22 Best Android Apps for Couples

Best Android Apps For Couples
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With these great Android Apps for couples, phones can help reduce the workload for couples who have a lot on their plates.

Everything in our highly digitalized world has been transformed into an app. Giving your significant other your all might be challenging if your life is busy.

But don’t worry, there are apps available to save the day! Here is a list of the top android apps for couples currently in style and that couples from around the world are using and praising.

Table of Contents

  1. Between
  2. Datenight
  3. Tokii
  4. Loving
  5. My Darling
  6. Twyxt
  7. Couplete
  8. Kindu
  9. Love Nudge
  10. Merge
  11. Coupleness
  12. LokLok
  13. Wunderlist
  14. Avocado
  15. Couple
  16. Pathshare
  17. Touchnote
  18. Happy Couple
  19. Lovesday
  20. Rave
  21. 1800Flowers
  22. Winnie


The 2011-born app Between has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.8-star rating on the iTunes App Store.

This is the best app for couples because it offers a special privilege that enables users to communicate with their partners more secretively and romantically. This app provides the option to save priceless memories just between them.

The app easily stores your notes, videos, and photos. Also, it Utilizes the built-in calendar to save schedules and important dates and look up your partner’s schedule.

Furthermore, this app provides free emoticons and GIFs of yourself for more passionate messaging with your partner.


If someone has been dating someone for a while, it may be challenging to think of a fresh idea for a date night. No matter where they are, people can use this app to find the perfect date night idea.

The app offers a variety of categories so users can find inspiration based on the time of day, the occasion, and their budget.

In this app, users can create their curated lists and view lists created by other users. However, users can filter ideas by category to find the best and most suitable ideas for their special night.

If none of the users can find what they are looking for, they can all submit their ideas. Also, users can read through other people’s ideas that have been posted. Also, the admins reserve the right to remove any idea that receives negative feedback. This is one of the best android apps for couples.


Tokii facilitates communication at every stage of the relationship and assists you in keeping in touch with your significant other personally.

Also, with features like the mood meter, games, and interactive play, it’s free, private, and can even be entertaining. Of course, you can also exchange messages. As previously mentioned, Tokii is free and can download from the Play Store.


A social app for couples is called Loving. Keep in touch with that special someone in your life by sending them free, privately delivered messages, voicemails, and pictures.

Other features include a private chat room where all your conversations are recorded and saved just for you two and a personal photo album with encryption.

Also, the send distance feature, which lets you let people know where you are, and the alarm feature, which allows you to wake your significant other anywhere, anytime, with just one tap, are a couple of the other cool and distinctive features.

My Darling

Another social app for couples is My Darling. Register your significant other, keep track of private information like birthdays and anniversaries (though you shouldn’t rely on the app to remember those two things), and access the information quickly with the help of the widget on your home screen.

In the love journal, keep track of private information about the two of you. In the love calendar, enter and confirm significant dates.


A private and secure messaging app for couples is called Twyxt. You can improve communication by having your own exclusive and private app to stay in touch.

Keep track of everything significant to you and your partner by creating shared lists for things like movie dates, grocery lists, outing dates, and anything else you want to share.

Furthermore, the quirky KISS feature, which alerts you when your significant other is sharing the exact moment in the app with you by lighting up the Twyxt icon, is one of the coolest features.

When this occurs, even if you are not together, you two can touch and hold on to the icon to share a kiss. Transmit messages and images, and capture moments for later reflection.


Couplete provides a unique setting for you and your special someone to share intimate moments. It offers quick, secure, private messaging for just the two of you.

Send and receive messages, photos, and emoticons to convey your mood. To keep up with everything you want to do with your partner, use the Wishlist feature to share real-time syncing to-do lists.

The Story feature allows you to save all the best moments and send love letters with stickers. This is one of the best android apps for couples.


The Kindu app, mentioned in Mashable, Parenting.com, Yahoo News, and NBC News, aims to improve human connections through technology.

Also, you might be surprised to learn that the Kindu app was created by a group of doctors interested in learning more about human relationships and how important intimacy is to all relationships. 

Moreover, this app provides a variety of activities, romantic date ideas, and couple messaging options for exploring intimate desires. They have a matching system that allows for safe and private communication.

One thing is certain: using the Kindu app will deepen your intimacy with your partner and enable you to see their naughtier side inside and outside the bedroom.

Love Nudge

One of the best apps for couples holds the view that maintaining a healthy and fit relationship is equally important to maintaining a healthy and fit body.

They developed this app specifically to assist people in forming healthier habits and improving their interpersonal relationships.

The 5 Love Languages are put into practice by the app to help users figure out what and how to satisfy their partners.

This app allows you to be intentional and connect with a partner by living up to their expectations in the best way possible. Learn your partner’s love languages to gain insight into what both of you expect from each other.


Merge is a straightforward app that aids users in managing their daily obligations. Users can categorize their tasks much more quickly and create lists of them.

Users can reassign, edit, set reminders, make recurring tasks, prioritize tasks based on urgency, and set due dates for each task. This is one of the best android apps for couples.

This app assigns tasks to your partner after creating them. Also, clarify tasks with remarks or edit them if necessary.

The app is also helpful in avoiding forgetting important tasks or chores and setting reminders. Furthermore, to easily check in and update your partner on your day, use Merge status updates. This is one of the best android apps for couples.


One of the top dating apps for couples is Couplness. Because if you spend 3 minutes a day using this application, you will learn what your partner likes and dislikes and gain insight into how to improve communication with them. Also, the app’s tracker asks you about your emotions and romantic interests.

You can quickly respond to the questions using the standard emojis provided by the app. Relationship Boosters, a professionally developed feature of this app, helps users spend less time staring at screens and more time cuddling.

This app’s tips and articles will also help you and your partner grow closer. Additionally, you will have the chance to answer several questions to learn more about your partner’s emotions.


You and your significant other can communicate in a fun way by using LokLok. Send your message to them using LokLok to ensure that it is the first thing they see.

When they receive it, they will be able to see it as soon as their screen awakens. Simply leaving brief notes is only one aspect; you can leave brief sketches and drawings.

It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with your partner by sending brief notes and generally letting them know how you feel.


Wunderlist is excellent for exchanging ideas, to-do lists, grocery lists, and other important information with your partner. Also, real-time sync instantly updates your lists no matter where you are, and sharing them is even easier.

Once your to-do list is set up, you can leave comments on it to interact with the people you have shared it with. Also, the ability to set reminders for your lists ensures that you never miss a crucial deadline.


Avocado is a private messaging service for couples. Private messages, photos, and moments can be sent and shared.

The only people who have access to your notes, photos, and doodles are you and your partner. Get alerted when your date’s battery is running low, and record and save your dating experiences so you can recall them later.

Avocado lets you send hugs, kisses, calendars, and lists. You can also access all the images, messages, lists, dates, and moments online. You know, just in case the battery dies. This is one of the best android apps for couples.


One of the best apps for sharing all the best moments with your partner is called Couple. Use a secure interface to send confidential messages and photos.

Also, keep a personal timeline so you and your partner can create a shared history and remember all the best moments.

If you two aren’t already together, broadcast your location in real-time so they can meet at any time.  Furthermore, you can play games or draw while simultaneously sketching in real-time.

Also, there’s even a cool feature called the Thumb Kiss that enables you and your partner to simultaneously touch the same area of the screen to cause the screen to vibrate and create the illusion of being together even when you’re apart. Also, you can use Couple’s features and chat through a web application from your computer.


Users can share their current location with their partners using this location-sharing app. Even if the other person does not reside in the same city, you can use it to ensure their safety.

The fact that only the user can decide with whom and for how long to share their location is its best feature. This is one of the best android apps for couples.

Furthermore, they can choose to share their location for a set period, after which Pathshare will stop sharing their location on its own.

When someone is out late at night or in a potentially hazardous situation, use this app to update partners on their whereabouts.


With the award-winning TouchNote app, users can send unique and personalized cards from their phones. In addition, TouchNote enables you to send custom postcards, greeting cards, photo boxes, photo frames, and canvases straight from your app.

Happy Couple

It is a gaming app that aids individuals in getting to know their partners better and fostering stronger relationships. People can quickly learn everything about their partners by simply responding to 5 brief questions daily.

This is crucial if there is no daily time available for communication due to partners’ different time zones. This is one of the best android apps for couples.


The adage “distance makes the heart fonder” is true. However, there are times when you need to give yourself small reminders to ensure that the heart does not forget or worry because of the distance.

It makes sense in long-distance relationships to have a widget on their phones to help remind them about it because we use our phones daily.

One of the best apps for long-distance relationships is Lovedays, which keeps track of the number of days the couple has been together and can be used to remember milestones like anniversaries.


Couples who live apart can now relax and watch Netflix. Due to its feature that enables users to stream videos with anyone they choose, Rave is one of the best couple apps in an LDR.

Users can converse while watching their favorite shows or movies together by chatting underneath the streaming video. Also, since it enables them to watch shows together and discuss them in real-time, this is one of the best chatting apps for couples.

Couples who live apart can now relax and watch Netflix. Due to its feature that enables users to stream videos with anyone they choose, Rave is one of the best couple apps in an LDR.

Users can converse while watching their favorite shows or movies together by chatting underneath the streaming video. Since it enables them to watch shows together and discuss them in real-time, this is one of the best android apps for couples.


Are you going to deliver flowers to your partner as a surprise? By sending gifts and flowers to your loved ones, 1800Flowers will assist you in accomplishing that.

The business sends flowers and gifts to every state in the union and 195 other nations. You must choose the best flowers for your partner, and 1800Flower will take care of the rest. From your email, you can quickly check the delivery status.


When a married couple has children, they both need family-friendly activities to enjoy together. Finding activities could be challenging given the hectic lives we currently lead.

Winnie is an app for married couples that can assist them in finding local kid-friendly activities and parenting advice.

Couples can use this app to find daycare facilities and babysitters so they can spend some quality time alone together.

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