12 Best Parental App for Android

Parental App For Android

You need the best parental app for androids to keep a closer watch on what your growing children are doing online.

Your concern for them is very reasonable, as they are vulnerable to so many things at a young age.

In a world where technology is the theme of the day, your child will require a smartphone. This gives them access to the internet.

The internet is filled with a variety of information, some of which will affect your child positively. However, there is also inappropriate information that can affect them negatively.

In addition, the rampant use of social media tools exposes them to the risk of cyberbullying, sexting, or pornography.

There are many other inappropriate things for children on the internet that require the best parental app for their mobile devices.

If your child is using an android, a parental control app is needed if you want to how they use the web.

Below is a compilation of the best parental control app for androids.

Google family link is one of the best parental control apps for androids. It integrates into the android OS directly, a feature that no other control application has.

In addition, it possesses so many features, including the ability to see your children’s location, monitor their internet habits, and much more.


  • It manages children’s use of applications
  • Google family link approves or blocks app installation from google store
  • The app also monitors time spent using the internet
  • Parents can set screen time limits
  • The app can be used to set bedtime for devices
  • Google family link allows you to adjust daily limits for individual use of apps
  • You can also track your child’s location using the app
  • Addtionally, parents can remotely lock their child’s device
  • It allows parents to see all devices an account is logged into
  • The app also provides activity report weekly or monthly


  • Parents can’t control calls and text messages using the app
  • The app doesn’t have tracking features
  • It works with only newly created Google accounts

2. mSpy

mSpy is a comprehensive monitoring app designed for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ online activity easily. It is packed with features that make monitoring effortless and straightforward.

Once installed, mSpy allows you to monitor social media usage, calls, and location.

mSpy also allows you to make decisions on the best way to keep your child safe.


  • Installation of the application is quick
  • Parents can monitor their kids’ messages using the app
  • You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls
  • mSpy can be set to automatically stores information
  • It can be used to keep track of GPS location
  • Monitors travel routes
  • The program keeps track of several social  media platforms, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others
  • It works perfectly on android, iPads, and iPhones


  • mSpy only monitors one device at a time
  • You might not get reports as frequently as you’d like

3. FamiSafe

Famisafe is classified as one of the best parental control apps for android, with free features parents can explore. It offers almost all the features that parents want in a control application.

Simply put, it is a digital medium of parenting.


  • FamiSafe has a GPS location tracker
  • Sets limit on screen time for kids.
  • The app blocks and enables the use of specific websites
  • Filters YouTube content using keywords
  • Allows set-up of different plans for different occasions
  • Supports geofencing that will enable parents to keep track of children’s location
  • Detects photos that are inappropriately exposed to your kids
  • It is supported on devices like Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS


  • FamiSafe does not work with desktop

4. FamilyTime

FamilyTime boasts of being one of the best parental control apps for android because its vast features help parents stay connected to their wards.


  • It restricts applications
  • Parents can use the app to schedule internet usage
  • You can set drive limits for teenagers
  • FamilyTime provides location history
  • Parents can use the app to monitor call logs
  • Monitors text mesaages
  • The web history of your kids can be tracked using the app
  • You can block device usage on request
  • Allows children to send a Pick-me-up message


  • It does not filter web content
  • FamilyTime can’t be used on Windows


ESET parental control app allows you to manage your kids’ applications and websites, enabling you to decide what is best for them. Also, it offers tracking features that will allow you to monitor their whereabouts.


  • ESET is easy to set up and use
  • You can restrict application usage on your child’s phone
  • Tracks filter inappropriate web content
  • The app also features an SOS option that allows children to send emergency messages
  • It is compatible with Android devices


  • It doesn’t monitor calls and text messages

6. Safe Lagoon

This award-winning application strives to provide healthy internet experiences for kids and peace of mind for parents. Additionally, it offers digital protection that filters the content your child views.

Safe lagoon alerts you on any auspicious behavior by providing information about their online interactions.


  • You can block and allows the use of applications
  • The app lets you filter internet content
  • You can track your ward’s website visits
  • Parents can monitor social network usage using Safe lagoon
  • It controls phone calls and text messages
  • The application lets you track your child’s movement
  • Screen time can be monitored and managed
  • Safe lagoon reports all online activities


  • Safe lagoon doesn’t monitor Facebook usage
  • It monitors photos and videos with additional cost
  • It doesn’t access search history

7. Kidlogger

Kiddloger is a parental control application for android that allows you to keep a close watch on your child’s online activities.

The primary services of this app are to report device activities and provide monitoring solutions for parents.

The system provides a server that gathers, analyses, and secures the collected information.

Another beautiful feature of this app is its ability to record the sounds of your child’s surroundings.


  • Kidlogger views files stored on a child’s device
  • Sends screenshot of inappropriate keyword or phrase
  • Send reports directly to your email
  • Parents can view their kids Skype logs using the app
  • Records surrounding sounds and voices
  • Kidlogger monitors the use of other applications


  • You cannot accept or block application usage
  • The site is not user-friendly

8. Bark parental control

Bark is an affordable application that offers a better and effective method to protect your kid from harmful online predators.

The app was created for parents, and it provides solutions for protecting children from potential dangers.

It is handy for busy parents who, providing a platform where they can quickly look after their kids without stress.


  • With Bark, you can track your child’s emails and text messages
  • It can be used to filter web content
  • Bark keeps tabs on social media conversations
  • It can be used to set screen time limit
  • The app detects suspicious activity
  • Alerts for potential online dangers
  • It saves time and builds trust


  • Inability to track real time location
  • Cannot block dangerous applications
  • Inability to monitor app usage

9. Boomerang

Boomerang is a parental control app with different and practical options for monitoring and controlling mobile usage.

It is designed to protect kids who have smartphones by using different levels of control depending on age and maturity.


  • Boomerang filters web content
  • It monitors interaction on smartphones
  • Your child’s location can be tracked using the app
  • Parents can limit screen time on their kids’ device
  • Sets schedule for Individual applications
  • Reviews text messages
  • Notifies for inappropriate content
  • Affordable for parents
  • Compatible with Android devices


  • The set-up process could be overwhelming
  • It requires an annual subscription

10. Qustudio

Qustudio is a simple tool for monitoring children’s online activities on their devices. It is easy to set up and has a friendly interface that makes it an exciting choice for parents.


  • Parents can set limitations for screen time on their kids’ phone
  • It can be used to set restrictions on apps usage
  • Qustudio has a user-friendly interface


  • Limited to Facebook tracking only
  • There’s been concern about the app’s price

11. Net Nanny Parental Control

Net nanny is a program created for parents to keep a close watch on their kids. It possesses interesting features that enable parents to control their kids’ internet usage and alerts them of any online danger.


  • Filters internet contents
  • Blocks access to certain websites
  • Sets limits for internet use
  • Friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • It can be accessed from any computer


  • Lacks GPS location tracker
  • It is bit expensive

12. Webwatcher

Webwatcher features several means of monitoring your child’s browsing history, application usage, and social media accounts.

Easily installed, this application requires no rooting allowing you to log in to your account from any convenient device.


  • Easy to install
  • Monitors website history
  • Keep tabs on call log history
  • Alerts for risky behavior
  • Checks for risky photos
  • Grants access to deleted messages
  • Webwatcher alerts parents of online and offline dangers
  • Discretely monitors social media activities
  • Tracks location
  • It works perfectly on Android devices


  • A bit tricky to install
  • It does not work well with antivirus programs
  • The premium version is quite expensive


With all that has been listed above, you can see various parental control applications that can make parenting better and more convenient for you. Each one of them has unique features that are designed to give you the best parenting experience. You can choose one of the best parental control apps for Androids and make your job an easier one.

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