8 Best Ways to Make a Dog Friendly Backyard

Dog Friendly Backyard

Your dog loves the outside air as much as you do. So, it is very important that you create a dog friendly backyard.

By that we mean, your back garden must be fun and comfortable for your pet to play around with.

You might think that a dog friendly lawn demands a lot of hard work and effort. But we are glad to inform you, by following our guide, you can create a perfect courtyard for your pet easily.

So, delve into the article to know about some great dog friendly backyard ideas on a budget.

Use Garden Fence

It doesn’t matter how well trained your dog is; you cannot take a chance of letting them play on an open lawn.

You never know; your pet might feel like chasing a street dog or cat, running out of the garden after encountering a loud noise, and so on.

Obviously, you wouldn’t expect your dog to do something like that, but trust us, they CAN! Therefore, it is very important to set up a dog friendly backyard design that consists of proper fencing.

Keep Peeking Areas in the Fence and Check it Regularly

Just installing a fence in your back garden isn’t enough for making it dog friendly. You will also have to design the fence in a way that comforts your dog.

The best way to do it is by including some peeking areas in the fence so that your pet can enjoy the outside scenery without trouble.

Also, make sure that you check the fence regularly for any wear and tear. Proper checking will help you maintain a perfect dog friendly backyard.

Create a Shady Area

It is very important to create a shady area in your courtyard to make it dog friendly. Obviously, your pet won’t like to play in the sun all day long, and that is when the shady area will come to their rescue.

It will give them a much cooler and comfortable environment.

Add a Water Feature

There are some dogs who love to play with water and for them, adding a water feature to your lawn is a great idea.

Sprinkler water fountains are not only great for your dogs but also helps to water your backyard.

Therefore, make sure you add one water feature in your back garden to make it comfortable for your pet.

Keep the Harmful Stuff Away

Dogs don’t know the difference between safe and harmful; therefore, it is your responsibility to keep the dangerous materials away from your courtyard.

By harmful materials, we mean stuff like rat poison, paint, fungicides, fertilizers, and so on.

If you have a grass dog friendly backyard, then make sure the ground of your garden is made of a safe material. Pay your attention to special dog friendly backyard ground cover.

Create a Digging Spot

One of the most favorite games of a dog is to dig the ground. To make your back garden safe for your pet, you can create a corner in your lawn that will be made of sand to help your dog do his digging activity there.

Therefore, it is very important that you have a dog friendly backyard without grass but more sand in a corner.

Garden Wisely

It is important that you do good research on whatever plants, shrubs, herbs, and flowers you are planting in your garden.

To create a perfect pet-safe courtyard, every plant in the garden must be free of causing any allergic reaction.

Therefore, choose the plants wisely for your dog friendly backyard landscaping.

Keep Your Garden Free of Fleas and Ticks

Well, we know that no garden can be completely free of fleas, ticks, and pests. But it is highly recommended that you try your level best to keep your dog friendly backyard free of such hazardous creatures.

These creatures are not only harmful to your dog but also can cause much trouble to the plants in your garden. 

Final Word

We hope this article was able to help you know some great dog friendly backyard ideas. If you implement all of the above-mentioned ideas properly, you will surely succeed in creating a perfect dog friendly lawn.

So, which of the above-mentioned tips are you planning to implement to create a dog friendly backyard? Do tell us!

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