10 Best Toddler Table and Chairs

Toddler Table and Chairs

As your toddler grows, so does their need for a space of their own.

The best toddler table and chairs give your toddler their private corner where they can perform most of their activities like eating, playing drawing at artistic images.

In addition, they protect your upholstery and furniture from the horrors a toddler can do to them.

So, get them their own little furniture and give them the space that they need.

Things to consider when buying a toddler table and chair set

  • Size: a toddler’s furniture must be the right size for a two to five-year-old to use. Its height should be between the range of twenty to twenty-five inches.
  • The number of seats: while one or two chairs may be fine for an only child, a four-chair set is preferable if you plan to accommodate several children in your house or invite a playmate for your child.
  • Product materials: Toddler tables and chairs always meet the government standards, but it is left for you to decide if you want plastic, wood, and even metals. You should also consider surfaces that are easier to use and maintain.
  • Durability: You should go for a piece that can last for more than a year. Ensure you choose a quality set that can withstand what a toddler throws at it. Also, ensure that it is strong enough to carry their weight because they might attempt to climb or stand on it.e
  • Design: when choosing your toddler’s furniture set, you should consider one that would blend with your home decor.

The ten best toddler table and chairs

1. Delta Children MySize Kids Convertible Activity bench

MySize is an innovative design that easily converts from a bench to a desk in seconds. Perfectly sized for kids, it offers a multipurpose station for homework, play, crafts, and more.

Its wood is sturdy durable that makes it difficult to destroy. Also, this versatile bench has ample storage and two bins beneath the seat.

One strong selling point of this convertible bench is its price tag. For as low as $48, you can purchase this sturdy activity bench for your toddler.


2. Humble Crew, Espresso 5-piece table and chairs

Humble Crew’s masterpiece for toddlers comes with a wood table and four chairs. Rightly sized, this piece is ideal for kids to use for reading, eating, and making crafts.

Its appealing and sturdy structure makes it a useful addition to your child’s playroom.


3. Utex 2-in-1 kids multi-activity table and two chairs

Though expensive, this masterpiece gets a lot of praise from parents because of its built-in storage under the table. It also comes with a reversible tabletop that you can change from a smooth surface to a lego-friendly surface.

In addition, its sleek, white appearance easily blends with the décor of homes.


4. Costzon kids table and 2-chair set

Costzon kids set is one of the best toddler tables and chairs. This brand of Costzon features a desktop that serves two different purposes: a workspace and a blackboard.

The table also has storage boxes for keeping art materials and other items.

In addition, its legs have suction cups that allow it to stick to hardwood.


5. Disney Junior Minnie mouse activity table set

Minie mouse activity table set comes with one table and two comfortable chairs. The table has a large surface that can serve for multipurpose activities.

With colorful graphics, this activity set is one of the kids’ favorite.


6. Kidkraft wooden round table and chairs

Kidkraft wooden table and chairs is a good choice for a toddler. the table and chairs are sturdy enough to bear the weight of your child.

It also serves as an activity bench where kids can play, write, and paint.


7. Flash furniture colorful 5-piece folding table and chair set

Flash Furniture is a convenient set that can be folded and stored in closets. With a wide table and four chairs, it is suitable for homes and daycare facilities.

It is covered with vinyl materials which makes it easy for kids to clean themselves. As a safety measure, it has a built-in safety measure that prevents collapse.


8. Delta children kids table and chair set with storage

Like most Delta children set, children can use this piece for so many functions. It has a creative storage basket that holds kid’s toys and supplies.

Moreso, The strong wood that delta uses in its production makes it a sturdy and durable choice for parents.


9. Milliards mid-century modern style set

Rightly sized for little ones, this table and chair set is perfect for craft, play, tea parties, and much more. With stylish, modern designs, you can place this set in any part of the house.

Additionally, it is easy to assemble and maintain.


10. ECR4kids natural bentwood multipurpose kids table and chairs set

ECR4kids is another of the best toddler table and chair sets. Parents usually favor this set because of its versatility. The easily adjustable chairs fit underneath the table to save space.

Children can also use it as bedside tables, stools, and even bookshelves.


Importance of table and chairs for toddlers

Toddler Table and Chairs
Image credit: DIYs.com
  • Good posture

Slouching is one of the postural variations that you need to avoid. Most tables and chairs for kids are of good height and this promotes good sitting posture.

In addition, it makes them feel comfortable while playing, eating, or drawing.

  • Creative time

If your child is just learning to scribble things on paper, then they need some space to practice their new skill. a small table and chair of their size would help them practice with ease.

It also allows them to draw and paint artistic pictures.

  • Perfect for learning practical skills

Aside from learning new writing and drawing skills, toddlers love to learn from what they see around them. They are good at imitating what you do.

When they see you clean the dining table, they try to do the same for theirs. This way, they develop organizational skills which go a long way to serve them in the future.

  • Used for play

With your child’s friends around, they would want to do a lot of activities. Some of them might be outdoor games and the other indoors. With a fancy place to sit, they can write, draw, paint, or even throw a tea party.

  • Encourages healthy interaction

Making children sit together around the same table encourages them to interact with each other. They discuss things of interest with each other and this aids in developing the relationship between them.

  • Gives parents quiet time

Little children consider their space as a world of their own. Instead of running around the house, they can sit at their table and engage themselves in activities that interest them.

This allows you some time to rest or perform other tasks.

  • Promotes independence

With chairs and tables of their size, toddlers do not need support to climb on their seats. With the right height, kids can climb and get off their chairs without assistance.

This habit might seem inconsequential, but your kid can learn to make decisions through that. More so, they learn simple table manners like eating while seating.

On a final note, toddlers would always be toddlers so, even while they learn to do little things on their own, ensure to keep a close eye on them to avoid unpleasant situations.

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