9 Best Selling Nike Shoes

Best Selling Nike Shoes

Nike has the market to itself when it comes to athletic footwear. They worked hard to establish a strong reputation, performance, and style from its modest origins as a track shoe manufacturer to a worldwide megabrand that sells almost everything.

Nike now aims to comprehend the precise components athletes need from their shoes to perform at the greatest level. They then offer it in a signature style that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression. 

The company now offers hundreds of models suited to various sports, activities, and styles. Therefore, it’s simple for the sheer volume of choices to get a little daunting.

Here are the best selling Nike shoes for peak performance and the sharpest appearance.

1. Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% 2

With a focus on refining the shoe’s design, the Alphafly NEXT% 2 has been improved so that all runners may accomplish long-distance runs with greater stability and transitions. This is one of the best selling Nike shoes.

True to its roots, the Alphafly NEXT% 2 midsole blends two Zoom Air pods, a full-length bent carbon plate, and extensive ZoomX foam (Nike’s lightest and most durable). This is to provide runners with a responsive, light, and comfortable experience.

Extra foam has been inserted underneath the Zoom Air pods in the forefoot to boost energy returns and provide a smooth transition from the heel to the forefoot as runners begin their stride. A little wider heel increases stability and makes tempo adjustments easier.

2. Nike Metcon 7

The Nike Metcon 7 is a fantastic option for all the techniques you could come across throughout your CrossFit WOD.

This is because it has a design created for weightlifting while maintaining enough flexibility for running. 

It is suitable for rope climbs because of its all-rubber outsole, which extends up the side of the shoe. When you do exercises like squats, box jumps, and deadlifts, the heel is sturdy enough to offer you plenty of balance. 

Running and the midsole cushion of the shoe may support other cardio-intensive workouts.

Though reviews generally agree that the Metcon 7 does tend to feel a little tight in the toe, people with broad feet should be careful. This is one of the best selling Nike shoes.

3. Nike Pegasus 3 GORE-TEX

The Nike Pegasus 3 GORE-TEX shoe for trail runners combines the comfort and flexibility of the Pegasus road running shoe. The rubber lugs on its outsole are designed to grip a range of unsteady surfaces. 

These include gravel, mud, wet grass, and flat rock at angles that force your feet uncomfortably inward or outward. These surfaces may be uphill or downhill.

Nike increased the shoe’s heel traction to assist runners in maintaining balance and guarantee that every stride is solid from heel strike to toe-off.

Additionally, its water-resistant GORE-TEX top will keep your feet dry if you are caught in rainy weather. 

Additionally, the shoe’s collar is designed to prevent foreign objects from entering the shoe. Like its road running cousin, the Nike Pegasus 3 GORE-TEX trail running shoe is designed to provide a seamless transition in your stride even when the going gets rough.

4. Nike LeBron 19

When wearing the LeBron 19 basketball sneaker, Nike wants you to channel your inner LeBron James.

Some basketball sneakers just stick the name or logo of a professional player on the tongue and call it good. 

However, buyers who have reviewed the LeBron 19 have often said that it lives up to the hype and legacy of the athlete who inspired them. 

To keep your foot stable throughout extended, strenuous action on the court, one of the best selling Nike shoes, like the LeBron 19s, are designed for a secure fit around the ankle. 

Nike designed the shoe’s inner sleeve to be linked to a sculpted overlay where the laces interlock almost to eliminate movement within the shoe to produce this snug-yet-responsive sensation.

Nike included cushioned pads for comfort and protection to lessen aches and pains around the collar and tongue (your ankles and forefoot). The pods are lighter than layers of cloth since they are packed with air. 

When speed is essential, Nike built the shoe with cushioned foam for a comfortable feel without sacrificing responsiveness, allowing players to move fast.

5. Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2

The Greater Than (G.T.) series debuted as Nike Basketball’s newest field of exploration in 2021.

The objective was to provide the most technologically sophisticated shoes currently on the market while also providing for the next generation of skaters.

Players who swiftly open and shut space to catch opponents off guard might choose the upgraded Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2.

The revolutionary, state-of-the-art traction system is the shoe’s standout feature. It features a rubber combination arranged in an eye-catching wiper-blade arrangement with broad tread channels.

It is possible to create quick cuts by applying force with each step, forcing the court’s grooves to split, and then snapping back as the player relaxes. The second zone of nubbed adhesion is spread along the forefoot. 

Other upgrades to the Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2 include a modified heel structure for a tighter fit and a midsole that has been scooped out to reduce the weight of both the rubber and the shoe. 

The original G.T. Cut style’s full-length Zoom Air sole unit and drop-in React foam Sockliner have been restored to the shoe.

Two colors of the Air Zoom G.T. Cut 2 silhouettes with the names “Bred” and “Sabrina Ionescu” made their official debuts. 

The latter was made available on Nike’s website and Nike app on October 13 instead of the former’s September 16 release date. The cost for each pair is $170. This is one of the best selling Nike shoes.

6. Nike Huarache

The Nike Huarache is one of the best selling Nike shoes that will have you looking stylish and supporting each step while doing errands around town.

The fact that the shoe was first created for runners accounts for its supporting structure and smooth stride. 

However, over time, it progressively gained recognition for its performance and distinctive heel clip. Its top combines soft leather with a permeable cloth to mold your foot while reducing overheating. 

The padded sleeve expands on the inside for a close fit. Its rubber sole offers grip, and the midsole is designed to provide a bounce.

7. Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer mid-top shoe was created to achieve for those who appreciate the appearance of the 1970s what the Nike Court Vision aspires to do for fans of classic 80s style. A time when Nike was still a relatively unknown brand. 

The Nike Blazer embodies the traditional basketball look from collar and tongue to midsole and outsole, right down to the traction print you’ll leave with each step. 

Although Nike changed the insole to give contemporary comfort and support, the shoe’s outside is entirely vintage. As a result, you’ll have a chic retro look with better construction and longevity.

8. Nike Court Vision

The Nike Court Vision low-top basketball shoe restores the look of the sport from the 1980s. The upper of these shoes is made of perforated leather that molds to your foot and provides ventilation. 

The insoles are made to provide a comfortable feeling with each step, and the outsole is flat with intricate and deep traction.

According to online reviews, the Nike Court Vision toebox should give you enough space to move about without too much give. 

Also, buyers have noted that they may be rigid and lack flexibility. Therefore, give the Nike Court Vision low-top sneakers a close look if you want trendy throwback looks but don’t like how tight they feel around your toes. This is undoubtedly one of the best selling Nike shoes.

9. Air Max Scorpion

By creating a piston-like action through precisely selected, point-loaded touchpoints between the foot and the airbag, the Air Max Scorpion’s airbag system elevates the standard for sensory design. 

The Air system is balanced by a ground-breaking Flyknit chenille upper with short fibers secured perpendicularly by two strong vertical core yarns to provide a delicate pile look. 

On October 5, the public was introduced to the new Air Max Scorpion. These pairs, which retailed for $250 each, were made available through Nike’s SNKRS and a few other retail partners.

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