15 Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students

Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students

Medical school gives you a hell of a time. No matter how much you try, there is no shortcut. It is necessary for medicos to have the human anatomy on the tip of their fingers.

Not only that, you have to excel at prescribing medicine and giving appropriate suggestions too.

You must be aware that technology has become a savior in all fields of life. The same goes for medicinal students too.

Along with techy tools and programs to help with assignments, now you can practice and enhance your medical knowledge too.

How so? There are multiple iPhone Apps for Medical Students that precisely focus on practicing in the real-world setting.

Many efficient iPhone apps can be used as calculators and recommenders when you can’t decide what to do.

We have tried out best to make your medical school experience painless.

Therefore, we have curated a list of the 15 Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students. Stay tuned to learn more!

Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students

You can’t bet that your clinical journey to be an easy ride. But, you can always try to make your working experience stress-free and easy.

Therefore, we have added a bucket of the Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students in this article.

You can now boost productivity, save time, and learn more effectively!

1. MDCalc Medical Calculator

Do you get confused with the number of medical calculations you make? Do you squirm with making multiple and diverse medical decisions every single day? Then, MDCalc Medical Calculator can be your first stop to solve the problems.

It is a clinical decision support application that helps process algorithms, access risks, and calculate.

MDCalc is among the most upgraded apps among the Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students

The app employs the latest evidence and disparate procedures. The system is effortlessly informative about new trends and high-functional search engines and covers 35+ medical specialties. 

2. Prognosis

We always expect all medical doctors and nurses to have a keen eye, accurate analytical skills, and quick assessment.

However, there can be days when you can’t give 100%. Prognosis is specially built; for reinforcing your treatment plans and diagnosing skills. 

It is one of the Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students that also assist you in testing your skills.

You get actual clinical scenarios and patient data. Prognosis helps you judge your medicinal learnings. 

Hence, before you start examining patients, you can test your abilities.

The tool caters to you with the best solution answer and accesses your skills. The plus point is the compelling graphics and visuals of the application.

3. MedCalX

All medical and pharmacology geeks must know that math gets you even in a clinical career. Are you having a hard time with formulas? MedCalX can be your best mate.

You just can’t eliminate hundreds of formulas, score scales, and classifications. 

You get from the simplest to advanced medical solutions. You can hold many calculations based on pulmonology, cardiovascular, anesthesiology, pediatrics, renal, fluid, electrolytes, etc. 

The app is the most helpful app in the list of other Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students.

4. Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D 

Anatomy has been the bone in the neck of all medical students. It is a necessary task for all clinical students to master anatomy.

The human body is the most basic yet significant figure to learn. Hence, the application helps you get a structured and comprehensive human body.

The 3D muscle and bone help you instantly identify the problem in the body.

The animated view of this app is worth a few bucks. You get specialized built-in quizzes to help you master anatomy.

This is one of the best vivid apps which shows a detailed view of muscles, bones, and joints. You also get access to learning supplements and information about the human body.

5. Clinical Odyssey simulation app 

Have you been fed up with old tactics to revise your medicinal studies? Then, this app can be at the top among the Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students for you.

The app features updated and inspiring medical experiences and stories.

You get to learn and access exclusive medical histories. You also get to save yourself from harming the patients.

You can also improve and enhance your skills.  It is a top-notch revision app if you want to try something new.

6. Epocrates

Do you require a quick reference for your clinical practice? Then, you must quickly install this app in the list of other Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students.

You can soak comprehensive knowledge about drugs and related details.

Epocrates also provides an instant guide to ace your pharmacology subject. You can also easily create a treatment plan for your patient.

The app also has features to help you with nutrition and dietary-related recommendations such as BMI. The tool is efficient but may cost you many bucks.

7. Anki

Anki is one of the most popular among the listed Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students.

The app creates a flash card game to make the learning process fun for you; the app features spaced repetition to help.

Therefore, you can revise your weak subjects. Do try this app; it is a free tool.

8. Pepid Peds

Do you find it difficult to make clinical decisions? Then, Pepid Peds can be a handy tool among the listed Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students.

The app is ideal for nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and physicians in the ER.

This app can be your everlasting friend as you can get the advantage even after pursuing your medical career.

The app also caters you to an advanced symptom checker, diagnosis faster, and cumulative assessments. 

You also get suggestive possible pathological conditions. So, the advanced help may also cost you many dollars.

9. MindShift

Are you having a hard time dealing with stress and anxiety? The app features a cognitive behavioral therapy approach.

Medical students often get less time to organize their daily activities and keep track.

Hence, you can surely count on this app among the other Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students for better adaptability.

You get a personalized routine checker, quick relief tools, progress trackers, journals, and comfort zone challenges. 

10. Medscape 

If you’re a medical student, this app is a one-stop solution for all of you.

You can say that Medscape is a hub that caters to all your needs, such as medical news, clinical education, and medical references.

Sign up at Medscape gives you advanced access to medical updates, a personalized CME platform, and tracking activities.

11. Geeky Medics

Geeky Medics is another free medical education platform that provides you with improved knowledge and clinical resources.

You can skim through the variety of clinical skills and create your customized list of guides.

This is one of the top recommendations among the Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students.

You get video demonstrations to help you get built-in checklist mark schemes and timer features. 

12. Brainscape

The medicinal study absorbs a lot of your energy. Every subject requires utmost attention.

So, you need to take additional help from fun apps like Brainscape. It is among the most entertaining apps listed as Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students

You get various color-coded cards to efficiently study Dentistry Medical Courses & Subject Areas, Medical Exams, Medical Subspecialties, Medical Terminology, Misc Healthcare Topics, Nursing Courses, and many Subject Areas.

Must get this app as it speeds up your learning speed. You also get to revise complex and twisted concepts.

13. Anatomy Learning

Anatomy Learning is another app that helps medical students excel in their fields.

You can customize the body structure in the app by zooming and removing a few body parts. 

The app assists you in exploring the human body in real-time through internal and vivid views; the app also supports many languages for quizzes.

It’s a must-try among the listed Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students.

Physicians and anatomy experts have advised in building this app.

14. Airway Ex

The app helps you have an easy professional career; you can also intubate a virtual patient in Airway Ex through realistic OR settings. 

You get real-time lifelike airways that help you access your skills, speed, navigation, and damage. The Airway Ex helps you deal with realistic scenarios.

Your learnings are always relevant as the airway procedures and cases are physician-passed and medical expert-attested. 

15. Micromedex

Micromedex is one of the finest choices among other clinical apps. It is being powered in 80+ countries and practiced in 4500+ hospitals; the app is specific for all medicos.

The app contains a built-in database filled with 4500+ professional medicinal terms and treatments.

In addition to that, you can also access common and generic medicine’s generic trade names.

You get a user-friendly layout featuring a wide array of clinical information and drug details. 

So, you can be sure that this app will come in handy. The best part is that additional figures such as adverse effects, contraindications, and indications are also available; you need to get this app on your iOS asap!


Medical school can be very hectic when you reach the last years. You can get extra assistance from the medical application to help you level up your learnings and skills. 

We have covered all the Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students in today’s blog. You can have fun while making your time productive and efficient. 

You can always rely on medical tools to test your course and revise the notes while having fun. Go now and get your favorite app now!

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