44 Badass Girl Name: Check Out Our Complete List of Options!

Badass Girl Name

Suppose you’re expecting your first baby girl, congratulations. It’s probably safe to say that you’ve already covered the basics when naming her. 

However, if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered with a list of badass girl names (that aren’t too crazy).

Perfection can be hard to meet, but we think we may have finally done it with this list of names. Enjoy!


One of our favorite badass girl’s names is Addo. We found this quick hit when we needed it—short, simple, and rolls off your tongue easily. 

Moreso, there’s no gender connotation to it, and it can be used as a first or last name (if you want). The origin of Addo comes from the Old German language and means rich in goods. 


Even though it is pronounced Ad-OH-la, you can’t help but love it because it is tough to beat. Not only that but these letters are capitalized. 

So, it automatically makes me wonder if I have to capitalize them when referring to her. But I don’t think so of this part of the badass girl names. She would be an incredible athlete and especially an excellent snowboarder.  


It’s no coincidence that Athena is found in many tall, beautiful women. Athena is also a powerful symbol of female empowerment, the Greek goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. 

However, today it’s popular to give your daughter her warrior goddess as her namesake. Be sure to pair it with one of these edgy middle badass girl names. To get them started down their path towards wisdom and power.


Aurora is one of the Badass girl names meaning sunrise, but it’s also a kick-ass character from Sleeping Beauty. Imagine naming your daughter something beautiful, powerful, and meaningful all at once. 


Beatrix is one of the Germanic and Latin Badass girl names derived from Beatrix. The name means “she who makes people happy.” However, Beatrix Potter was an author and illustrator who went by her middle name.


The Bronx is an incredible first or middle name, especially if you want to honor your hometown. However, It’s part of the badass girl names that are bold and fun. And who doesn’t want to be named after New York City’s famous borough?


Blaze, as one of the Badass girl names, is an excellent choice for girls born in summer. The fun and beautiful meaning behind blaze will make your daughter’s life sparkle and shine even more. The deep connection to fire makes blaze one of my favorite choices. 

Furthermore, I hear passion, creativity, confidence, and bravery when I hear blaze. Fire reminds me of being fearless, which is something I want my children always to be.


The feminine form of English Brigham means shining one, white light. Buffy, as part of the Badass girl names, is more commonly used as an informal name. Meanwhile, in 2016, 293 babies were named Buffy in England and Wales – while only eight boys were named that year. 


In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Calypso is one of the Badass girls named by Odysseus’s crew members. In comparison, they were visiting his kingdom. However, he treated them with hospitality and hung their ship’s sails so that they’d be ready to sail at dawn. 


Why not named after one of Rome’s most potent emperors and one of history’s best men, Gaius Claudius Nero. These Badass girl names are strong masculine qualities that your little one can be proud to hold. 


This one of the badass girls’ names is known as the city that works. Chicago packs everything from world-class blues clubs to multiple TV and movie studios. As a result, it was an obvious choice for my first daughter. 

Although, she gets teased now and then (Chicago also happens to be one of Taylor Swift’s favorite places). Give them what they need to succeed by giving them a great name.


Everyone is familiar with popular classics like Isabella and Olivia when it comes to badass girl names. But what about Coraline? What about Coralie?. 

These are examples from a robust group of bold, unconventional female names that have been gaining popularity in recent years.

They’re unique, sure; they sound musical and lyrical. Moreover, most women named Coral are more likely to be confident and booming.


If you’re looking for something that has just a slight feminine edge, consider Crimson. It’s not as edgy as some other names on our list, but it gives off that tough-girl vibe. However, as far as history goes on the Badass girl names, several different origin stories are attached to Crimson. 


Many Badass girl names in history have become associated with badass women. Many female fictional characters, like Buffy Summers and Buffy Saint-Marie, have gone by their real first name: Barbara. Either way, it’s a superb choice for your future badass woman.


Delphine is an older form of Delfina and means of Phoenicia. Although this one of the Badass girl names was once more popular, it hasn’t been used very much since 1950. 

It can be spelled with ‘h’ instead of an ‘i’, but that doesn’t make it any more badass. If anything, it makes it slightly less sexy. 


This one of the Badass girl names sounds like a character from your favorite novel; that’s because it is. Desdemona is sure to be perfect if you love strong female leads and enjoy Shakespearean plays. Furthermore, it’s a variation on deceitful Demona; Desdemona will have everyone thinking twice about challenging her. 


Debbie is one of those great, versatile Badass girl names everyone loves. It’s become popular and falls outside Nameberry’s Top 1000 these days, but we think it’s hip and beautiful. 

However, consider trying something completely different like Della, Dolores, or even Deborah. All are fabulous choices.


This one of the Badass girls’ names means strong one. This French feminine name has seen its ups and downs in popularity. So, it has always been associated with strength, smarts, and independence.  


Echo is on our list as one of many excellent, female solid Badass girl names. Meaning sound or voice, Echo feels like a fresh alternative to more traditional girls’ names such as Rose or Grace. 

Moreso, an exciting nickname for someone with a fiery personality. Echo will stand out on your daughter’s résumé and in her first yearbook photo.


This is an excellent name if you’re trying to find something exciting and unique. It means lightning in Welsh, which makes it great if you have a ton of energy and like to do things quickly. Although it’s pronounced Fah-lawn, some people may say your kid’s name is Fallyn; either way, it’s fantastic.


Fantasia is a lyrical interpretation of Badass girl names meaning fantasy. Fantasies are that which does not exist in reality. 

So, it makes sense why we would give our baby names that have to do with making dreams come true. This is one of those names that will call her to live life fully and without fear. 


Stars are massive, bright sources of energy that are loved by many. Take that love and apply it to the badass girl names. 

However, there’s nothing better than giving your child something to aspire to, and the galaxy is just perfect. It has risen steadily in popularity, reaching 499 on Nameberry’s 2017 top names list.


This unisex choice has long been one of my favorite Badass girl names. It’s classic, strong, and sleek. 

So, If you like to keep things simple but still have something meaningful, consider giving your little girl a first name that is most commonly used as a last. 


Indigo is another name that was initially meant to be gender-neutral. Meanwhile, it has been used exclusively as a badass girl name. It’s thought to have been taken from Indi (as in India) and is now used as the first and last name. 


Ivy is an excellent choice for parents who want their daughter to stand out from an early age. Not many little girls run around with Ivy as their first name, making it unique but not too unusual. And remember—when someone dares criticize her, respond by saying that that’s what Ivy does.


Janes are named after guys. It was short for Jane, Jean, and Janet. Although, in recent years, it’s found its way as an independent name, along with Jay. The only problem is that there are no alternative spellings.


Hedy is one of the Badass girl names meaning joy in French. Although it might not be the first choice for an angry warrior princess, its soft etymology makes it an exciting alternative. 

Hedya is an Arabic female given the name (هدى), which means either happiness or guidance. For now, let’s go with joy. After all, she is your new baby daughter – what could be more joyful than that?


Of French origin, Harriette is one of those Badass girl names that has garnered much attention in recent years. A classic but still an undiscovered gem that’s bound to be famous very soon. 

Moreover, It’s perfect for girls who want to stand out and stay chic with an elegant twist. Hariette was once used more frequently in France than in any other country.


One of Jane Austen’s most famous characters, Jane Eyre, is a Badass girl name. Not only does she stand up to her cruel aunt and save herself. However, she also goes on to teach others to do so. 


The jade is part of the Badass girl’s name as an ancient symbol for wisdom and peace. If your little one is lucky enough to be born in September, Jade is a perfect fit. However, it comes from the Spanish word piedra (meaning stone).


This one of the badass girls’ names is pretty, fierce, and original all at once. JInx is a short and sweet name that rolls off your tongue. 

Its dainty femininity adds an extra edge to it, making it one of those pop names. Meaning: The opposite (jinx) of something terrible or lucky. A gemstone used in magic is often thought to bring good luck.


The name Jubilee is an English badass girl name. In English, the meaning of Jubilee is: Happy and prosperous. 

Furthermore, in the Christian tradition, a jubilee year was one when all debts were to be forgiven, and enslaved people were freed. The biblical Jubilee Year occurred every 50th year (seven times in Judaism, eight times in Christianity). 


Lyric is an English badass girl name. In English, it is both a boy’s and girl’s name. Meaning: Flowing poetic lines; the song is gender-neutral. 

Meanwhile, thought to be an ancient Celtic word… or maybe not… It’s just a cool-sounding word, right?. Lyric can be used as either gender – don’t worry about being masculine enough if you have a boy named Lyric. This one is worth considering for your little rockstar. 


Margaret has been in use as both a feminine given name and surname since at least medieval times. Today, it’s most commonly associated with Margaret Thatcher, who served as Prime Minister of Britain from 1979 to 1990. 

So, If you choose to go with Margaret as your daughter’s first name, then be sure she grows up hearing about how awesome her namesake was.


Maxima is one of the uncommon yet lovely badass girl names, meaning greatest or biggest. However, if you’re feeling more old-fashioned, try Maximiana or its variant Maximiana Grigore.


The Night is a decidedly not part of the badass girl names. However, It comes from two adorable place names, the Cities of Night and Day. 

Moreso, Day has been used more often as a boy’s name, which may account for Night being used on girls. It’s worth considering, though, if you want something different. 


A warrior princess in an epic tale. Nikita is a typical Russian pet form of Yekaterina or Ekaterina and means achieving.

Nikita means little cherry. And then there’s Nikki, short for Yekaterina or just Katya. Both are great as badass girl names who want to change things—or at least their world.


Oakley is an excellent variation on Oakley from oak’s meadow. We love Oakly because it keeps that woodsy vibe while giving your little one something sweet and simple. However, it must be pretty cool to have a name that people recognize immediately.


Pandora is one of the badass girls names meaning independent and insightful thinker. She’s confident and in touch with her feelings, which makes her a great listener. 

Although impulsive and honest, she quickly gets caught up in other people’s dramas. She does well at keeping issues from taking over her life because she likes to be in control of situations. 


When her dad told her that she would be named after him, she replied, ” I don’t think so. Ramsey is a rambunctious and energetic young lady. She loves to talk about her Day and will happily give new people endless facts about herself. 

Moreso, her sarcasm knows no bounds, yet she has some empathy. Ramsey is one of the badass girl names that are trustworthy, down-to-earth, and straightforward. If she says something will happen, then it usually does.


A Reign is a hot and authoritative one of the badass girl names. This is not one to pass over if you want your daughter to stand above her peers.


Rowdy is one of those Badass girl names with just enough sass. Rowdy has enough oomph to be considered influential with its rich history and Wild West roots. Moreso, if you want your daughter to grow up with a strong sense of independence and compassion for fellow humans.


Samara is one seriously cool girl name. This moniker is unique and stylish, but it also gives off an air of toughness. 

The best part about Samara is that, as far as tricky badass girl names go, it’s super easy to spell. So, your little one will never have trouble writing it down (or remembering how).


If your daughter is due soon or is celebrating her seventh birthday, try using Seven as her name. However, Seven ‘badass girl names’ have many meanings and history behind them, including one related to luck. Seven is also associated with planets in astrology, which means your daughter will always have good vibes surrounding her.

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