4 Best Marlin Lever Action Rifles

Best Marlin Lever Action Rifles
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Currently being produced by Ruger and previously owned by Remington, Marlin rifles have been through a few serious changes overtime.

The first firearms gained notoriety straight away with their impressive reliability.

Remington hasn’t done much on them in terms of improvement but continued the production.

These days, Ruger has brought in a few modern touches that brought their popularity back.

But going through so many changes, some lever action rifles are obviously better than others.

What are the best Marlin lever action rifles out there, and what makes them so special?

Ruger Marlin 1895 SBL is among the best Marlin lever action rifles

Ruger Marlin 1895 SBL has a self-explanatory name. It’s part of a newer generation of Marlin rifles produced under Ruger’s supervision and innovative standards.

While the original design has its fair share of fans, the modern ones come with many extras that can outweigh the competition.

Besides that, Ruger Marlin 1895 SBL is also a favorite because the manufacturer has mixed the past and the future.

The functionality is what made Marlin famous, as well as its reliability. Nothing has changed there.

On the other hand, the design is where you’ll see many modern improvements.

Overall, the lever action rifle feels great in your hands and offers a smooth mechanism, but it’s also well put together and looks great.

Ruger has also paid attention to customers’ individual needs, meaning the gun is fairly simple to upgrade with all kinds of accessories.

The only downside is the fact that Ruger underestimated the growing popularity of a well-made Marlin. In other words, availability is limited.

The good news is Ruger has also ramped up the production line in order to meet the demand.

Marlin Model 336, a classic with a modern touch

This is by far one of the best Marlin lever action rifles ever made, and it’s easy to tell why.

It features a modern construction and excellent functionality, so it has become a primary choice for hunters all over the world.

It’s also available in classic calibers, a .35 Remington and a .30-30.

Some of the modern features brought into this rifle include the extractor, which is improved and more efficient these days.

Other than that, you’ll also appreciate the open ejection port, while the breech bolt is both useful and good-looking with that chrome-plated design.

Model 336 has kept everything simple and straightforward, and perhaps that’s why the rifle is so reliable.

You can disassemble it in less than a minute, clean everything in the smallest details and put it back together.

It will work like new. In fact, this should be a regular maintenance routine.

The barrel measures 20 inches, while the tube magazine has a full-length design.

The grip stock is based on walnut. Not only is it fun to mess about with, but it also boosts amazing accuracy.

The barrel is micro-grooved, while the rear sight is foldable and can be adjusted.

Bottom line, Model 336 is a reliable unit that will never fail you, whether you’re worried about the extract, fire, or chamber.

It makes no difference what ammo you use, it will always be a dependable unit in your collection.

Marlin Model 1894, a tribute to the past

Marlin Model 1894 is also among the best Marlin lever action rifles and a classic option, especially among hunters.

Of course, like other units initially introduced by Marlin, this one also has a few modern upgrades aimed to bring it back among front runners.

The unit uses the .44 Remington or .44 S&W Special caliber, but it can also be chambered for .45 Colt. It has a tubular magazine and a 10+1 round capacity.

The barrel measures 20 inches and has a beautiful bluish appearance, while the forend and stock are based on walnut.

Open sights won’t bring any significant upgrades. As for the receiver, it’s built to take a scope if you want to upgrade the rifle.

Given its build, Model 1894 is a solid choice for deer and brushy and crowded areas.

What makes it really special is the flat-topped receiver with a side ejection mechanism. This is a first for lever-action guns, which seems to work like a breeze.

Although it looks like a tribute to Marlin’s great times from the past, the modern approach makes Model 1894 a solid competitor for today’s firearms.

Marlin 39A, a rifle with a fascinating legacy

From many points of view, Marlin 39A is likely to become a solid collectible.

Unless Ruger starts making them, you’ll only be able to find used guns on the market.

Luckily, they’re incredibly solid, so they can beat some of their modern competition with no issues.

This is probably the most popular rimfire lever-action rifle on the market.

Ask 100 hunters what they think about it; most will agree it’s the best .22 LR ever made. It’s a firearm with a legacy, hence its collectible status.

Initially, this gun was known as Model 1891. It was the first lever-action rifle using the .22 LR caliber ever made.

Its accuracy was extraordinary, much better than what you can get from today’s modern lever-action rifles.

At the same time, Marlin 39A was continually produced for longer than any other firearm.

The production ceased when Remington took over, though.

The bottom line, Marlin has quickly established itself as one of the best firearm manufacturers in the world.

It kept its firearms simple and efficient, with great accuracy, solid builds, and excellent durability.

Browsing the best Marlin lever action rifles ever made will give you quite a few good options to choose from.

Running under Ruger’s umbrella, some Marlin firearms have been reintroduced with a series of innovative features, while others have been left to rot.

For a real fan, it makes no difference if a Marlin rifle is new or old. Good maintenance makes the gun as good as any other.

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