Toddlers in Daycare: the Benefits and Drawbacks of Early Schooling

Most parents find daycare centers as a necessity since most families today need, at least, two incomes to have a stable life. Such institutions are even more important for single parents who need to raise their children and work at the same time.

Other parents, on the other hand, find daycare centers as an investment and a much better venue for their kids to start learning.

While the motive for daycare may vary from parent to parent, it is evident that early schooling is necessary. It is worth mentioning that each experience that the toddlers have is a learning experience.

According to studies, early childhood education has several benefits to children; but not everything about it is good. As such, below are pros and cons of early schooling for toddlers.

Benefits of Early Schooling

1. Regular class schedule and educational activities

The educational activities that children engage in a daycare will give them a chance to learn new things, pay attention to others, and become imaginative. Even if they can’t comprehend what’s happening around them, toddlers get accustomed to the routine with time. The class schedule also prepares the kids for the future by being organized.

2. Opportunities for socialization

Socialization plays a significant role in every child’s life. If toddlers interact with people, other than the members of their family, they become more confident in making friends with other kids.

Daycare centers are conducive and safe for children to start gaining friends and learn how to tolerate each other. If kids are only limited within the four walls of the house, it may affect their social development. It may also hinder how they socialize with other persons as they grow up.

3. Advances in learning

Kids who attend early education have been found to be inquisitive and confident – something that will assist them to perform better when they attend regular schools. Furthermore, students who went to daycares are able to easily adjust themselves in a new school environment.

They are able to participate in activities as well. In a nutshell, sending your toddlers to a daycare center will act as a foundation for your child’s mental, physical, and emotional development.

4. Time to interact with adults

Parents and/or senior family members are usually the first teachers of toddlers. But if they are enrolled in a daycare, they will meet other adults who will provide them with positive guidance and insights about life. The kids get to learn from other authority figures and understand that there are other people who can be their mentors like their parents.

5. Preparation for kindergarten

Early childhood is an essential stage in a child’s life. It is a critical level as it influences the child’s brain development. The experiences in these first years determine the future behaviors of a child in school and life. Quality early schooling prepares your child for kindergarten, and perhaps, towards higher levels of formal education.

Drawbacks of Early Schooling

1. Costly

As the idea of early education gets embraced by many areas, competition is high. As a result, the fee for pre-schooling is high. According to CostFreak, the cost to send a toddler to a daycare is, at least, $200 per week. That’s $800 a month and $8,000 for a school year.

Some preschool programs have strict terms that may be unnecessary. It can be expensive paying for extra hours, especially for parents who work beyond the normal hours. Depending on where you live, it is important to set a budget for your child’s early education to avoid inconveniences.

2. Lack of staff members

It is hard for each child to have a single teacher attending to him. Therefore, the toddlers do not get the attention they would need if they were to be attended by one teacher or facilitator.

3. Uncontrollable atmosphere

It is typical for children to have an overflowing energy. This is the reason why some kids move or play even when the teacher is speaking in front of them. In some cases, they become so unbearable to the point where the class or scheduled activities are no longer followed. Daycare centers do need teachers who know how to deal kids and are patient enough to control their behavior.

4. Inconsistencies in the curriculum

Some preschool programs are not skillfully outlined. The child can learn what he or she shouldn’t know at a certain time. This is dangerous because a bad curriculum can ruin the learning process of a child. If possible, try to know what the school has prepared for your kid before enrolling him or her.

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