16 Best Zillow Alternatives

Best Zillow Alternatives

Want to explore some of the best Zillow alternatives to the real estate portal? We researched, looked into popularity, and created this comprehensive list of Zillow alternatives.

Finding the best real estate listing platform can significantly impact your time marketing your home and the caliber of potential tenants or buyers you draw in.

But in recent years, there have been a lot more websites that advertise real estate. Property sellers and buyers find it challenging to decide which platform is best for them.

You created the popular search engine Zillow with lead management in the real estate trading industry. It adopts a mobile-first strategy so that real estate buyers and sellers can quickly seize opportunities as they present themselves through their smartphones.

Additionally, it serves as a unified solution for promoting properties, interacting with clients, and controlling interactions through a smooth workflow.

Zillow isn’t the only real estate website available, though. Many provide a range of features. Zillow is great, but it might be lacking in something you need.

This article’s primary goal is to provide a list of trustworthy Zillow alternatives for your real estate needs.

Below is a list of websites like Zillow.

1. Redfin

Popular real estate platform Redfin is trying to reinvent the real estate industry. It has many advantages over Zillow, making it a vital substitute.

First, you can search for homes using a map-based tool, almost identical to Zillow’s user interface and design.

Redfin provides in-depth details on listed properties after you enter the desired ZIP code or city. The property’s value, appreciation, measurements, year of construction, estate service fees, construction materials, sewage system specifications, and other information, for instance, will be displayed.

Redfin, unlike Zillow, has a group of realtors that Redfin users have reviewed. The agents receive compensation based on their evaluations.

Additionally, Redfin makes its services cost-effective by returning a portion of the property commissions to buyers.

2. Home Bay

Home Bay is more than just a website with real estate listings. Providing agency services to sellers and buyers is upending the real estate agent.

A growing number of homes are being discovered and sold thanks to online real estate websites rather than the hustle of neighborhood real estate agents.

Home Bay fills the gap between being an online marketplace for listings and offering realtor services.

Both buyers and sellers can save up to 50% of the traditional commission paid to conventional agents, which is a huge benefit. Also, this translates into savings of tens of thousands of dollars, which is amazing.

Yet sellers benefit almost entirely from using an agent. A “For Sale” sign is provided for the yard, photos are taken, the property is listed on all the major real estate websites, paperwork is handled, the price is negotiated, and Home Bay virtually coordinates showings.

Only the right to host an open house is taken away from sellers, which isn’t a big deal. Furthermore, this is one of the best Zillow alternatives.

3. Trulia

Zillow and Trulia have a lot in common. Zillow bought Trulia, but the two websites are still independent. The listings are identical because both websites use the same listings database.

Since the same business owns both websites, they are essentially the same site aside from design differences.

Furthermore, the Trulia blog section featuring celebrity homes is one reason I prefer it to Zillow. It’s frequently updated, and I love the design.

My only complaint is that you must repeatedly press the “load” button to view older celebrity homes. Every time I visit to look at older celeb homes, I can’t enter a paginated URL to access older posts because it isn’t paginated. The Trulia blog is excellent otherwise. Also, this is one of the best Zillow alternatives.

4. Compass Real Estate Home

The Compass brokerage owns and operates Compass Real Estate Homes. It’s a helpful website, particularly if you need an agent to help you buy or sell a property.

Its app connects to Compass signals via Bluetooth to obtain details about nearby home listings from Compass agents.

You can view every listed asset and its associated agent using Compass Real Estate Homes. Also, f you scroll to the bottom, you can see unlisted homes that their agents will list soon.

Finding homes for buyers is the responsibility of Compass agents. Since they know their task and have the buyer’s specifications, they don’t waste time searching through irrelevant listings.

The platform’s access to data for properties that are for sale, which you won’t often find on other realtor websites, increases the options available to buyers.

However, because of the extra services they provide to clients, Compass Real Estate stands out from websites like Zillow and others. For instance, they offer property sellers concierge services like kitchen upgrades, clutter removal, painting, and roof repairs.

Furthermore, this company spends more money developing new trading and marketing features because it heavily relies on technology to give agents and customers satisfactory services.

5. Neighbourhood Scout

The platform’s access to data for properties that are for sale, which you won’t often find on other realtor websites, increases the options available to buyers.

However, because of the extra services they provide to clients, Compass Real Estate stands out from websites like Zillow and others.

For instance, they offer property sellers concierge services like kitchen upgrades, clutter removal, painting, and roof repairs.

This company spends more money developing new trading and marketing features because it heavily relies on technology to give agents and customers satisfactory services.

6. Realtor.com

Realtor.com is owned by and operated by News Corp. Despite having the most recent real estate information, the website lacks exceptional tools for someone heavily invested in the real estate industry and is more general.

However, it is a fantastic website to begin a property search because it connects multiple listing services with the most recent market listings.

Furthermore, a messaging feature on Realtor.com allows for accessible communication between buyers and sellers. Moreover, above all, you can use its pricing tool to determine how Garage and other household tools affect the costs.

Furthermore, you can use a unified and tailored approach to search for that property on other realtor platforms once you’ve found a listing that meets your needs.

This will enable you to locate a thorough report on a property. This is one of the best Zillow alternatives.

7. LoopNet

Nearly three decades have passed since LoopNet first entered the real estate market. Look no further if you’re looking for a Zillow substitute that focuses on commercial real estate. Only commercial properties are listed on LoopNet, which is uncommon on other websites.

The platform saves time for high-net-worth investors not interested in long, tiresome lists of all types of properties. You will find its cool listing filter criteria to be very helpful.

You can save searches on LoopNet after changing your filters. Also, The need to repeatedly enter the same target’s search criteria is eliminated.

However, once more, if you require more information about the seller’s listing, you can quickly get in touch with them by clicking a single button.

8. HomeSnap

Another Zillow substitute known for its user-friendly map-based search portal and comprehensive property data is Homesnap. Its search engine is user-friendly, just like Zillow’s.

Homesnap stands out from the competition thanks to its mobile app. You can take live photos of your property and ask customer support for listing assistance.

The Homesnap app goes above and beyond by revealing the prices of unlisted homes in areas that are currently off the market.

Additionally, several app versions are available, including ones for Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Furthermore, multiple listing services are partnered with by Homesnap agents to capture and display real-time information feeds on the Homesnap app for your customers to view properties up for sale.

Also, the search experience for your customers is changed because they are no longer given outdated data that is common on other real estate websites. This is one of the best Zillow alternatives.

9. Apatments.com

One of the best Zillow substitutes is Apartments.com, which enables you to apply for a property directly or make internal contact with the owner or dealer.

To help them make educated decisions, potential clients are provided with a wealth of information about the home they wish to purchase.

Unlike LoopNet, Apartments.com offers condos, townhomes, apartments, and studios. You can also use internal messaging to speak directly with the agent or homeowner.

Its search criteria include all demographics because they reveal whether a property is suitable for those with disabilities and whether pets are permitted in the area.

An internal research team at Apartments.com regularly updates the website’s property listings. This website stands out as one of the best Zillow alternatives thanks to its attention-grabbing professionally shot photos and videos.

10. Century 21 Local

A well-known real estate brokerage firm with a long history is Century 21 Local. The Century 21 Local mobile app will be useful if you want to access their agency services.

It provides search filters by condensing a large number of listings. Also, contact their agents if you’re interested in any of their listings.

Users of the Century 21 Local app can add notes, significantly setting it apart from Zillow. Under the notes section, you can keep an eye on all the assets you’re interested in.

Above all, the app will provide you with all the required details even if you search for properties outside their list.

Furthermore, the application pulls data from other real estate websites like Zillow, though occasionally, the data may be stale and, therefore, inaccurate.

11. Estately

This website has a broad audience in the US and includes listing information from each state. It offers you a wide range of properties and connects you with the best real estate agent in the area where you are searching.

Significantly, the Estately app enables you to use their property tool to find more specific financial information, such as taxes and service fees.

The app also provides a detailed neighborhood account, including nearby institutions, demographic data, shopping malls, and more.

Even better, the app rates local noise pollution and related issues. Even though Zillow and other websites do not collect this data, they might be deal-breakers if you carefully consider them.

Estately encourages users to physically inspect properties before committing themselves by letting them schedule a property visit.

12. Homes.com

Unique features on the Homes.com mobile app place it among the top Zillow substitutes. First, you are free to decide whether you are renting or buying a home, and you can search specifically.

The notification system of the app is its strongest point. The system notifies you of the most recent offers so you can seize the best offers before others.

Homes.com is constantly improving its user interface to provide a fantastic experience. For instance, you can schedule a Zoom viewing of your property using the Homes.com app due to COVID-19’s restrictions on movement.

Furthermore, Homes.com has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau if the legibility of a realtor platform is more important to you.

Since its founding in 1993, it has demonstrated ethical business conduct and handled business transactions and commitments with integrity. This is one of the best Zillow alternatives.

13. FSBO.com

The acronym FSBO stands for “For Sale By Owner.” It is a real estate marketplace for homes sold directly by owners rather than through real estate brokers.

The business generates revenue by offering homeowners listing services through its two listing packages.

FSBO is the name of its first package. A free Redfin listing, unrestricted photos, a video upload, and access to the editing or canceling feature are all included when you list your house for six months.

14. Dwellr

Even though it’s one of the best property listing websites in the US, this is probably one of the real estate platforms that is vastly underappreciated.

It sets itself apart from Zillow and the other websites mentioned in this article by emphasizing client lifestyle as a crucial consideration when making a real estate purchase.

This makes it one of the best Zillow alternatives, especially for people who place the highest value on their way of life.

It considers your place of employment, the preferred mode of transportation, education, property value, recreational opportunities, and more.

Dwellr is available for iOS and Android. In addition, it presents the best real estate listings by your lifestyle preferences.

Dwellr is undoubtedly the best resource for those looking for a lifestyle home. It emphasizes creating a place that every human being can call home. This is one of the best Zillow alternatives.

15. BiggerPockets

One of the best Zillow alternatives to study and work in the real estate industry. Also, this platform is perfect for you if you are a detail-oriented person who enjoys knowing every little nuance, including the minor ones.

The app provides property data in articles, blogs, eBooks, YouTube videos, podcasts, and how-to guides. BiggerPockets is the best website for you if you are interested in the real estate industry.

Furthermore, regardless of your experience level, you can use this platform to learn more about real estate and earn a respectable living.

You will have all the knowledge necessary to succeed in the real estate industry once you read BiggerPockets’ educational resources. 

16. Xome

Real estate platform Xome provides exciting auctions. Xome will help you if you’re looking for higher prices for real estate for sale.

The app features both internal and MLS auctions. Like Zillow, Xome provides data on neighborhoods and pictures of the properties.

Additionally, the app clarifies whether you can finance a house or if a cash payment is necessary. Also, when a new listing that matches your search is published, the Xome notification system notifies you.

It’s significant to note that you can configure an e-contract agreement on Xome to have deals executed automatically on your behalf when someone expresses interest in your offer.

It also has a “Homes Only” section where you can get exclusive access to houses owned by financial institutions.

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