What is a Baby Monitor?

Baby Monitor

Babies need frequent attention, and our digital world has made that easier. One of these amazing innovations is the baby monitor, but what is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is simply a system that allows you to monitor and know the condition of your baby even if you are not close to your baby. This modern baby monitor is also known as a baby cam.

Initially, baby monitors were made to record only sounds. This product consists of a microphone and a transmitter unit and is placed near the infant.

This will transmit sounds from the environment your baby is in straight to you. That way, you will know the condition of your baby at all times, as long as the monitor is on.

These days, this technology has evolved to the point that you will be getting both sound and video transmission.

That way, you get to monitor your baby visually instead of guessing. The device was also designed to give parents information about the temperature of the room their baby is in.

The fun part of this modern technology is that you do not need to carry some ancient-looking device to monitor your baby.

Your mobile smartphone can be your device to look after your baby when you are not close by.

The essential purpose of using a baby monitor is to allow you to know when your baby is awake when you are not within hearing coverage. 

Things to know about baby monitors

Baby cam

Baby cam is a type of surveillance camera that allows you to monitor your baby visually. You can get it connected to a portable LCD screen or television.

Some of these baby cams can work even in a room with low light. This is because it has been worked on to better your experience with it. 

These days, most baby cams have infrared LEDs attached to the front. This gives it its night vision properties, allowing you to see your baby even in the dark. This feature can be made automatic so that it switches to night mode automatically once it is dark.

Some baby cams are advanced that it can use Wi-Fi, allowing parents to watch over their babies using their mobile smartphones or computer. 

Movement monitors

Baby movement monitor has “sensor pads.” These sensor pads allow you to sense and monitor the movement of your baby. This is kept under the crib mattress, and if the movement it is meant to detect steps for more than twenty seconds, you will hear its alarm.

Wired and wireless

Generally, baby monitors are of wireless systems but can still use wires too. A baby monitor can also function using the already existing wiring in a home.

They work with radio frequencies that can be disrupted by the presence of other wireless devices such as mobile phones, cordless telephones, smartphones, wireless toys, computer wireless networks, and microwave ovens that are closeby.

Nevertheless, some digital audio wireless systems are resistant to this signal disruption. At the same time, the analogue audio transmissions can be picked up at a distance from the home by a scanner receiver or other baby monitor receivers.

Therefore, there are privacy risks as long as the device is switched on. However, the digital transmission provides some level of privacy protection. Many wireless baby monitors support multiple cameras on a single portable monitor-receiver.

Such systems are compatible with a standard wireless security camera. FM transmitters have features that allow it to be paired with a microphone which gives you your Do-It-Yourself baby monitor. Clock radios can be improved as well.

Smartphone as baby monitors

Some baby monitors are so advanced that it can connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can get linked to the camera-equipped baby monitor in your baby’s room. That way, you get to monitor your baby through your smartphone.

Other features

Baby monitors come with portable receivers which can be carried by the parents or caregiver when they are not with the baby.

The transmitter is placed close to the crib while the receiver remains with parents. This transmitter is usually plugged into a socket, and they make repeating sounds.

The receivers vibrate to alert parents when their baby is away or restless. The vibration is an excellent alert to persons with hearing difficulties in particular. Some systems come with several transmitters.

This makes them able to monitor many rooms in the house simultaneously. In comparison, some transmitter has movement sensors that can be kept under the mattress of the baby to alert you if there is any sign of restless activity.

Advantages and disadvantages of baby monitors

Owning a baby monitor comes with a handful of benefits as well as downsides.

Advantages of baby monitor

Baby monitors offer you better privacy

If you are the type of person that regularly needs to be on your own for some minutes or hours, then you should get a baby monitor. With a baby monitor, you can have your separate room away from your baby’s room.

You will get to enjoy your privacy while you monitor your baby even when you’re not near. Your baby also gets to learn to interact with the surrounding and enjoy their lone time. They also get to learn how to sleep alone, and this will make them not to fear sleeping or being alone. 

Baby monitors help you learn about your baby’s sleeping pattern

You may be too busy, tired or asleep to observe and note your baby’s sleeping pattern. With a baby monitor, you can keep track of how your baby sleeps.

You get to know when they are deep asleep, when they are restless, and when they are resting. You also get to know how much sleep they get. This will make it easier for you to decide whether or not they need more sleep.

Baby monitors will let parents have a better look if their baby has a health issue

Having a baby monitor will help you observe your baby at all time. Babies with congenital problems need more attention, and if you are parenting one, then you should get a monitor. Also, babies with allergies, especially respiratory allergies such as asthma, then you need a baby monitor to help keep track.

Baby monitors help you monitor your baby when the older sibling is with him or her

Depending on the age, older siblings (between infancy and early adolescents) do not know how to take care of a baby. However, they would still want to play and spend some time with their baby siblings.

Older children may be playing with the baby without realizing that they are too rough for a baby. With a baby monitor, you can monitor them when they are together.

Baby monitors help you watch your baby when you are out of your home

Your life does not solely revolve around your baby. You may have a career to build, a business to run and money to make. You may have errands to run and other things to take care of.

You may have a social event to attend to, people to visit, and other things included in your social life.

While you are away and you have no one, you trust to leave your baby with. You can get a baby monitor so that you will be looking after your baby while you are away. This will keep you relaxed while you are away because you do not need to worry.

Baby monitors help record adorable baby moments

They are many memories that we can create with having a baby monitor. They are cute core moments that your baby may create, but you’d miss it because you are not around.

Fortunately, many baby cam comes with a recording feature that enables you to watch those adorable moments after you missed it.

You can also share these lovely moments with your friends and family. You also have the chance to watch and enjoy them later and even share it with the baby after he or she is all grown.

Disadvantages of baby monitors

Baby Monitor

These are the disadvantages that come with using a baby monitor:

Baby monitors might need an internet connection

Some baby monitors need a constant internet connection for it to work, record, and store information. This has a digital problem, and that is, when this connection is not stable, the baby monitor will be unable to function properly. It will be a waste if you have such baby cam and you do not have a stable internet connection.

Baby monitors might give you sleep problems and anxiety

Some parents are likely to get obsessed with the device, especially light sleepers. If you are a light sleeper, you are likely to develop anxiety. This can lead to anxiety, even when they know that the device functions well.

Baby monitors are of no use if your baby’s room is close to your bedroom

If as a stay-at-home parent, your baby’s room is just next door and is not soundproof. Then, you will be wasting your money on buying a baby monitor. That is if your sole need to have a baby monitor is for it to alert you when your baby is awake.

Baby monitors can be damaged

Just like every other device, there are shortcomings. This can be the insufficient power supply, or dead batteries can interrupt your use of the product.

If you are fond of using it at all the time without a break, their parts may develop a fault and subsequently spoil. Therefore, you should make use of this device only when you need to.

Wireless versions of these monitors get disturbed a lot

If you must get a wireless baby monitor, then you should note that they cannot function well when there is a slight disruption of the signal. Usually, the most common cause of this signal disruption is the presence of other wireless devices in the house.

These wireless devices include Smartphones, television, or mobile phones. Therefore, you should keep your baby monitor away from such devices for it functions well.

These monitors can be expensive for some people

Many versions and brands of some baby monitor come with features that are needed by parents. There are versions and brands that do not come cheap because they have certain features that others don’t have.


The digital age has gifted us a lot of devices to make our work easier and faster, and it has successfully made parenting a little easier. Having a baby monitor comes in handy when you have a baby, and you want to make raising them easy.

You can install these monitors in your baby’s room, playrooms, and even in the car. This allows you to monitor your child even when you are not close by. Acknowledging the goodness of this product, they also come with some advantages and disadvantages.

It all depends on what you want for you child.

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