Benefits of Spending Time With Your Kids

Spending Time With Your Kids

What are the benefits of spending quality time with your kids? Some parents don’t know the right answer to this and would only incorporate what they feel is essential.

Parenting is one of the toughest journeys ever, and we owe a lot to our kids because they are our responsibility.

The traditional mode of parenting centers on the provision of physical needs like shelter, food, clothes, and water.

The conventional home settings have the father bearing the responsibility of providing for the family while the mother takes care of the affairs in the home.

Things are different now as more people are looking for alternative ways of raising their kids.

The modern family settings have both parents working to provide for the family, and the couple has to juggle their home with their career and social life.

Undoubtedly, this can be quite stressful to maintain, especially if the goal is to spend more time with the children.

Although, some people believe families should go back to their previous traditional settings while others feel that things should be how they are now.

Yet, the truth is that modern family settings are not responsible for producing undisciplined children in society, but it all depends on the parents’ mentality.

People who practice both the traditional and modern modes of parenting usually don’t see the importance of providing what their kids need psychologically.

This involves spending quality time with them.

Spending quality time with your kids

Quality time is a time (most times, it is scheduled) where you give or get undivided attention. In spending quality time with your kids, you don’t need a long period to express it.

You can have quality time with your kids over dinner when you are back from work and have them talk about their day while you discuss yours with them too.

Be the one to tuck them in bed, tell them a bedtime story, or stories about you, your childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Make breakfast for them and allow little chattering on the table.

Drive them to school while you encourage them on their social and mental endeavors. Let them crack you up, being uptight is meant for your place of work and not with your kids.

If you are a very busy working parent, you can have your family quality time scheduled on the weekend or at least once every week. Get a leave at the office, then come home to rest and spend time with your kids.

If you can afford it, take your family for a vacation, have unforgettable fun with them.

When you away on business trips, try as much as you can to squeeze out time to call, text or video call them. Make sure to keep calling the caregiver whom you left your kids in their care. All this counts as your presence in their lives.

The benefits of quality time

Spending Time With Your Kids

The following are possible benefits of spending quality time with your kids:

It helps to create bond with your kids

Spending quality time with your kids allows you to create stronger bond with your kids. The benefits of creating this bond with your kids could include the following:

  • You get to become your kids’ best friend
  • You get to have a friend in your kid
  • Your kids can get experienced counsel from you and not from an outsider who might give them false information about a particular matter.
  • Whenever they get into trouble, they would think, “I have got to tell my parents’’ and not “My parents cannot find out.’’
  • They seek your advice first and foremost, that is how important you would be in their lives.
  • They will trust and love you
  • They will respect and talk about you all the time
  • They will enjoy spending time with you
  • You get to guide them to prevent them from getting mislead outside the home
  • They are less likely to be sexually assaulted repeatedly because they would let you know when someone tries to take advantage of them or when someone has sexually assaulted them
  • You get to relax and have fun with your kids. Therefore, it is suitable for your physical, mental, and emotional health
  • By bonding with your kids, you will help them overcome frustrations, anxieties and trauma later in life

Less Behavioral Problems

According to studies, kids that spend quality time with their parents have less emotional issues. Thus, they are not likely to exhibit distasteful behavior, especially when they are being loved and appropriately respected by their parents.

They are less likely to get into trouble in school and other social places. They are less likely to be timid and withdrawn because they would feel that there is no need to fear the school bully or any other person in school.

When they are grown, they are more inclined to make better life choices, refrain from risky lifestyles and behaviors, including substance abuse, self-harm, suicidal attempts, gang violence, and more.

Mental and Emotional Health

The mental and emotional health of children that are well-loved and care for is in better shape than those that are not shown the same degree of attention.

This is because kids need the presence of their parents in their lives, even at an older age, they still seek approval and emotional support from their parents. That is why some of them do things just to please their parents.

Your showering them with positive supports not only makes them happy but charges up their mental and emotional health. However, your absence and negative feedback from you can have a major effect on them. This can drain them mentally and emotionally.

Kids with optimum mental and emotional health contribute positively to society while some kids with low mental capacity and emotional intelligence have their social life affected, and this can cause them to contribute badly to society.

Therefore, you will be doing the whole world a favor by being there for your kids and loving them properly.

Physical Health

More than mental and emotional health, the physical health of both you and your kids are highly influenced as well. You can do that by simply playing with them.

A few ball throws, basket balling with your kid, playing football, home work-outs, and more would do to keep your children physically healthy.

Kids like this grow up strong and fit, and they are less likely to be obsessed. You can also keep them healthy by having them do their appointed chores. Have them involved in cooking healthy meals, and eating the family dinner together, get them away from unhealthy eating and snacking.


Kids that spend quality time with their parents are mostly disciplined. With their parents around, kids tend to buckle up and respect their presence, doing their chores on time, reading their books, practicing personal hygiene, or censoring their words and with time, this becomes a part of them.

When children grow up, they do what’s necessary without being told simply because they are disciplined. This makes them independent, in charge of themselves, and without anybody’s help, they can confidently take care of themselves.

That is why you have to be careful about how we behave in front of your kids because they are highly observant and are quick to learn what they see us do.

Your level of patience, the way you talk to people, how you value cleanliness, the way you handle certain situations, the way you carry yourself, and more can heavily influence your kids.

Boosts Creativity

Every child’s imagination is as active as a spark in an electric wire. When you spend quality time with your kids, you get to notice what they love doing, their hobby, and even their career choice before anybody else.

You can help to ignite that spark in your child by giving all the support that is necessary, and this can be done by the following:

  • Try and get involved by being interested in what they are doing or at least pretending you are interested
  • When you see their works, even if you do not like it at least pretend to love their works
  • Make meaningful contributions to help them improve
  • Do not make fun of them or fun of their works
  • Praise them and their works
  • Always look forward to their next works. This help boosts their self-esteem
  • Buy them the necessary equipment or tools that they need
  • Get them enrolled in classes to make them better
  • Always remind them that you are their biggest fan and that you fully support them


Spending quality time with your kids does not only benefit your kids alone. Parents are also a beneficiary of this vital exercise. You get to create a meaningful bond with their kids. You get to relax, have fun with your kids, boosting your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Your kids get to stand out amongst equals feeling more settled, more secure, bold, and confident with better ability to handle stress as well as being good at making better life choices.

In the case of having more than one child, if you do not show favoritism among your kids, you are likely to raise kids with less or no sibling rivalry.

Naturally, kids crave attention, love, and care, and you should give it to them. Remember, you are also doing the whole world a favor by doing so.


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