9 Best iPhone Apps for HIIT Training

Best iPhone Apps For HIIT Training

Exercises, programs, and customizable routines abound in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout apps, providing a great start to this calorie-burning, effective training method.

The workouts vary between moments of intense activity and intervals of rest. The work-to-rest ratio varies and is based on the objectives of the training.

The best iPhone apps for HIIT training include exercises suitable for people of all fitness levels and contain clear video or audio instructions or explanations. 

It also has a timer or rep feature and gives users free content. Here are the best iPhone apps for HIIT training.

1. HIIT Down Dog

One of the recent applications from Yoga Buddhi Co., which is well renowned for its yoga and Barre apps, is HIIT Down Dog. You may tailor the focus of your workouts, your training objectives, and the duration of your sessions using this HIIT app. 

This app is a great option for a cardio workout since many activities use your body weight, allowing you to keep a faster heart rate for longer. Preset workouts are an option, or you may choose your exercise. 

You may pick from four levels of the upper body, lower body, and core workouts while creating your routine. You can also choose the duration and intervals. There are already-prepared workouts for leg day, cardio killer, and total body. 

Additionally, you get to choose the coach’s voice and the music to use as motivation. You can access the fundamental exercises in the free version, but if you want to access premium features, you must subscribe to the monthly subscription, which costs roughly $10 per month.

2. Freeletics App

The best cardio-based HIIT workouts can be found on Freeletics, one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training. There is a ton of stuff available on it, along with audio coaching and other great features. 

Furthermore, Freeletics is ideal for those who wish to improve their cardiovascular health and reduce weight. However also has a complete, all-body workout routine. This app is a great option if you want a challenging workout that may aid in achieving your fitness goals. 

However, you may use several no-cost HIIT circuits and bodyweight workouts, such as pull-ups, squats, and push-ups. It’s a great alternative for home workouts since it requires a chair and little other equipment. 

Additionally, it’s incredibly interactive, so you can monitor your progress as you go. It’s also important to note that Freeletics involves more than simply circuit training. It also incorporates other components like weights and plyometrics.

3. Nike Training Club

Even though most of the apps on this list may be downloaded and used for free, most of them need to be upgraded for a cost to access premium content. However, you can access all the workouts for free through the Nike Training Club app. 

Over 185 exercises are included in the app, some of which are guided by renowned trainers and athletes from Nike. You may attempt yoga courses, bodyweight-only workouts, boxing, mobility exercises, and more in addition to HIIT sessions. 

Workouts are for all fitness levels and low, medium, and high intensities. Once the app is downloaded, you may choose from multi-week (usually four to eight-week) programs taught by a Nike Master Trainer or create a workout that works with your schedule. 

Workouts for staying active at home, such as Done in Under 20 and Big Workouts for Small Spaces, are included in the multi-week HIIT plans. Your fitness goals influence the creation of personalized routines, which the app then modifies depending on your progress. 

Each workout comes with a video, regardless of whether you choose a pre-designed program or create your own. Additionally, you may alter the exercises according to the duration or reps. 

The in-app tools provide content on nutrition, well-being, and physical fitness, as well as advice on sleep, mindset, and recovery.

4. Sworkit Fitness App

One of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training is the Sworkit Fitness app. The Sworkit Fitness app is a great tool for exercising wherever you are. 

The exercises in this app are fantastic for high-intensity interval training since they can be performed with little equipment, even though it costs $4.99 and does not offer many workouts. 

The program also provides 15-minute exercises, ideal for doing before or after a hard day at work. The cost of admission is well spent on this fantastic exercise software. 

Among others, collections of workouts like the cycle series, flexibility challenge, 50+ fit, and sports conditioning stand out.

5. Seven: 7 Minute HIIT Workout

Finding the time to exercise may be difficult with obligations to work, family, and friends; this is where Seven comes in. The Seven: 7 Minute Workout mobile apps are designed for people who are always on the move and want to get in a workout when possible. 

The seven-minute workouts are intended to be as effective as possible in the shortest time possible. You may do a quick routine or combine several workouts for a longer session thanks to the app’s selection of over 200 exercises. 

A 10-second rest break follows a 30-second work session during a workout. Written prompts and 3D illustrations are used to teach exercises. 

The motivating tools that come with Seven can keep you going when you’re tempted to miss a workout and help you remain on track with daily goals and achievements. You may also connect with friends and compete with them. 

Additionally, you may select from 12 teachers and create routines that are suited to your interests. Many in-app purchases are available, including a 7 Club monthly or yearly membership. 

There is a core workout-only membership, a membership for fat-burning exercises, an upper-body membership, a lower-body membership, and a subscription for stretching exercises. Additionally, you’ll get assistance and direction from licensed personal trainers.

6. Workout Trainer App

There are a lot of available fitness apps. However, the Workout Trainer app is a comprehensive choice and one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training. You’ll be able to scroll through videos of workouts showing how they’re done using a simple and elegant interface. 

You can also filter workouts based on their duration or difficulty level. You may also reduce the number of workout options by using the simple search option. 

The only drawback is that not all workouts will be effective for taller people, so if you need some simple exercises that don’t need as much equipment as traditional gym routines, this app is the best option.

7. HIIT Workout Generator App

The HIIT workout generator app is one of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training. High-intensity interval training is the best option for anybody wishing to start a new workout routine. 

It combined the advantages of cardiovascular exercise with strength training activities and was created with the beginner exerciser in mind. 

However, this kind of activity is seen as simple. Since it burns more calories than a typical aerobic workout, like walking on a treadmill, this type of workout may be challenging to finish and calls for dedication from the person. 

Therefore, if you’re serious about your health and want a straightforward, step-by-step method to mix cardio and strength conditioning, you must adhere to basic directions.

8. Tabata HIIT Interval Timer App

One of the best iPhone apps for HIIT training and a high-intensity interval training technique is Tabata HIIT Interval Timer app. There are typically eight rounds, with each cycle lasting four minutes and 30 seconds of rest in between each minute at the highest possible intensity. 

On the other hand, the Tabata interval timer is an app with a specific design. That eliminates the need to time yourself or do any calculations for that kind of training. The app also has a separate Tabata counter and a fully working clock. 

You may do so if you want to complete one round or more than eight rounds. Also, anybody searching for hassle-free, intense exercises may find this app useful. It may also be used for other interval workouts, such as jogging or women’s fitness.

9. Keelo App

Keelo is an app best for Strength and Conditioning that provides convenient six-minute circuit exercises for busy people on the move. The number of calories you’ve burnt will be shown when the exercise is over, with the number of repetitions finished and your heart rate. 

Additionally, you may not be addicted to your phone nonstop. There are no-equipment, quick 5-minute exercises on this app as well. It features more than 180 strength-based exercises using dumbbells, resistance bands, or body weight. 

There is something for everyone since the exercises are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels depending on the difficulty. It may be used to create personalized and total-body routines that adhere to certain fitness plans’ guidelines. 

These workouts don’t need expensive equipment, like the majority of other best iPhone apps for HIIT training.

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