30 Badass Boy Names That Will Make Your Kid Stand Out

Badass Boy Names

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be difficult and require much thought and discussion with loved ones. But in the end, you want to give your kid a name that will make him stand out. 

However, there are countless cool, unique boy names out there. Also, if you’re looking to take it up a notch, you might want to consider any of these badass boy names.

Learn why each of these names was chosen and what makes them unique!


Rowan is a pretty good choice. A badass boy name. These badass boy names originate from England, where it was initially spelled as Rouen or Rufus. It comes from Old English, and its meaning is red-haired. 

In addition, there are more names you can choose in case your favorite boy name is unavailable: Rowen, Ronee, and Rawley. Rowen: Rowen can be an alternative of any word starting with a row- prefix, like the row (as in oar), reo, etcetera.


Try Apollo if you’re looking for badass boy names with an edge. This classic has been in circulation since ancient times but is also one of NASA’s most famous space shuttles. It’s no wonder why.

However, look at it: Apollo (pronounced uh-PAW-loh) is derived from Greek mythology, where it was a deity associated with medicine and healing — making it an excellent choice for someone who plans to be a doctor or scientist.

Also, with the nickname Paw, you can always choose to pronounce it that way if you’re sick of being asked how your kid wound up with such an unusual name.


Although it has a good and rather wise meaning, Arnold is not used that often as a badass boy name. This could make your kid stand out more with his name. 

Also, these Bruce is a badass boy name: Bruce means dark wood or dark friend in Gaelic. I have never met anybody called Bruce before, but I think it sounds fantastic and means for a boy.  

In addition, If you are looking for something different for your son, you might want to consider using this name. Caesar is a badass boy name. Have you ever heard about Julius Caesar? How about his children?


Aera is a boy name that means Wind, God of Storms. Itis a Hebrew baby name with a masculine, strong, and intimidating feel. This name may also be spelled Ahirah or Eerah.

Also, If you love names that go with A-names (for example, Aiden), you should consider naming your son Aera or Akhirah.

You can easily match him up with all kinds of nicknames, such as Aeryn or Ari/Arii/Aria, and he will not only stand out but also fit right in!


The name Barack is one of the badass boy names of African origin, meaning one who walks with grace. Barack Obama was voted in as President of the United States in 2008.

So if you want your child to be like him, then Barack might be an option. However, it is worth noting that since President Obama has been in office for eight years.

It could become a bit too familiar – unless you want your child to become president or are simply a huge fan. 

Also, regardless of its association with politics and America, though, there’s no denying that Barack has some impressive history behind it and thus makes a great first name. It also rolls off our tongues nicely.


Classic, tough and cool. James Bond comes from England originally and has taken on many forms throughout history.

A few of which are listed below: James (James, Jamie), Bond (Bondi, bondo), Aubin (boney), Bradley (bradleydoodle), and Blackwell (black Jesus). If you’re in search of badass boy names with both old-fashioned and new-age at once, then Bond is worth considering.


Corbin is a badass boy name you will be sure to stand out with. It was once considered a unique name but has been recently made famous by celebrity culture.

This rockin’ name saw a popularity rise in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since, ranking #91 for male baby names in 2017. 

Also, Corbin has an interesting meaning behind it, too. The origin of Corbin is derived from either French or Gaelic sources, although both purposes mean from the horn.

They have slightly different connotations in their respective languages. While Corbin means deer antler in French, it means from badger hound’s horn in Gaelic!


These badass boy names Damion is a boy’s name of English origin meaning World Ruler or Strong, Stout. The meaning of Damion is Warrior or the world’s mightiest warrior. Its popularity has been steady in recent years, along with its variant Damione.

However, in 2013 it ranked #636 for baby boys and #920 for baby girls. It was popularized as a masculine given name by boxer Mike Tyson’s late son, whose middle name was Damion.

After Tyson adopted his Muslim name, Mira met Billah, in 1995, and his first-born son changed his surname to Rahman. 

Also, last year (2014), Team USA soccer player Landon Donovan announced that he had named his newborn after Tyson: Landon Timothy Donovan.


These badass boys are names; Hugh is an excellent and unusual name. It’s fun, but it also has confident hard-edged masculinity. Hugh was popularized in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. 

Also, thanks to Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling, Hugh enjoys some newfound popularity. Parents looking for a name that will make their child stand out should consider Hugh as one of their many boy name options. Top it off with a nickname like Huck or Hugo, and you’re set!


Hendrix is a solid badass baby boy name. It is an Americanized spelling of Hendrick, which comes from German and means home ruler.

This badass boy names Hendrix first appeared on the U.S. top 1000 in 1969, making him a timeless character that’s still in vogue today. 

However, the late rock musician Jimi Hendrix did little to hurt its image. Despite not yet cracking 50 years old, it sounds classic and ages well — especially if you love Bob Dylan (Dylan), Steve Jobs (Jobs), Sean Connery (Connery), or Fergie (St. James).

This isn’t one of those badass boy names your little man will be called at school because two other boys were given it before him!


King is one of those badass boy names that pushes a kid’s authority level. It’s a name that promises your child will be capable of accomplishing big things later in life, either at home or work. He’ll have a name people respect, not just because it’s cute.

Also, It’s an excellent first name for parents who are going for something substantial without too much drama.

It’s still easy enough to shorten to King, even if your kid decides he doesn’t like his full name. All in all, King is an awesome badass boy name with loads of potential!


These badass boys, names Liam are currently growing in popularity. These badass boy names may be one of your favorites, and you may have even given them to your child.

However, there are times when you will have to say your son’s full name as you introduce him to people. And that’s when an embarrassing incident might occur because his name will sound like a girl’s name. 

Also, for instance, if you call out your son’s name by saying Liam, some people will mistake it for Lila or Leila.

Don’t get upset when you hear someone make such mistakes about your baby boy’s first and last names. Great names can suit your boy in all ways possible and remain calm, masculine, and creative.


Luke is one of the badass boy names with four syllables and positive, masculine meaning. It was born by one of Christianity’s most famous figures and appeared in epic movies like Star Wars and Lord of The Rings. It means light-bringer, which is a powerful meaning to give your child.

 Also, it goes great with so many middle names, including Maximus (Max), Deacon (Deke), Talon (Tally), Archer, Atlas, or Sterling.

While an uncommon choice these days, there is no shortage of awesome nicknames either. Luke will always be Luka to his parents! Indeed an exceptional badass name for your boy!


This is a good choice if you’re looking for badass boy names with something fierce and masculine. As we mentioned earlier, Maddox comes from one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays. It means the son of Madoc, a Welsh prince in King Arthur’s time. 

Also, made famous by actor Maddox Jolie-Pitt, it could be shortened to Maddy or Maxx. Appropriate nicknames include Mads and Mack; Madalyn or Madison are lovely choices for girls.

We like Maddox because it’s a classic that isn’t used much anymore but still holds weight with parents and kids alike!


If you want to get all rock ‘n’ roll, Mick is a killer badass boy name. But don’t use it as your first name; use it as a middle name instead, as John Michael Mick Jagger, for example. 

Also, it’s been used by plenty of other people over the years, including, but not limited to: boxer Mickey Walker; musician Mickey Hart.

Motorcycle racer Mickey Cohen; and a notable serial killer, wait for it. Charles Manson. That last one might have been an ill-advised choice on your part (sorry). However, Mick can also be a unisex name for either sex.


Nelson is an English occupational surname for a peasant farmer. These badass boy names refer to one who lived near a grove of Nelson trees—the sturdily built type of tree known as a nelsonia.

In addition, Nelson is also an Irish surname from one who lived in Ireland, meaning the son of Neill. And Nelson is also Sesotho, given by God. If you want your kid to stand out, why not give them a badass boy name that nobody else has?


It may not be for everyone, but when you start exploring all your options for naming your son. You may find that it’s precisely what you’re looking for.

Sure, it’s a trendy name right now (this is partly due to Keanu Reeves, who plays Neo in The Matrix). But that doesn’t mean it will lose its popularity any time soon. 

Although parents choose unique baby names more often these days than they used to, many people still like traditional badass boy names such as William and James.

But if you want to give your son a name that is both old-fashioned and also slightly unusual, try Neo. It could be just what makes him stand out in his kindergarten class!


Orion is one of the badass boy names for giant hunters in Greek mythology. In modern times, Orion is not as familiar a name but still exists on name charts and has more meaning than many more familiar names. 

Also, this makes it an excellent choice for parents looking for nontraditional boy names with characters to spare. Use another of his titles, Bearer of Light, as inspiration for other words you might like!


One of George Orwell’s most famous novels is Animal Farm. The name Orwell on its own is somewhat familiar, but adding a nickname to it can make it more memorable.

You can call your son Animal his nickname, and he’ll easily stand out at school because everyone else will be called John or James. 

However, this is a good tip for parents with common first names already picked out. But need something a little different to ensure their kid isn’t just another face in a crowd.

Some people will complain that you’re letting your kids run wild and not giving them a familiar name. Others will praise you for being creative and embracing nontraditional methods when choosing monikers.


These badass boy names; Snow is a great boy name. It’s got a lot of personality with its letter O and makes for an interesting first name. The popularity of this boy name has decreased since 1900, but we predict it will make a comeback any day.

However, If you’re looking for something unique, Snow could be just what you need. But then again. Snow could also be used as a girl’s name if you are in love with that cute snowflake emoji 😊. Here are some variants of Snow: Snøw; Snöw; Schneider.


A solid nickname for your son. Cash is a great masculine alternative to other overly popular names like Jack or Ethan.

Also, nicknames you can use for Cash include Cas, Cass, and Kash. These badass boy names are also great if you are on a budget; it only requires one initial—so once your kid makes something of himself, he can give some cash to his parents.


You can’t get more badass boy names than from Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister, who has been called one of television’s most notable characters. The name Tyrion is derived from an old Norse term meaning King. 

However, if you want to make your son stand out with a mighty name, one of the badass boy names, I don’t want to go for something that feels cheesy.

Tyrion fits well in just about any setting. It’s also unusual without confusion; everyone will know how to pronounce it. But few people will choose it for their child—making it different without feeling too edgy.


Darth Vader was one of fiction’s greatest badasses. He was a man consumed by his dark side, so much so that he made Rule #1: There are no actual rules on his home planet. 

However, if you want to name your son after Darth Vader and make him sound almost as incredible, consider one of these picks: Dashiell, Damien, Dante, or Xander.

If you want your boy to be tough and strong like Vader—but also love literature—then Bartholomew is a great alternative.


In 2014, Van was ranked Number 174 on Nameberry’s top baby badass boy names. (In 2013, it ranked 164.) Jay-Z’s revelation may have sparked this surge that he named his son Blue after artist Miles Davis. 

Also, Jay-Z is hardly alone as a fan of Van, which also happens to be a decent moniker for anyone who loves pop culture and has an eye for cool cars.

It’s no coincidence that Vin Diesel chose Van for his character Dominic Toretto in The Fast and The Furious. Nor is it a surprise that famous former Vans include John Vanbrugh (1664–1726), an architect; British writer Henry Morton Stanley (1841–1904); U.S. Vice President John C.


What’s in a name? Well, maybe not much when it comes to getting your child into an elite private school. But if you want your kid to be seen as unique and stand out from his peers, selecting an unusual name could help.

However, with thousands of baby names on offer, deciding which one will have people calling your son badass is tough. 


Dax is a word meaning permission, opportunity, or allowance. So it certainly sounds like badass boy names that give your child permission to break from convention.

Huxley is one of the badass boy names: Huxley means fox-like, cunning, and sly, which is undoubtedly badass!

Also, Ozzie is one of the badass boy names: Ozzie may sound like an odd choice for a boy name—and it was in its heyday. But with The Osbournes and music star Ozzy Osbourne out there making it cool again, now could be your chance to claim it.


This Irish surname turned name can be traced to two possible origins. The first is a variation of Flynn, which comes from Fionn, a Gaelic word meaning fair-haired.

These robust and badass boy names would be ideally suited for a bold kid who wants to stand out in a crowd.  

Although, if you’re looking for something more traditional, it’s also worth noting that author Ernest Hemingway used Flynn as one of his characters.

And if you’re worried about your little boy growing up and going off to fight dragons, fear not—Flynn means tiny. Also, Conlan is one of the badass boy names: Conlan may seem unusual at first glance, but hear us out.

It comes from Gaelic roots (conlang means wolf), and it’s also super trendy right now. We’ve seen Conlan on everything from babies and toys to clothing and accessories—and we expect even more namesakes will soon follow suit.


Robert Knox was a British anatomist in the 17th century who experimented on live human bodies. Knox was executed in 1659 for his crimes. Stonewall as one of the badass boy names: 

Also, the nickname for Stone is perfect for kids destined to become leaders. Montgomery as a badass boy name: General Bernard Montgomery led Britain’s 8th Army during World War II and is credited with victories at El Alamein and Salerno. 

Although, as one of Britain’s most decorated military leaders, he was called Monty by his troops and always answered to General. Troutman as one of the badass boy names: Troutman has been used on over 20,000 baby boys over the past 150 years.


Rook isn’t one of those traditional baby names, which is why we love it. A combination of Rook (the chess piece) and King, Rook is a unique choice for parents looking to get creative. 

Although, it doesn’t sound like anything else in your kid’s class, either, so they will be sure to stand out. If you need even more convincing, consider that Rook also happens to be an old-fashioned word for hero. Tell us that isn’t a badass boy’s name.


These badass boys’ names, Lachlan, have a Gaelic meaning lake land or meadow land. It became popular in Ireland and Scotland during different periods, but it wasn’t until pop culture references such as.

In the Little Mermaid, Americans began to recognize Lachlan as a badass boy (Triton, Sebastian, and King Triton from Disney’s film are all named Lachlan).

However, even then, Lachlan was rarely used for more than a decade. The name’s roots as one of history’s most fearsome Vikings might help explain why it didn’t become popular earlier. But if you’re up for raising your child to be an ambitious leader with big ideas, it might fit!


These badass boys are names; Ryker is a firm and smart-sounding name for a baby boy. Ryker is an English name meaning servant of Rika in Old English. 

However, it’s not often used as a given name, but that doesn’t make it any less bold or calm. The original meaning may cause your little one to feel like he has to live up to certain expectations. 

Although, if you’re set on Ryker, go ahead, but be aware that it comes with some baggage – especially if you want your son to stand out in life.


Whatever you decide to name your baby boy, it’s essential to think carefully about it before finalizing. Many factors should go into making such a monumental decision. 

In addition, his personality and how well he’ll fit in with your family and circle of friends. But most importantly, if you want him to stand out as an adult, start by giving him a unique first name. 

Also, this will allow him to make a name for himself without depending on his surname. Just don’t forget that everything you name your baby boy is part of his legacy; choose wisely!

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