30 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Music

Boy Names Inspired by Music

Have you ever thought of picking the best names for your baby boy from a famous song?

If you have, then you must agree that memories and happy thoughts come freely at the sound of your favorite song.

Music has the ability to stir the soul, and many parents now prefer to choose names from songs they enjoy.

Below are 30 song inspired names for boys that you can choose from. Checkout 30 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Music.

30 Boy Names Derived from Songs with Meanings

If you are finally certain that it’s a baby boy you are having, and you are excited, I guess it’s time to search for baby boy names inspired by music or your favorite songs.

This is where your search comes to an end, as you can cherry-pick the best baby boy names inspired by music.

1. Al

Do you know the Paul Simon song titled “You can call me Al”? This name is Anglo-Saxon and is a short form for Albert. Let’s agree that it sounds chic and contemporary.

2. Ballard

If you are in search of baby boy names that have “song” as its meaning, then this is the English name you should pick.  It means “Ball” or “a dancing song”.

3. Danny

Danny is a Scottish name derived from a famous Scottish folk song called “Danny Boy.”.

4. Davey

Bob Dylan does have a thing with names as he sang a song titled “Who killed Davey Moore.”

5. Dwayne

Did you know the name Dwayne means “a melodious song”? yes, it does, and it is of Celtic origin.

6. Earl

One song by The Dixie Chicks titled” Goodbye Earl” is the inspiration behind this one. This name is both classic and timeless, and it means a “warrior” or “nobleman.”

7. Eli

The name is inspired by the song “Eli’s Comin'” sang by Three Dog Night. Eli is a name that means “elevated,” “high,” “my God” in Hebrew.

8. Fernando

Definitely long but a famous track by the 70’s band, ABBA; this name is of Spanish origin, and it means “prepared to journey.”

9. Floyd

Floyd is a name that became popular with the Nirvana song in their maiden album titled “Bleach.” The name of the song is “Floyd the Barber.” Do you wonder what the name means? If yes, the meaning is “hollow”.

10. Frankie

Almost everyone has danced to the song titled “Frankie fell in love” by the singer Bruce Springsteen. The name has now become popular in England and Wales. Enough reason to opt for this one.

11. Galvin

Galvin is yet another Celtic name, and it refers to a beautiful brown-colored songbird from Europe.

12. Hesiod

Hesiod is an ancient Greek name that means “to send song,” and it is just a perfect one for those who want their son to break into a rhapsody.

13. Hiro

This is not a name with a known meaning, but we know Ben Folds made a song called “Hiro’s Song.” 

14. Jamie

This song is one that was a part of the Blue Album released by Weezer and was dedicated to their lawyer, who was also their rockstar. Jamie is a variant of James, and is also a spunky name, too.

15. Jeremy

Jeremy was a classic song by Pearl Jam, and it was based on a true story. Jeremy is also a biblical name that means “appointed by God.”

16. Joe

This is one Hebrew name that we have come to love ever since Jimmi Hendrix sang, “ Hey Joe.”  This name means “God shall add.”

17. Kevin

The name Kevin means “gentle or lovable,” and it is of Gaelic origin. Kevin became a popular name when the band called The Who released the song titled “Cousin Kevin” based on a scary neighborhood bully.

18. Lark

The name Lark is one given to a specie of bird with unique and extravagant songs. The name is also a short and sweet one, and it means “songbird.”

19. Lenny

Lenny is a German name that means “brave as a lion.” That’s not all; it is also a soundtrack sung by the famous John Mayer.

20. Leroy

Fans of Jim Croce will recall how he got all of us singing “Bad Bad Leroy Brown.” This is a name that sounds chic and trendy, and it is of French origin with “king” as its meaning.

21. Maxwell

One song by The Beatles which we can’t forget in a hurry is “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” Now we know how they popularised the name. Maxwell is an English name that means “from the great well”.

22. Quinn

Quinn is a name that was popularized by the song of Bob Dylan titled “The Mighty Quinn”. The song is ideal with an Irish origin, and it means “wise”.

23. Psalm

The book of Psalm is obviously from the bibile, so we can assume that it is of Hebrew origin. The name’s meaning is “a song-like person”

24. Paul

Paul Revere is a sweet song sung by The Beastie Boys, and we can say that the name has fast become a favourite

25. Rahn

Rahn is a sweet name, and a really sweet-sounding one that means “song of joy” in Hebrew

26. Roland

Do you remember Warren Zevon’s song titled “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner”? Well, and ever since that song came out, the name has automatically found a new place in the hearts of many people. It also sounds like a regal name.

27. Saron

It’s funny how some people think Saron is a girl’s name. However, this lovely name is for a baby boy, and it is a Hebrew name that means “one who has a song”.

28. Tyrone

Tyrone is a name that became popular via a single-track by Erykah Badu, and it is of Irish origin. Tyrone is a name with “from the land of the Yew tree” as its meaning.

29. Zim

Zim is a name of Hebrew origin and it means “my song”. Zim is also a shortened version of the name Zimran.

30. Zak

Many of us recall, that Ben Folds sang a song titled “Zak and Sara” and the name Zak is of English origin. Zak means “God remembers.”

So, these are really trendy and nice baby boy names inspired by songs, and you may just find the perfect one when you keep an open mind.

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