10 Best Type of Flowers for Sympathy

Best Type of Flowers for Sympathy
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Flowers over the years have been used in so many ways to pass across messages and communicate emotions that words may fail to capture.

One such message is sympathy. In this article, we will be examining the best type of flowers for sympathy.

Flowers are a convenient way of showing support and expressing condolences to someone or family experiencing a loss.

At that point, when you don’t know what to say to the person experiencing grief, sending a sympathy flower is a great way to show that you care.

It also brings comfort to the individual or family members. As we mentioned earlier, flowers pass across messages, and different flowers hold different meanings.

Knowing what each flower symbolizes will guide you in giving flowers that match your emotions and the message you aim to send.

Read on as we discover the best types of flowers for sympathy.

1. Orchids

Orchids are among the best type of flowers for sympathy. They symbolize eternal love, great admiration, and respect. With their gorgeous stems and long-lasting blooms, orchids remind the bereaved that the deceased will always be in their hearts.

Because this flower exudes a delicate beauty, they are sometimes used to celebrate femininity for a departed woman.  

More recently, the live flowering orchids have been used to show sympathy. They are becoming increasingly popular and are usually potted in a modern container, giving them a graceful presence.

Orchids come in various colors, each with a special message that conveys sympathy to the family and represents love for the deceased.

Red orchids represent love, courage, and passion, and pink orchids represent femininity, grace, and innocence. Purple orchids, on the other hand, symbolize respect, dignity, or royalty.

The yellow orchid represents friendship, happiness, and a new start, while the white orchids represent beauty, elegance, and innocence.

Generally, all these flowers symbolize eternal love, but white, pink, and purple are the colors usually chosen to send a token of sympathy when someone dies.

2. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are also among the best type of flowers for sympathy. They are also known as mums, an abbreviation of this mouthful name. These flowers come in various colors and shapes, making them perfect for a funeral arrangement.

The flower is widely noted to symbolize death. In Europe and some Asian countries, the chrysanthemum symbolizes death, grief, and mourning, often used in funeral arrangements. In America, this aesthetic piece is used to symbolize support or encouragement.

From all these cultures, we find sympathy for the balance in using Chrysanthemums at the end of life circumstances.

Here, Chrysanthemums symbolize death, mourning, and also support and encouragement. The flowers also represent truth and often represent a life well-lived.

3. Daffodil

Another flower among the best type of flowers for sympathy is the daffodil. Characterized by yellow petals, the daffodil represents new beginnings.

Daffodils are a symbol of rebirth and a new life. They deliver the message of hope as a loved one begins a new journey and eternal life. They remind mourners that death is not the end.

4. Lilies

The lily is commonly used in the western world for burials and is considered among the best type of flowers for sympathy.

These flowers are delicate and elegant and look beautiful in any arrangement. They are considered a popular flower for grief and can be sent in cut or potted form to those dealing with losing a loved one. When potted, they serve as a long-term reminder of a loved one.

Lilies represent peace, hope, and innocence. They symbolize the departed soul’s peaceful state of innocence and the hope offered by the renewal process.

To the individuals who believe in the afterlife, it symbolizes rebirth and renewal for the spirit of the loved one, offering hope and encouragement to the grieving family.

5. Hyacinths

Hyacinth is also among the best type of flowers for sympathy. Derived from the Greek name Hyacinthus, the meaning of the emotions behind this flower is linked to Greek mythology, where Hyacinthu- a Spartan prince, died in a tragic accident.

This flower represents deep sorrow and anguish. The purple hyacinth is commonly used for sympathy as it simply communicates the pain you feel upon hearing about the loss of a loved one.

It acknowledges the individual or the family’s grief and lets them know that you are aware of their suffering and that you care.

6. Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world and are often used to express feelings. They are also used in times of grief and are considered among the best type of flowers for sympathy. Generally, roses symbolize love and respect, which makes them excellent sympathy flowers.

Roses come in various colors, and they all have a message. Please take note of the meaning of the multiple colors of roses here as it pertains to grief because each of them varies.

Like the lily, white roses represent innocence too. They also represent reverence, humility, youthfulness, and remembrance. They are a sign of a new beginning as well as a goodbye.

Red roses symbolize love, courage, and respect, while dark crimson roses denote grief, sorrow, and loss. The Pink rose, on the hand, conveys grace, love, and gratitude towards the deceased.

Yellow roses, which stand for friendship, are usually given by friends of the deceased; they celebrate the life of a close friend, while peach roses symbolize sincerity and gratitude. They show the grieving family that you are genuinely there for them during difficult times.

All these colors of roses are great sympathy flower choices for a grieving family. The choice of color boils down to you and the message you aim to send.

7. Tulips

The tulip is a great sympathy flower that brings the message of encouragement and hope during a time of grief.

The Tulip flowers are associated with renewal and revival, aiming to pick someone up from a difficult situation and restore hope.

These delicate, beautiful, and elegant flowers come in various colors, making them a versatile choice for funeral flowers. The colors of these flowers hold different meanings too.

Yellow tulips bring cheerfulness, symbolize hope and uplift the bereaved family’s countenance. Red tulips represent a deep love used to commiserate your love for the dearly departed.

The white tulips, which express admiration and worthiness, convey your high regard for the deceased.

8. Gladiolus

Gladiolus is also among the best type of flowers for sympathy. The name is derived from the Latin – Gladius, which means a sword, and no wonder they are also known as “sword lily.”

These flowers grow in bunches along tall stems and represent a person’s strength and high moral integrity. Gladiolus is an excellent choice for sympathizing with a family that lost someone known for being a caring and outstanding example to their community.

Like most flowers, they also come in a variety of colors. To the grieving individual or family, it is an encouragement during a loss and reminds the individual or family of their inner strength and the strength of their loved one.

9. Carnation

These flowers are fragrant and long-lasting. Considered the traditional flower of Mother’s Day, carnation is also a  great choice to honor the life of a person who was a great mother to her children.

Carnations are also popular, like roses, and they come in various colors with unique messages.

White carnation represents pure love and innocence, usually used when a young person passes. Pink carnations represent memories, and they symbolize the remembrance of a loved one who has passed away.

Red carnations show love and devotion, and they are also used to convey deep admiration for the deceased.

The red carnations are usually used to express sympathy to grieving persons. We can see here that carnations are among the best flowers for sympathy.

10. Forget-Me-Not

Forget-Me-Not flowers are known for their delicate blue nature, and when grown well, they’re prolific bloomers that will flower throughout most of the growing season. From the name alone, the message of this flower can be inferred.

This flower symbolizes true love and respect. Its simple message is one of remembrance that the deceased lives on in our memories. Forget-Me-Not is a testament to long-lasting connections that cannot be broken even by death.

It is an emblem of remembrance that the departed will never be forgotten in our thoughts. No wonder Forget-Me-Not is among the best type of flowers for sympathy.

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