Best Christmas Toys for Babies 0-10 Months

christmas toys for babies

The holidays are almost here, and we have got you covered with a list of exciting Christmas holiday present ideas for babies and toddlers.

No matter where you are on the planet, one thing that never changes is the fact that the holidays are one of the best times for you to celebrating traditions (both old and new).

However, it is going to be your baby’s very first Christmas celebration; there is every reason for you to make it extra special for everyone.

This may be interpreted to mean shopping for clothing, ornaments, and even gifts. 

Talking about gifts, many mums have been talking about how difficult it is to think up the perfect gift for ababy or toddler, especially when all you seem to notice at the gift shop are presents for older kids.

Well, there is almost no reason to search any further as you will find the best gift ideas for kids between the ages of 0-10 months and older.

Are you set to shop? If yes, let’s get the ball rolling with these ones.

Best gifts for Newborns From 0 to 3 months

Holiday shopping for babies in this age range is always exciting, especially because you’re trying to do something special for someone who may not even realize it, but you just can’t help yourself.

These are age-appropriate presents for your boys and girls:

Organic Knit Rattle

Entirely crafted from organic cotton, this beautiful, knitted rattle is one of the easiest things for baby’s tiny fingers to cling to.

And since they can shake it as much as they want, it helps to encourage their motor skills and senses. One other thing you may find interesting is the super cute Weiner dog design. Oh, wait! This pup also has a lovely sweater on.

This one is a Yes please for me, and you just may give it a yes too.

  • Ages: From 0 to 6 months
  • Get  it: Meri Meri Sausage Dog Baby Rattle for $20,

Plush Security Blanket

If you have thought about getting your little fellow a stuffed animal for a holiday, then you just may find this a perfect one. The clutchable little lamby will be perfect for those long rides with your baby. And more interesting is the fact that it is so soft you may get addicted to touching it.

Who wouldn’t want one?

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Get it: Jellycat Bashful Lamb Baby Security Blanket for $20,

Developmental Play Mat

Do you get the feeling that your little one may be a gym rat when he grows up? Then this toy gym from Lovevery is one that is guaranteed for a good time. You just may be glad to know that this one was designed by child development experts to give babies the perfect engaging activities.

What else? It is eco-friendly.

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Get it: Lovevery The Play Gym, for $140,

Animated Stuffed Animal

We all love huggable plush toys, and this one here is much more than just a stuffed animal. This one plays peek-a-boo, flips its ears, and even sings songs to keep your little one excited.

I vote for this one as one of the best Christmas gifts presents for babies in 2020 and beyond.

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Get it: Baby GUND Flora the Bunny Animated Plush Stuffed Animal Toy, for $40,

Modern Wooden Grasper

So, when it comes to wooden toys for babies, this is one really superb toy that is appealing to the eyes. This is one multi-sensory clutching child-friendly toy with a minimalistic design, and it stands out.

One more thing for mums who like to keep things, this one is durable.

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Get it: Manhattan Toy Artful Skwish Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy, for $17,

Cute, Cuddly Doll

Once you get your baby one hand-made toy from cuddle+kind, you are certain that what you just gave him was made with love. This is simply because you unknowingly give back ten meals to hungry kids.

This good quality baby gift is made in two sizes, so you can choose to get a larger or smaller one.  

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Get it: cuddle + kind Zoe the Unicorn Stuffed Animal, starting from as low as $55,

Best Baby Christmas Gifts From 3 to 6 months

At 3 months, your little fellow is beginning to explore the beautiful world around them—so when you are selecting a baby Christmas gift, ensure that you select one that would encourage their curiosity.

Parents can delight their baby’s senses with exciting musical toys, cool teethers, tummy time accessories, and lots more.

Sensory Toy Set

So we are tired of regular food, and we think it’s a perfect time for taco night. This baby Christmas gift option is one of the coolest ones you can opt for if you are a foodie. With this taco night food set for babies, you get an avocado rattle, multi-sensory taco toys, and lemon and lime clackers.

This is just about the best gift for those babies who were quick to suck a thumb as soon as they were born.

  • Ages: For 3 months+
  • Get it: Fisher-Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set, for $7,

Rattle and Teether Combo

At this age, your baby is starting to learn about cause and effect, so you need to get the right toys to encourage them. This is a lightweight Christmas gift for babies, and it is really eye-catching and chew-safe.

Get it for your active kiddie this holiday

  • Ages: From 0 to 24 months
  • Get it: Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy, for $14,

Tummy Time Toy

Your baby may become so excited yo play with this cure floor mirror they they don’t recall its tummy time. Before you know it, those shoulders, neck, and upper arm muscles will become stronger.

Also, a reflective toy such as this one is healthy for visual development.

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Buy it: Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror, $13,

Hilarious Veggie Teether

You already know that teethers are a foolproof option when it comes to Christmas toys for babies. Every mum needs to get one when the time comes for those tiny white pearls to show up.

This teether is a hand-made one with a kale shape, and it doubles as a bath toy.

  • Ages:  from 3 to 10 months
  • Get it: Oli and Carol Kendall the Kale Teething Toy, for $18,

Colorful Activity Book

There are some bold contrasting colors in this interesting book-playhouse hybrid, and it will surely catch your baby’s eye even after you get them more Christmas gifts.

This is a gift that makes it fun to learn, and it comes with a baby-safe mirror, some ribbons for regular tactile play, a simple ladybug teether as well as doors and windows that can easily be opened and closed.

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Get it: Skip Hop Vibrant Village Peek & Play Activity Book, for $15,

Octopus Musical Toy

When it comes to kids and music, gifts like this is a no brainer. No matter how old your baby is, they can never get bored with music. This musical toy comes with fun colors, a great texture, and the best sound.

If you have older babies around, they just might find this one interesting as well!

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Get it: LAMAZE Octotunes Musical Octopus Stuffed Baby Toy, for $30,

Best Baby Christmas Gifts from 6 to 9 months

From the age of 6 to 9 months, your baby will be actively fine-tuning their motor skills as they grab everything and anything in sight.

Here we have put together the best toys for their age, and you just might find these baby gifts exciting.

Musical Wobbling Toy

So, we love penguins, and our little ones may just be excited to see one waddle, spin, and do other cool stuff. There is also this in-built bell that will jingle some pleasing sounds for your little one.

What more could a baby ask for?

  • Ages: From 6 months+
  • Get it: Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler, for $15,

Christmas-y Clutching Toy

The best baby Christmas gifts are those that can be very magical, and here is a chance to give your baby one of such toys. Here is a cute little wooden caterpillar that is designed to make a mild rattling sound, and is painted red and green in the spirit of the season.

And if your baby can’t help but chew on it, there is absolutely no reason to panic since its non-toxic.

  • Ages: From 6 months+
  • Get it: HABA Rattling Caterpillar Dangling Figure, for $18,

Hedgehog Accordion Toy

There’s so much about music on this list, and it is because there is almost no way to get the best present for your little one without coming across those that make pleasing sounds. This one is a nice woodland critter that can easily be pushed, pulled, and even make music.

Your baby’s hands will love this one.

  • Ages: from 6 months+
  • Get it: Skip Hop Baby Explore and More Hedgehog Accordion Toy, for $15,

Fun “Fishbowl”

Babies always want to hold a thing, and put them in places. This toy allows for pick up and drop kind of play, and kids will absolutely love it. Your baby will easily reach for the rattling starfish, crinkle crab, jingling fish, and squeaky oyster.

Parents will also find it easy to pack up the critters into the bowl when its time to keep them away.

  • Ages:  From 6 months+
  • Get it: LAMAZE My First Fishbowl Toy, $14,

Rolling and Stacking Toys

You will find your child playing with this deceptively simple toy, but they also get to learn how to match colors. Imagine your child splitting the three balls into six halves and matching the colors correctly or even stacking them.

  • Ages: 6 months+
  • Buy it: Mirari Juballees, $15,

Splashy Bath Toy

Do you want to get a baby Christmas gift that is perfect for shower time? Try this one that actually makes a splash. The splashy bath toy comes with 100% natural rubber, and the paint is also baby-friendly.

Nothing beats a chew-safe bath toy and one that is also easy to grab.

  • Ages: From 0 months+
  • Get it: Sophie la Girafe So Pure Bath Toy, for $20,

Best Baby Christmas Gifts from 9 to 12 months

This is the age to get presents that your baby can easily push and pull or chase around. Besides, this is when your little one will be running around with support, or even walking like a pro.

If you are set to make these months fun, then try the toys below this Christmas.

Baby Ball Pit

Is there any kid that does not love to play around with a ball pit? This is a turtle-shaped pit that is soft and easy to clean, so you have nothing to fear when your kiddie plays with it. 

  • Ages: From 9 to 24 months
  • Get it: Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit, for $80,

Elephant Ball Popper

You will agree that an elephant with the ability to shoot out balls is just right for a baby 9 months and older. Not only can you control where the ball goes, but you also get a chance to enjoy six different tunes.

Ages: From 9 months+
Get it: Playskool Chase n Go Ball Popper, for $33,

Pull-Back Vehicle Set

One toy that will surely encourage your baby’s motor skills is this one. A pullback vehicle such as this is just perfect for kids who are ready to grasp and pull things.

Besides, it will be fun to watch your little fellow run after this car as it zooms offs after every pull.

Ages:  From 9 months+
Get it: Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles, for $25 for a set of 4,

Durable Stacking Cups

We love these stacking cups are dishwasher-safe, made of recycled plastic, and they are perfect for regular playtime, the beach, bath time, and even good for teaching counting as your baby grows older.

  • Ages: From 6 months+
  • Get it: Green Toys Stacking Cups, for $11,

Rolling Helicopter Toy

This is an interesting toy for your little crawler, as they will be excited to press down on the propeller and watch the helicopter soar across the room.

Your kids can find this one quite educational and fun.

  • Ages: From 9 to 36 months
  • Get it: VTech Spin & Go Helicopter, For $13,

Bubble Sensory Toy

Last on this list is a cool sensory toy from the factory of Fat Brain Toys. Children’s little fingers are eager to explore, and this toy is one of the best to encourage such activity.

This you is one that is easy to understand and use by babies from 10 months.

  • Ages:  From 10 months+
  • Get it: Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Baby Toy and Gift, for $13,
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