14 Bedroom Rug Ideas to Try Right Now

Bedroom Rug Ideas
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The ideal way to add coziness and warmth to peaceful areas in your home is with some of these bedroom rug ideas. Bedrooms with hard floors risk feeling chilly, but the right rug can instantly make the floor cozy and help muffle noises.

Bedroom rugs significantly up the coziness factor and offer the chance to add more color, pattern, and texture.

Given the variety of designs available, picking the right bedroom rug ideas is a fun part of any bedroom. Place small, deep pile rugs beside the bed to add warmth underfoot. Alternatively, a larger feature rug can completely transform the look and feel of a space.

Also, they can be a great place to start when designing a room because, depending on size and placement, you can use them to unify or zone a space instead of the bedroom carpet idea.

Without much ado, here are some of the best bedroom rug ideas for your bedroom.

Choose Length Ove Width

Many people opt for an area rug with even dimensions, but this rug is longer than it is wider. If you have hardwood flooring, it’s a great way to show off its beauty while giving the end of your bed frame a splash of color.

Additionally, it is perfect for chilly mornings. Without getting cold toes, you can walk the entire length of your room.

Use a Pattern Rug

The main bedroom can instantly gain color and personality by introducing a patterned rug, especially in spaces where wallpaper is inappropriate.

The floor is ideal for incorporating some patterns in this bedroom’s painted wall paneling. Also, this flatweave rug from Robert Stephenson perfectly complements the olive and ochre color scheme. It echoes the angular solid shapes of the paneling and four-poster bed with its bold geometric pattern.

A Simple White Rug Can Produce Calm

You can’t go wrong with traditional white bedroom ideas if you’re trying to make a place of peace where you can retreat after a busy day.

This white rug is placed underneath the bed and has a reasonably thick pile, providing plush softness when you wake up in the morning. It also contrasts beautifully with the dark bedspread.

Make the Rug Bigger With Stripes

Adding stripes can make your bedroom appear longer than it is if it seems to be a little small. This striped area rug complements the color scheme and lengthens the appearance of the space. The room also looks very contemporary as a result.

However, due to the rug’s ability to blend in with plain colored walls and small spaces, these types of rugs are popular in kids’ bedrooms and dorm rooms. This is one of the best bedroom rug ideas.

Fluffy and Comfy

I love this look so much because I like fluffy carpets. The large area rug complements the trim and comforter and adds some contrast to the modern bed frame and dark espresso-colored furniture without drawing attention away from the wooden floors. Another carpet that would look good in any other room in the house is this one.

Abstract Design

Luxury bedrooms frequently consist entirely of white. The designed green area rug adds a pop of color to this opulent abstract bedroom. The bedroom has a little flair, making it less bland and bright.

However, if you also missed it, the rug is protruding more toward the location where the room’s door would be, giving the space a longer appearance and showcasing more of the rug.

Use Natual Design to Create Calm

Although stone and wood floors are common for country bedroom ideas, they can leave rooms feeling chilly and echo-filled. Placing a lovely rug will instantly warm up the room, making it feel cozier and more welcoming.

This sizable rug in an oaty shade is ideal for creating a traditional country vibe and is made of natural materials to go with the rest of the decor.

Living Up a Modern Bedroom

Rugs not only soften and add decorative interest to a space but can also be very useful for dividing it into different zones. A sizable, dynamic geometric helps to create a distinct seating area away from the bed in this modern bedroom.

Modern bedroom ideas, which place a strong emphasis on solid architectural lines and sleek furniture, sometimes run the risk of feeling cold.

However, adding a vibrant patterned rug with tribal-inspired patterns adds a layer of decorative interest that can help liven the space, as this stylish scheme demonstrates. This is one of the best bedroom rug ideas.

Use Bold Floral Design

Are you looking to make a bedroom more dramatic and opulent? Bold floral room ideas always work well. Try a repeat pattern and combine it with a soft pastel shade, as shown, if you love the floral design but want something a little easier to live with.

Place Your Rugs in Accordance With the Upholstery

A bedroom can be effectively balanced and harmoniously decorated by selecting a rug with a pattern that balances the other patterns in the room. Take inspiration from the upholstery print when selecting bedroom rugs to go with your headboard ideas, but don’t copy it exactly. 

Black is Cool

I adore dark colors, so I appreciate these suggestions for bedroom area rugs. It looks stunning with this contemporary bed frame, dresser set, and dark fluffy rug.

Also, the bedding, rug, and wall colors all complement each other to create an exquisite appearance. You might discover this in a high-end apartment or even a brand-new house. This is one of the best bedroom rug ideas.

Grey on Grey is Cool

I frequently observe apartments with gray walls and gray furniture. A light grey thin area rug with a dark border to match the wall complements the dark walls in this particular bedroom. Additionally, it blends beautifully with the bed’s grey border and furnishings. Another rug that fits in any area of the bedroom is this one.


Many people adore minimalism, as evidenced by this bedroom. Here, white, blue, and brown are the dominant hues.

A very straightforward design that screams “modern” is created by the large brown area rug, which somehow manages to bring the blue wall and blue bedspread together. Even though the rug is extremely simple, it unifies the entire space.

Choose a Faux Sheepskin for Added Warmth

A faux sheepskin rug is an excellent choice if you want a warm, cozy place to put your feet on as you get out of bed. Small and portable, they instantly add coziness to hard floors, which is especially useful if you’re looking for small bedroom ideas. They are ideal for a calm, neutral scheme because they add softness and subtle texture.

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