacoste.

6. My Theresa

This German luxury fashion brand focuses on designer apparel, accessories, shoes, and bags.

It provides unquestionably high-quality casual basics as an international retailer. My Theresa brand is one of the brands similar to Lacoste.

MyTheresa is able to tap into high performance and style for each sport through high-end partnerships with sports-related companies like Moncler Grenoble. 

Its tagline, “Form meets Function,” refers to its desire to present alpine, horseback riding, or sailing drama through a stylish lens.

Through their website, they provide a huge selection of designers who suit the bill for affluent elegance. 

7. Tory Burch

High-end American fashion label Tory Burch was established in New York City in 2004. It focuses on creating stylish, well-made business casual attire.

The overall style of Tory Burch is preppy with a healthy dose of boho and loads of fanciful or paisley motifs in typical bohemian elegance. 

Tory Burch is an excellent brand, well-known and embraced by people, including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, Emily Blunt, and Gemma Chan.

Its apparel is incredibly adaptable and frequently appears on television, such as in the series Gossip Girl.

The company frequently pays homage to legendary clothing items from earlier eras as well as fashion fads from the 1960s and 1970s.

8. Timberland

In the footwear sector, we have already suggested Nike as an alternative to Lacoste. Yet, Nike and Timberland were in fierce competition as we conducted our study for this essay.

Timberland is one of the brands similar to Lacoste, and it is well known and appreciated.

Consequently, before making a purchase decision, we highly suggest that you also check out Timberland.

It was established in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1928. Stratham, New Hampshire, USA, is where they have their headquarters.

9. Burberry

One of the top British luxury fashion brands is Burberry. Please be aware that Burberry may be pricier than Lacoste and the majority of other comparable brands included in this list.

Burberry is one of the brands similar to Lacoste. Thomas Burberry, a former draper’s apprentice, founded Burberry in 1856. In England’s Hampshire county of Basingstoke, he founded his own store.

The company’s first product was outdoor clothing, the gabardine, which it introduced in 1879.

English outdoor enthusiasts were drawn to the brand because of its durable, breathable, but water-resistant fabric.

Later, Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton, and George Mallory were all outfitted by Burberry. For the British officers in the trenches during World War II, it also produced the trench coat.

The company still stays true to its uniquely English style and to many of the things that made its clothes famous. 

Burberry’s last trademark is a beautiful, classic style that is influenced by both preppy and outdoor styles.

Shopping at Burberry will be a special experience for you, but if you belong to the category of customers that value originality, style, and quality more than price tags.

10. Armani

Armani is among brands similar to Lacoste in quality. It is more accepted and embraced by people who love expensive things and won’t mind paying extra. 

Although Armani is not in any way more affordable than Lacoste, guys who don’t mind spending a little more money to get a product of higher quality would like to shop at Armani boutiques.

11. Kate Spade

Kate Spade is an American affordable luxury fashion brand. In 1993, Kate and Andy Spade launched it.

Her line of handbags was initially inspired by flea markets, and she frequently browsed second-hand shops for inspiration.

The brand gradually expanded into the giant corporation that it is today after conducting considerable research for each of its products.

The brand’s distinct style is characterized by being vibrant, vivacious, a little eccentric, and above all, timeless.

The upper middle class has long been the brand’s primary target, initially in New York and later the rest of the Nation.

The business has also grown to include pajamas, eyewear, shoes, personal organizers, stationery, and other items.

12. Brooks Brother

Brooks Brother is one of the brands similar to Lacoste. It’s an American company that sells apparel as well as home furnishings. 

Henry Sands Brooks established Brooks Brothers in 1818. His objective was to satisfy the demand for quality goods by offering the best products to customers. 

It clothed US President Abraham Lincoln and introduced the ready-to-wear suit to American consumers. During the Civil War, it also served as a provider of uniforms for the troops. 

The company has a classic aesthetic that incorporates various elements, from high-end sportswear to timeless, elegant designs.

13. J.Cole

J.Crew is an American retailer that specializes in ready-to-wear apparel for women, men, and children. It is one of the brands similar to Lacoste. 

Popular Merchandising Inc., a business that originally sold clothing through catalogs, changed its name to J. Crew and launched its first physical location in 1983. 

Their goal was to sell working apparel that was reasonably priced, classic, aesthetically pleasing, and featured vibrant designs.

Currently, J. Crew’s main selling point is that it offers more reasonably priced selections than other companies of a comparable caliber, such as Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers. 

Its traditional American designs, which seem exquisite but wearable and appeal to contemporary ladies who wish to feel both professional and casual at once, make use of some iconic references.

14. H&M

The second-largest clothing manufacturer in the world is H&M. (behind Inditex, the parent company of Zara).  H&M is one of the brands similar to Lacoste, and it’s popularly embraced by people.

H&M is not at all a bad choice to attempt if you have a limited budget but still want to look stylish. Established in 1947 in Västers, Sweden, with headquarters in Stockholm

15. The North Face

The North Face and Lacoste’s main product lines may appear to be rather dissimilar at first, but if you spend some time on TNF’s official website.

It provides free delivery on all orders placed in the US for a brief period of time. San Francisco, California, was founded in 1968. Headquarters is located in Alameda, California. 

The north face is one of the brands similar to Lacoste; at first, they might not look similar, but they are.

16. Nike

Nike has a reputation for providing the most cutting-edge footwear to motivate athletes worldwide for more than 50 years.

Established in 1964, with a headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

17. Levi

The company Levi Strauss & Co. has been in business for approximately 200 years. They have introduced a variety of goods and brands over the years, including Dockers. 

Levi’s is known to be a brand similar to Lacoste; it is well-recognized and embraced by people across the world.

There is no better site than Levi’s to find the top-notch jeans you want if you want to shop for them as an alternative to Lacoste.

It was established in 1853, with headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA.

18. Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is among the brands similar to Lacoste. American fashion brand Ralph Lauren focuses on mid-range to premium clothing, accessories, and fragrances. 

The same-named designer launched Ralph Lauren as a tie manufacturer in 1967.

He established his first brand, “Polo,” in 1968, utilizing his passion for athletics as inspiration.

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