50 Baby Girl Names That Mean Warrior

Baby Girl Names That Mean Warrior

Picking the best name for your child can be an overwhelming exercise. If you decide on a specific meaning, you find out that there are hundreds of names with that same meaning.

A ‘warrior’ name is one that portrays a person who can fight, protect, defend, be resilient, and be strong-willed against any form of discrimination and injustice against the weak.

This warrior girl’s names are of various origins which portray the meaning of a female fighter or warrior.

A number of famous modern and historical personalities bear most of these warrior names which of course can inspire young ones to lead in all areas of life.

The list below makes the name choosing a wonderful experience for families expecting their young ones.

1. Aife

The name Aife in Irish is spelt ‘Aoife’. If you’re searching for a beautiful name with the meaning warrior princess, then this beautiful name is absolutely the right choice for your girl as it means ‘a great warrior princess’.

2. Aloisa

This name originates from German with the meaning ‘a renowned warrior’. Your baby girl will grow up loving this name and showing features of a good warrior.


Amana is a name that originates from Swahili, the common language of the great Africa lakes region. This is a lovely name for your baby girl with the meaning ‘a warrior at heart, loyal and faithful”.

4. Andrea

Andrea is a name of different origin from English, to Italian, to German. This name means ‘strong’ which is an important feature of a warrior. It is an excellent and beautiful name you should consider choosing for your baby girl.

5. Armani

The name Armani originates from Italy with meaning ‘warrior’. The meaning of this name signifies that the baby girl would be a great fighter all round. What else do you need to know before picking this name for your girl?

6. Armina

Armina is a name that is of French origin. It means ‘army man’. Giving this name to your baby girl expresses that she would be highly courageous and disciplined.

7. Beadu

This word is linked to an old Norse name, which meaning is ‘helpful battle maid’. From Borghildr who killed the Sun every night as per mythology.

8. Bellatrix

This name is of Latin origin, and it means ‘female warrior’. It is the star on the left shoulder of the Orion constellation.

9. Bellona

This name is of Roman origin but also a derivative of the Latin word ‘Bellum’. Bellona means ‘Goddess of war, and it is said to be Roman’s first warrior deity.

10. Brianna

Brianna is yet another warrior name for girls. It is of Irish origin and has meaning to be ‘strong, honourable, and virtuous. Consider giving this name to your little girl.

11. Bridget

Bridget is of Irish or Gaelic origin, and it is a derivative of Brigid or Brigh meaning’ strength.  The name Bridget conveys the meaning’ exalted one, power’.

12. Cammi

This is a cute and sweet name that will definitely suit your girl. It of a French origin that means ‘noble’. It is a derivative of Camilla who is the swift-running warrior maid in Virgil’s Latin poem Aeneid.

13. Cahira

This is an uncommon warrior name for baby girls and is of Irish origin with the meaning ‘warrior”. This name has about 11 variants to choose from.

14. Carla

This is a lovely name for your baby girl as it means ‘one who has strength’. This cute name has a Latin American and French origin. It is a variant of Carmilla who was the swift-running warrior maid.

15. Clodovea

This is a Spanish name with meaning’ famous warrior’. This is the female version of Clodoveo. It definitely will suit your baby girl well.

16. Deandra

Deandra is a name with a German origin. This name has a sweet sound to it, and it means ‘divine protector’.

17. Delmira

Delmira also has its root in Germany. It is a lovely and meaningful name to consider for your baby girl as it means ‘noble protector’, which implies that she is a noble person who protects all.

18. Dustine

Dustine originates from America and has meaning to be ‘female warrior’ or ‘Thor’s stone’. Choose this beautiful name for your little girl.

19. Edwige

The name Edwige, has a French origin which means ‘war. The name is so trendy and has a sweet sound to it. You should consider it for your baby girl.

20. Elda

The name Elda has French roots with meaning ‘warrior’. This is a perfect choice of name for your tough and lovely baby girl.

21. Emlyn

This is a name with English roots, and it means ‘brave and a noble warrior’. This name signifies that the girl fights for the right cause. What a nice name to choose!

22. Fianna

A name of Irish origin, from the variant Fiann. It is a very trendy name that means ‘band of warriors’.

23. Gerry

Gerry is a lovely baby girl name with an English origin. It means ‘spear warrior’ implying a strong personality, doesn’t it sound gorgeous?

24. Gertude

Gertude is a name with a German origin. The name  Gertrude means ‘adored warrior’, indicating a girl whose courage will be liked by all. Now, how cool is that!

25. Harlow

Harlow is an English origin name. The name Harlow means ‘army’. It was adopted and made famous by the glamorous blonde Jean Harlow in the 1930s.

26. Hera

This is a  lovely short name that originates from  Greek. It has meaning to be ‘hero, warrior’. According to  Greek mythology, Hera is the queen of gods.

27. Hilda

This lovely and sweet-sounding name is of German origin, which has meaning to be’ battle woman’. This name is still very trendy amongst the people of Sweden and has become a popular choice of name.

28. Ilma

This cute and sweet name has a German origin. It conveys the meaning of ‘resolute protector’ indicating that she is very reliable. This, therefore, will turn out to be a good name for your baby.

29. Keilee

This name is of Irish and Gaelic origin. Keilee means ‘warrior, protector’.  A similar-sounding name to Keilee is Kayleigh of Scottish origin meaning ‘warrior.’

30. Kella

This is a warrior baby girl name of  Ireland origin meaning ‘warrior’. This short name will suit your baby girl perfectly.

31. Louella

This lovely and beautiful name originates from France. The meaning of Louella is ‘famous warrior, renowned fighter’. It is an excellent choice of name for your cute little one.

32. Louisane

This a beautiful and fashionable name that originates from Germany. It has meaning to be a ‘renowned warrior’, implying that the baby would be known as a fighter.

33. Marcella

This cute, sweet-sounding warrior baby name is of Latin origin. The name Marcella means ‘young warrior’, suggesting that the baby would not give up no matter what. Now, hows that for a beautiful name!

34. Meredith

This lovely and sweet-sounding name is of Celtic origin. It has meaning to be ‘protector of the sea’ suggesting that she will rule and protect nature.

35. Nakano

Nakano is a nice warrior baby girl name from Japan. It is a common name and surname in the country. A lot of people are opting for this name. You, therefore, should choose this name for your baby girl.

36. Odile

This lyrical name has a French origin and has meaning to be ‘prospers in battle’. This implies she is the one who wins her fights in the right way. So why don’t you pick this name for your beautiful daughter?

37. Ouisa

Ouisa is a beautiful name that will definitely suit your baby girl. The name means ‘renowned warrior’ or a ‘famous warrior maiden’. The name Ouisa is the short form of Louisa, which is the feminine version of the name Louis.

38. Philomena

The name Philomena is of Greek origin, and it means ‘lover of strength’. It is a combination of the words ‘Phil’ which means ‘lover, friend’ and ‘menos’ which means ‘strength, courage’.

39. Rosabella

This cute and lovely name has its roots in Germany. It has meaning to be a ‘noted protector’. Parents can consider giving this name to their child because she will be known for her positive attributes in society.

40. Ritza

This is a short name that originates from German. It means a ‘noted protector’. Give this name to your baby girl, and she will turn out to be a famous fighter for justice.

41. Romilda

Romilda is a name with German origin, and it means ‘a glorious battle maiden’. The name Romilda is a derivative of the German name Romhilde.

42. Sandra

This beautiful name is the feminine version of Alexander and it means ‘defender or protector of man’. One famous personality with this name is Sandra Bullock.

43. Tesha

This is an unusual baby girl name from India with meaning ‘survivor’. Tesha means ‘hunter or harvester’ in old Greek.

44. Tilly

This name is of German origin and means’ battle-mighty’. It is a short form of Matilda.

45. Trudy

Trudy is a name with German origin, and it means ‘adored warrior’.  Your baby girl will grow to become famous for her fighting qualities.

46. Valda

Valda is also a name that originates from German and has meaning to be ‘battle heroine’ or ‘famous ruler’. It is such a lovely name that will definitely suit your cute heroine.

47. Valentina

The name Valentina is derived from Valens meaning ‘strong, vigorous, and powerful’, it is the feminine form of the name Valentine.

48. Vigga

The name vigga is of Danish or Scandinavian origin and it is the female form of the male Viggo. Vigga means ‘war or battle’.

49. Zandra

Zandra is a name of Greek origin. It is a unique name starting with ‘z’ which means ‘defending men’. Bless your little cutie with this name and watch her grow into a defender.

50. Zelda

The name Zelda is a warrior baby name and also of German origin. This unusual exotic baby girl’s name starting with’ z’ means ‘grey fighting maid’.

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