21 Best Places to Travel in November

best places to travel in november

There are several fun places to travel to in November. Thus, this article will discuss some of these places so that you can continue the fun of the holidays.

The end of the year is approaching, and most of us haven’t gone nearly as much as we had expected due to the pandemic.

But there’s still time to use up all of your vacation days. And finally, break free from the never-ending cycle of meetings and Netflix marathons. 

In addition, Due to Thanksgiving towards the end of the month, November may appear to be an inconvenient time to travel. Still, there are advantages to going near the conclusion of the fall shoulder season.  

The days of suffocating crowds at major sites are long gone, and hotel rates are frequently astonishingly low. 

Are you looking for a budget-friendly spot to visit in November before the holidays? Even if you’re on a low travel budget.

There are plenty of destinations across the world that offer beautiful weather in November and will show you a fantastic experience.

Some of the best places to travel in November are;  

1. Tuscany, Italy

Italy is one of the best places to travel in November. For jet-setting couples all over the world, a trip to Tuscany is a romantic fantasy.

In November, when tourist numbers are low, and vacancies are higher than at other times of the year, the mood. And its cost-effectiveness is precisely correct.  

Besides, you may splurge on one of Tuscany’s most iconic autumn activities, truffle hunting. Thanks to inexpensive hotel rates that leave more money in your trip budget.  

This time of year, winter white truffles are in season. And you may go on a tour with a local forager and his specially trained dog.

When one of these scented treats is dug from the ground, you’ll immediately salivate. 

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is unquestionably one of America’s most unusual cities. It features a bustling arts culture and a rich Native American past, and significant Spanish influences.  

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and Canyon Road, a half-mile area in the historic district with the city’s highest concentration of art galleries, are both must-sees. 

Furthermore, There’s a wide range of items here, from Fernando Botero sculptures to handwoven Navajo carpets.

Also, visit Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu (about an hour’s drive from Santa Fe). This 21,000-acre retreat captivated O’Keeffe that she resided there for forty years and used its scenery extensively in her work. 

3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the best places to travel in November in Los Angeles. November is a fantastic time to visit Los Angeles, with fewer tourists, and less smog. 

Hiking in Runyon Canyon Park, seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame, seeing a play at the Hollywood Bowl, and riding through Griffith Park, among other outdoor activities, are all great at this time of year. 

In addition, November is one of the most significant months for surfing at LA’s beaches. So set aside some time to catch some waves at popular spots like Zuma Beach and Venice Beach. 

4. Sayulita, Mexico

Join the Gypset in this surf town on the Pacific coast. Where brightly painted design boutiques and antique surfboard shops rub shoulders with al pastor stands and street food sold from wheelbarrows.  

It’s a laid-back scene, with more catching waves and afternoon Margaritas than yoga and cold-pressed juice. It’s less glam than Tulum but much hipper than resort-y Puerto Vallarta further south. 

In addition, the lack of significant hotels in favor of hippie-chic guesthouses gives the impression of being a best-kept secret.

But Sayulita is full at Christmas. If you arrive just before peak season, not only will the summer rain and humidity have subsided.

But it will also be the perfect time for whale watching. 

5. New York City

This time of year, New York will be significantly less busy than usual. Furthermore, the major museums are open, and restaurants have begun limited indoor dining services.

And November is Central Park’s peak leaf season.  

There’s no better time than November to see the city through the eyes of a local.  

Additionally, you can attend an outdoor exercise class atop the Vessel or from the Edge, which offers panoramic city views.  

6. Sweden

If you’re looking for an actual winter wonderland experience and aren’t afraid of the cold, November is a fantastic time to visit Sweden.  

The temperature plummets, bringing snow, especially in the extreme north of the nation, making it an ideal time to discover Sweden’s landscapes through sports like husky sledding. 

Furthermore, or even reindeer herding with the Sámi people of Lapland. The northern lights are also visible in November, regardless of where you are in the country.

You won’t have to deal with the crowds of Christmastime when many Swedish families travel domestically if you visit Sweden in November. 

7. Iceland

Another best place to travel in November is Iceland. Because the dark winter nights of Iceland arrive in November, bringing with them the best chance of viewing the Northern Lights.  

Yes, you’ll be cautioned to keep your expectations in check, and that aurora-hunting is a risky business, but in a country where the dance of the green veils can be seen as you exit the airport, you’d have to be very unlucky to miss out.

Also, in November, the Iceland Airwaves music festival takes place in Reykjavik. 

8. Seville, Spain

In November, if you want a good deal on Seville, you’ll have to put up with some gloomy weather. It’s a reasonable trade-off, given that you’ll be surrounded by fewer people and will still be able to enjoy the wonders of Seville in pleasant weather.  

From the moment they set foot on its cobblestone streets, dotted with ancient street lamps, culture fans will fall in love with this charming city. In addition, The Catedral de Sevilla is a must-see attraction in Seville.  

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, a gothic landmark, was created roughly 600 years ago and is known for its spectacular architecture.  

The Real Alcázar, another World Heritage Site established by Moorish monarchs in the 10th century, offers a fresh perspective on Andalusian architecture. Intricate archways and ornate faience adorn the palace. 

9. Charleston, South Carolina

It’s no surprise that this quaint southern city, which celebrated its 350th birthday this year, has grown in popularity.

It has a rich history, excellent gastronomy swoon-worthy architecture, and, perhaps most importantly, unrivaled southern hospitality. 

Furthermore, the month of November has mild temperatures (think the mid-60s and low 70s), making it an excellent time to visit. 

Visit the South Carolina Historical Society Museum and the Gibbes Museum of Art while you’re in town to learn about Charleston’s convoluted past. 

In addition, consider taking a day excursion to Sullivan’s Island, where you can take a long walk on the beach before stopping for pizza at The Obstinate Daughter.  

Many fantastic boutique hotels to select from, but 86 Cannon, Zero George, and The Dewberry is three of our favorites. 

10. Maui

It is one of the best places to travel in November because Maui is one of Hawaii’s most popular tourist destinations. With visitors flocking to the island all year.  

The month of November is an exception: it is the island’s travel sweet spot, as honeymooners have left and snowbirds have yet to arrive.  

In addition, you’ll have more room to rest and relax on Maui’s numerous lovely beaches, not simply because hotel costs will be lower.

Just be prepared for a few rain showers, especially as the month progresses. 

11. Canada

Temperatures drop, and snow begins to fall, but a journey to Canada offers various new experiences.

Around the end of the month, winter festivals, ice rinks, and Christmas markets open, making it an excellent time for a city break.  

Dress warmly for a walking tour followed by a hot chocolate, or keep warm inside museums and galleries. 

In addition, you can still go hiking in the country’s remote areas. Because the number of visitors is minimal at this time of year, you can enjoy views of the snow-covered mountains in peace.  

You may potentially catch the tail end of the salmon run along British Columbia’s coast or Churchill’s polar-bear viewing season. 

12. Indian

November is one of the most incredible months to visit India, regardless of whatever location you choose.  

Except for the cooler northern regions of Ladakh and the Himalayas, temperatures are warm but not oppressively so, and rainfall is generally modest.

November is an excellent month to visit the country’s cities because of the pleasant weather. 

In addition to seeing wildlife in national parks, though be aware that visitor numbers will be higher. Diwali falls in November in some years, so expect to see more people around this time.

Goa is the place to go if you want to spend some time on the beach in warm, dry weather. 

13. Bahamas

The Bahamas is another best place to travel in November. Do the cold temperatures at home make you long for a warm, sunny getaway? In November, you can get a great deal on a trip to the Bahamas.  

Although hurricane season is still in effect, you should cover your trip with comprehensive travel insurance between August and October, when most storms occur. 

In addition, November is a great month to visit because of the low probability of poor weather and low resort fees.  

The Bahamas, with its 700 islands and 2,500 cays, offers vacationers a diverse range of vacation locations.

Nassau’s capital attracts the most visitors, who come to rest on Cable Beach and admire the magnificent colonial structures that line Bay Street. 

14. Victoria and Vancouver Island

Although November marks the start of the rainy season on Vancouver Island, it is a perfect time to visit if you want to get a good bargain on lodging and escape the crowds.

The Royal BC Museum and Craigdarroch Castle are two indoor sites where you can get out of the weather.  

However, Victoria, British Columbia, is home to both of them. Spend most of your time outside on drier, sunnier days touring the Inner Harbour and The Butchart Gardens.

Remember to pack a jacket because daytime highs are usually in the upper 40s and low 50s. 

15. Ozarks, Missouri

The Ozarks are well-known for a summer vacation, especially with all the fun on the lakes, but they are equally appealing in the fall.

Plan a trip earlier in the month to enjoy the region’s foliage season and seasonal activities like pumpkin picking and corn mazes. In addition   

Tiger Woods developed his first public access golf course, Payne’s Valley, which opened in September, and avid golfers are in luck.

Book a quiet cabin at the Big Cedar Lodge, a wilderness retreat on 4,600 acres of lakefront property.  

Johnny Morris, the proprietor, is renowned as the “Walt Disney of the Outdoors,” so you can be sure there will be lots to do.  

Furthermore, Whether it’s fishing, boating, or hiking, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s an idea for a day trip: The Waltons, the company’s ultra-wealthy scions who have supported the city’s museums (Crystal Bridges), parks (Osage Park), and much else, live in Bentonville, Arkansas, which is less than two hours away. 

16. La Romana, Dominican Republic

Instilling peace of mind in arriving passengers is a priority for the Dominican Republic, which goes above and beyond other destinations. \ 

Its government declared on September 15 that all tourists would receive complimentary travel and health insurance for the remainder of the year, covering emergency hospitals and any medical, accommodation, or airline change needs if a visitor is infected with Covid-19 while in the country.  

Additionally, stay in the renowned Casa de Campo, which was once industrialist Charles Bluhdorn’s beach hideaway, with decor designed by Oscar de la Renta.  

The Fanjul family has owned Casa de Campo since 1984 and has transformed it into a magnificent 7,000-acre luxury resort with three championship golf courses, an equestrian center, a marina, and a diverse variety of stunning 3- to 12-bedroom villas. 

17. Charleston, South Carolina

One of the best places to visit in January is Charleston. In Charleston, you can immerse yourself in America’s Southern charm.

The renowned South Carolina city is consistently recognized as one of the most excellent locations to visit in the United States, and November is a terrific time to visit.  

If you aren’t hungry, don’t bother visiting Charleston. This city is known for its delectable cuisine, which includes Home Team BBQ’s stick-to-your-ribs barbeque. 

In addition, after your breakfast, take a stroll through the Historic District, which houses many of the city’s 1,400 historic structures erected when it was the wealthiest town in the American South.  

Waterfront Park is another excellent spot for a stroll. The 12-acre park offers beautiful water vistas, and you could even see a dolphin or two. 

18. Oracabessa, Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the best places to travel in November. While on a World War II naval expedition in 1942, British intelligence officer Ian Fleming fell in love with this secluded paradise in Jamaica and returned to build a 15-acre estate named Goldeneye.  

He would write each of his 14 James Bond novels over the next two decades. Additionally, GoldenEye is now an exquisite resort with quaint huts, cottages, and villas.  

Fleming’s original solitary villa, which has been preserved strictly as he left it, may now be rented out) that has mastered the home-away-from-home vibe.

There are no road signs or the typical trappings of huge resorts; instead, there is authentic food, beautiful drinks, and super-friendly service. 

19. Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love invites visitors to stroll around its streets as the leaves change color and the weather cools.

When you’re not visiting historical sites like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center, relax and watch the world go by at Rittenhouse Square or Wissahickon Valley Park.  

In addition, consider visiting on Thanksgiving, when the Philadelphia Marathon (one of America’s most popular marathons) and the 6ABC Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade (the United States’ oldest Thanksgiving parade) are both held. 

20. Maldives

The Maldives has mild weather all year, but the dry season offers some of the most fantastic weather. November heralds the start of the dry season, with sunny days suitable for relaxing on the island nation’s white sand beaches and water sports such as windsurfing and Jet Skiing.  

Furthermore, Increased water visibility makes this month one of the greatest seasons for snorkeling and scuba diving. When you need a break from the water, Malé’s central city has plenty of sights, markets, and restaurants to visit. 

21. Singapore

Singapore is another best place to visit in December. Travel to Singapore in November for a low-cost, food-focused vacation.

Because of the less-than-ideal weather (anticipate hot, wet days), prices are lower in November, but that shouldn’t stop you from going.  

After all, you’ve come to eat, and there’s a kaleidoscope of flavors just waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, if you’re searching for affordable, good street food, the hawker centers of Singapore are the perfect place to go.  

The Chinatown Complex Food Center, one of the country’s largest and busiest hawker centers, offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine.

The clay pot rice is a popular tourist dish. At the Old Airport Road Food Center, you’ll find legendary street food chefs. You can also try Indonesian cuisine. 

In conclusion, these are some of the best places to travel to in November, they are worth considering when making your next vacation plans in January.

All the locations in this article are worth every penny you spend; besides, you might see yourself returning to one or more of these locations more than once. 

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