10 Best Travel Guitars

Best Travel Guitars

People live in a time where technology keeps people linked at all times; the internet has made the globe appear a lot smaller, more attractive, and traveling the length and width of it a lot less of a challenge.

While most guitarists wish they had their instrument with them while they are away from home, it is also fair to state that musical instruments may have a significant amount of worth, whether physical or sentimental.

Taking them on the road will very certainly result in their being damaged.

What makes for the greatest traveling guitar is a little more complicated than you would assume at first.

Size and components must be addressed in addition to durability concerns and transportation safety procedures.

Below are the best travel guitars.

1. Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa

The Little Martin Koa has a scale length of 23 inches. It’s one of the best travel guitars with a wonderful natural tone.

When you look at smaller or less expensive versions in the hopes of finding something that will withstand a lot of travel, you often sacrifice quality, but the Little Martin has all of the brand’s normal quality production components, such as the unique neck mortise.

It features a robust 1-style bracing system and is made of compressed spruce laminate to withstand the elements.

These little guitars are not only ideal for small hands and children but also make fantastic travel companions.

Ed Sheeran used to busk with a Little Martin. Even though this Martin guitar is recognized as the best travel guitar, the case it comes with isn’t optimal.

With its dark Koa pattern, it is artistically pleasing. You might want to consider one of these tough guitar cases.

2. Baby Taylor BT2

The Baby Taylor BT2 is a 34-size guitar, similar to the Little Martin guitar above, with a dreadnought form and no cutaway, and was designed as a beginner guitar for youngsters.

It’s made from a variety of high-quality materials, including solid mahogany and a real ebony fingerboard for easy neck navigation.

In terms of sound, it’s a very powerful acoustic instrument, especially given its reduced compact size; yet, it appears to be skewed towards the mids and higher frequencies.

It doesn’t feel as full as the Little Martin reviewed above, which has more depth in the lower register.

If you prefer stronger treble tones and are undecided between the two, this may be the one for you.

The scale length ranges from 22 to 34 inches, including a full 19 frets.

The included soft case will not serve for many lengthy hauls, but it will be useful on your back for busking, camping in the woods, and playing on the beach, among other things.

3. Martin Steel-String Backpacker

The Martin Steel-String Backpacker travel guitar is a slimmer version of the Martin Steel-String guitar.

Its small size and ultra-lightweight appeal make it appealing as a travel guitar. The Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar has a spruce top and is built of solid wood.

The small body has remarkably good acoustics, rivaling that of a conventional body form.

To play it properly, you must modify your playing technique to accommodate its odd body and neck contours.

4. Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor BT1

The Baby Taylor BT1, the precursor of the Mahogany body BT2, is one of the best guitar travel guitars.

This baby was the one who kicked off the popularity of this simple instrument intended for youngsters learning to play guitar among seasoned musicians searching for a small knockabout suitable for their travels.

This Taylor guitar has a richer, deeper, and fuller tone than the current refined model.

Although it is said that the top frets on the treble string are a bit tinnier than would be genuinely desired, and this is presumably the cause for the second model development, the degree of loudness from this 34-sized instrument is remarkable.

The BT2 Taylor guitar, as previously said, does not have any bass reverb; nevertheless, the two are similarly priced, so the choice between the two comes down to how you want your overall tone.

5. Traveler Guitar EG1C BLK V2

This next travel guitar is an electric guitar, and the firm has given careful consideration to its portability throughout its development.

A new, more forward-thinking tuning mechanism has been installed instead of the old one. Tuning is facilitated on board within the superlight body itself.

Tuning pegs are subjected to a lot of abuse, especially when you travel; therefore, this is a fantastic concept, in our opinion.

The lack of a headstock adds to the fact that this steel-string silent guitar is significantly shorter than a regular electronic-sized guitar, and it is also around half the weight.

The pickup’s built-in shadow e-tuner allows for onboard chromatic tuning, which can only be advantageous.

The V2 headphone amplifier enables quiet guitar practice, which is ideal for a late-night strum at a hotel, and the Jack plate auxiliary input lets players connect to other devices to play along with their MP3 songs.

Its gold Humbucker and cream pickups stand out aesthetically against its dark mahogany body, and the unique tap pot enables you to cycle among clean, boost, overdrive, and distortion tones.

6. Yamaha APTX2 ¾ Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Since it is tiny and comfy, it features a superior cutaway design that seems to be modern rather than conventional, making it easier to manipulate the lower frets.

The equalization on this guitar works nicely, and the piezo pickup may be changed using the equalizer to suit one’s needs.

The built-in tuner adds to the allure of purchasing. One of Yamaha’s finest characteristics is that its pickups employ a special sort of technology that produces the most pleasant sound.

Furthermore, the volume control offers sufficient headroom for you.

Considering the radius and size of its neck, it is ideal for people who suffer from arthritis or other bone disorders. It fits easily into the plane’s overhead bin due to its 3/4th size.

Not only that, but it can be readily carried by car, bike, or any other mode of transportation.

7. Fender CT-60S

This is one of the best travel guitars that is a great contribution from Fender’s well-known acoustic travel guitar lines, and it also has the best pricing of any of our product listings.

The CT boasts a fresh new reduced body size and form, fittingly named “Travel,” as well as a decreased scale length, which makes it ideal for travel endeavors.

It has a solid spruce top and a 23.5” scale length, making it the ideal travel companion due to its small size and mobility.

It outperforms several of Fender’s other smaller models intended for younger players.

Scalloped X bracing adds durability to this acoustic travel guitar, which is important while you’re on the go.

If you’re familiar with Fender acoustics, this is effectively the CD60S, but with backpacker travel needs in mind.

This acoustic travel guitar offers superb across-the-board tones and plays with good intonation right out of the box.

8. Cordoba Mini M

Cordoba makes some amazing classical guitars over a wide variety of price points. The Cordoba Mini M is a travel instrument with a solid wood top.

The classic guitar is a lighter alternative that comes in a variety of side and back configurations to suit different tone preferences.

Here you’ll find some classical guitar strings. Since the neck and fret spacing are both standards, it offers the same feel and playability as a full-size guitar.

Acoustic guitar strings tuned up a fourth from normal tuning ADGCEa are included.

This is the recommended optimum tuning for maximum vibrancy, although you can use a normal E set instead.

The basses are extremely strong, and the sound is incredibly bright and loud for a small musical instrument.

It is recommended to stick to the A tuning, as the E guitar strings turn it into a fairly mediocre instrument with considerably less tension.

9. Traveler Guitar Mark III MK3 MHG

Another style of travel is an acoustic-electric guitar from Traveler Guitar, a company that was founded 20 years ago with the express aim of producing full-size travel guitars and has always been on the cutting edge of innovation.

It has its brilliant in-body tuning mechanism, which removes the headstock from the length of the guitar, resulting in a full-scale length instrument that is smaller to begin with.

The frets have not been cut back on this acoustic-electric travel guitar, which is 26 percent shorter and 47 percent thinner than a normal electric.

The built-in Shadow headphone amplifier and auxiliary input are also present on this acoustic-electric travel guitar.

The under-saddle pickup is extremely sensitive, producing an acoustic sound without the use of larger body resonance.

To shape your tone, it features conventional EQ settings.

The wood Traveller acoustic-electric travel guitar features a cutaway for easier access to upper frets.

10. Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany

This Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany is a lovely 34-size portable guitar with an equally lovely price tag.

The production isn’t from a well-known name, but the maker appears to be excellent. The Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany travel guitar has a dreadnought body with a Celtic laser-etched henna pattern.

It features a rosewood fingerboard and is mostly made of mahogany (neck, backsides, and top; the top isn’t specified when advertised, but given the much lower price range, it’s presumably HPL).

Although the high-pressure laminate top doesn’t provide the lovely reverberations that are expected in a superb acoustic travel guitar, it does mean it has good endurance.

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