583 Baby Boy Names That Start With J

583 Baby Boy Names That Start With J

Baby boy names with the letter J are so adorable. In choosing the best name for your baby boy you should take your time to know its origins and meaning.

I know choosing baby boy names can be exhausting especially when you don’t know where to look and how to find the most suitable and amazing name for your son.

The list we have here will help guide you through the process.

Choosing a Baby Boy Name That Starts With J

Names that start with J sound alike and some even have the same meanings in different cultures across the globe. In some families, parents often choose to name their children according to one alphabet.

I think it’s very cute. So, in your quest for finding such names for your baby boy, you can go through this list and pick one that is befitting. The names have also been linked to other names list based on origin.

So if you’re looking to explore names that are related to your choice, you can quickly get there.

List of Baby Boy Names That Start With J

Ja’MereAfrican AmericanJa’mere means good looking and handsome.
JaacHebrewGod is gracious
JaagupEstonian and HebrewSupplanter
JaalibArabicMotive or cause
JarretOld EnglishSuper brave
JaroslavSlavicBeauty of spring
JaazaniahHebrewMay God hear
JilesGreekSmall goat
JaroslawSlavic‘strong or powerful’ and ‘glory or fame.’
JillLatinChild of the gods
JimHebrew and latinSupplant or replace
JarranHebrew‘Cry of rejoicing’
JarreauOld French‘Crock or jar for oil.’
JarrellGerman‘Spear ruler.’
JaarehArabic‘Wounding cutter. ‘
JimiyuAfrican‘Born during summer.’
JimmyHebrew‘He who supplant.’
JabariSwahili‘The brave one’.
JarrickGerman‘Hardy or strong.’
JinanArabic“garden, paradise.”
JarrodHebrewRose (flower.)
JindrichCzech“ruler of an estate.”
JarronHebrew“cry of rejoicing.”
JinxEnglish“charm or spell.”
JabdielSpanish“Abiteous” and “free thinkers.”
JionniItalian valiant of Giovanni’. “thankful for a gracious God.”
JaberArabic“comforter’. ‘healer.’ and ‘bone setter.’
JaraiyaJapanese” young thunder.”
JavisJamaican” rich and famous.”
JiruoJapanese” second son. “
JabezHebrew” made sorrowful. “
JabierSpanish and portoguese” bright. “
JabiloAfrican“medicine man.”
JarynHebrew and English“cry of rejoicing.”
JoanHebrew“God is gracious”. “
JabraylonAfrican American” brilliant , honest and inventful
JasalIndian“The one who holds energy. “
JoaozinhoPortuguese and Hebrew“God is merciful.”
JabrilHebrew‘man of God’. And ‘my strength is of God.’
JaschaSlavic and Hebrew“may God heal” and “may God protect.”
JoaquinSpanish and Hebrew“lifted by God.”
JabusRome“God of passage”.
JashIndian, Gujarati, kana da and Hindu.“victory and and Fame.”
JoashHebrew“given by the lord.”
JashawnEnglish“Gift from God.”
JaceGreek and Hebrew“healer” and “God of salvation.”
JashikIndian and Arabic“protector.”
JaceanHebrew, English and Greek.“healer or the God of salvation.”
JasiahHebrew“God will save.”
JacekGreek“divine hands.”
JasielHebrew“whom God made.”
JoceranEuropean“joy and geogeous.”
JasirUrdu and Arabic“brave, bold and courageous.”
JachinHebrew“he establishes.”
JockieScottish, Hebrew and English“God may protect and the healer of the heel.”
JachymHebrew“Established by God and raised by God.”
JaspalHindu and Indian“protected by fame.”
JodieHebrew“from Judea’. Jewish.”
JackEnglish“God is gracious.”
JoeGreek, Latin and Hebrew“he will add” and “from the root.”
JaspenAmerican“treasurer, quaking tree.”
JackhenryEnglish“powerful and rich.”
JoeGreek and Hebrew“he will add” and “from the root.”
JacksonEnglish“son of Jack.”
JaspreetIndian“To love and respect God” and “one who loves singing praises to the lord.”
JoelleFrench“Jehovah is God.”
JackyOld English and Hebrew“he who supplant”, “God is gracious,” and “son of Jack.”
JoenHebrew“gift from God.”
JassemArabic“He of high stature.”
JacoHebrew” He who supplants.”
JasvirHindu, Indian, and punjabi“A brave one.”
JacobHebrew, BiblicalTo supplant
JatinIndianThe auspicious one
JoeyEnglish, HebrewJehovah multiplies
JaumeHebrew, CatalanSupplanter
JacobsonEnglishJacob’s son
JoffGermanPeaceful ruler
JacobusLatin, Greek, HebrewSeizing by the heel, supplanting
JoffreyEnglish, Scottish, GermanPeace of a stranger, pledge of peace
JacobyHebrewHe who supplants
JavanPersian, Hebrew, LatinYoung, deceiver, angel of Greece
JohananHebrewGod is gracious
JavaughnHebrewGreece, Greeks
JacoryAmericaCreated name
JohannesLatin, Hebrew, Greek and EnglishGod is gracious
JavierLatin EuropeCastle or a new house
JohansonSwedenSon of Johan
JohnHebrewGraced by God
JacquiFrenchMay God protect, supplanter
JavionAfrican AmericanVariant
JohnavanAmericanCreated name
JacquotteFrenchCreated name
JavisOld GermanSpear or famous one
JohnpaulHebrewGod is gracious
JavobHebrewSupplanter, seizing by the heel
JohnelHebrewGod is gracious
JacyNative AmericanMoon’. Creator of all plant life
JohnrayAmericanFull of high inspirations
JawaunAfricanThe way of life
JohnrickEnglishClever mind
JadaHebrew and SpanishHe who knows
JawnHebrewGod is gracious
JohnsonScotland and EnglandGod has favored, son of John
JadallahUrduGenerosity of Allah
JaxGod is gracious 
JohnstonAnnandale, Dumfries shire, Scotland and old EnglishJohn’s town
JadanHebrewJehovah has heard
JaxenOld EnglishSon of jack
JohntelEnglish, HebrewGod is merciful
JadeSpanishSton of colic
JaxonEnglishGod is gracious
JohnyHebrew, GreekGraced by God and God is gracious
JadelEnglishSinging and looks
JaxtonAmericanSon of Jack and God is gracious
JadenHebrewGod has heard
JaxtynAmericanA great person with a heart of gold
JojoAfricanMonday born
JadhavIndian, hindiYadava
JayOld FrenchVictory or triumph
JokoJapaneseGod has established
JadielHebrewOne who will judge others
Jay’CeonAmerican, EnglishThe lord has healed my heart
JokullScandinavianGlacier of ice
JadilhaqqArabicTruth follower
JayceEnglish, Greek and HebrewHealer or the lord is salvation
JollyEnglish, Scottish and FrenchSomeone who is cheerful or attractive deposition, merry or happy
JadrianAmericanOne who is like the Adriatic sea
JayceeAmerican and EnglishHealer
JolyonEuropeYouthful and soft haired
JadrielSpanishIntelligent, great lover and strong
JaddenHebrewThankful one
JomieScotland, GermanyThanks
JadwigaOld German, ScottishBattle and fight
JayeLatinBlue crested bird
JaylanAmerican and GreekCalm
JonasGreekA dove
JaeLatinBlue crested bird
JonathanHebrewGod’s gift or gift of jehovah
JaylendAmerica and LatinA blue crested bird
Jae-DynnJewish and IrelandGod has heard, thankful or God will judge
JaylonGreek and AmericanCalm
JonteHebrewGod is gracious, or to show favor
JaelHebrewMountain goat
JayronGreek and AmericanCalm
JontyHebrewGod has given or God is gracious
JaetynAmericanCreated name
JaystonEnglishSon of Jason
JoonKoreanStandard, obey or deep
JazielHebrewAllotted by God
JooseppiHebrewGod will multiply
JafethHebrewMay he expand
JazzAmericanStyle of music
JophielHebrewGod’s beauty
JagadeeshwarIndiaEmpire of the world
JeanHebrew and old FrenchGod is gracious
JaganIndiaOne who is self-Confident
Jean-FrancoisHebrew and LatinGod remits
JaganbirIndianWorrior of the world
Jean-PierreFrench and HebrewGod remits
JordanIsreal, Greek and HebrewDescend or flow down
JaganmayIndianOne who is self sufficient
JeanusEnglishLovable and smart
JordaoHebrewDown flowing
JaganmitraIndianHe is the friend to the whole world
JebHebrewBeloved friend
JodinHebrewJesus is my judge, my justice of peace and evaluator
JebediahHebrewA beloved friend
JordyIsreal and HebrewTo descend or flow down
JagdeoIndianGod of the world
JechtEnglishA restless and a fortunate being
JorgeSpanish, Portuguese, Greek and LatinFarmer or earth worker
JedHebrew and ArabicFriend of the Lord
JorgenGreek and ScandinavianFarmer
JagieetIndianConqueror of the world
JedaiahHebrewBeloved of the lord or friend of God
JorginhoGreek and portuguesFarming
JagmohanBengali, Hindu, Indian, Gujarati, Hindu, Malayalam, kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu.One who attracts
JediHebrewBeloved by God
JormaHebrewAppointed by God
JagravIndianAwakened, risen up, observant, watchful and vigilant
JedidiahHebrewFriend of God
JornScandinavianA farmer
JagroopIndianBeauty of the world or Embodiment of the world
JedrickPolishA strong man
JorrynHebrewThe one God loves
JahcereHebrewHonest, brilliant and eventful
JedrusGreekManly, courageous and strong, warrior
JorvikNordicFrom the bear estate
JaheemAfrican and HebrewDignified
JedrzejPolishManly or strong
JosanGreek and HebrewHealer
JahidArabicEffort, strive or endeavor and stems
JeffGermanA pledge for peace
JoseSpanish and PortugueseJehovah will increase
JahirArabicCreativity and dignity
JeffordEnglish and GreekSon of Giffard
JefferyGermanA pledge for peace
JoselitoHebrewJehovah increases
JahlilArabicA great and exhorted man
JeffriesOld GernanPeace
JoseluisSpanish and HebrewWar and famous
JasehEnglishInspiring wise and a lover of women
JeffeyGermanA pledge for peace
JosemanuelHebrewGod increases and God is with us
JahusaHebrewThe lord is my salvation
JefriEnglishGod of peace
JosemariaHebrew and SpanishRaised or He who is pardon
JahzeelHebrewGod will divide
JahellemanHebrewGod answers
JosephLatin and GreekHe will add or From the roots
JaiceBritish, Hebrew a d GreekHealer or the lord is my salvation
JehoichinHebrewJehovah established
JosephusLatin, Greek and HebrewHe will add or from the roots
JaidevSanskritDivine victory
JehuHebrewHe is God
JoshHebrewThe lord is my salvation
JaidonAmericanHeard by God
JeisonGreekHealer or to heal
JoshuaHebrewThe lord is my salvation
JaileshHindiThe lord of water
JejomarPhilippinesCombination of Jesus, Joseph and Mary
JoshwaHebrewYaweh is salvation
JaimieHebrewHe who supplants
JelaniAfrican AmericanMighty in English
JoshyIndianFilled with joy or happiness
JairHebrewHe shines
JelleDutch, German South NetherlandsMoney, value, payment, revenge, festival of sacrifice
JosiahHebrewGod of my salvation
JairajSanskrit, Hindu, Indian, HindiVictorious ruler
JosiasHebrewJehovah helps
JairathHindu and HindiChariots of victory
JemuelHebrewThe day of God
JosmilEnglish and HebrewVictory
JairoSpanishHe shines
JospehGreekHe will add or from the roots
JairusHebrewGod enlightens
JoskaGreekGod is gracious
JencinScandinavianSon of Johannes or God is gracious
JossEnglishThe merry one
JencyIndianGod has blessed
JenkinEnglish and HebrewA son or God has blessed me with a son
JostinLatinJust, fair or righteous
JavierSpanishA castle or a new house
JenningsFlemishLittle John
JosueSpanishGod is my salvation
JajuanSpanishGod is merciful
JennisAmericanGod is gracious
JothamHebrewPerfection of jehovah
JennisonHebrew and EnglishJehovah has favored me
JoudArabicGenerosity and goodness towards others
JoulesIndian (sanskrit)Amazing
JenoahEnglish and ItalianUnclear
JakarriArabicThe best
JensScandinavianGod is gracious
JouniHebrewGod is merciful
JensenScandinavianSon of jens
JakeHebrew, Greek and LatinSeizing by the heel, supplanter
JourdaineHebrewDown flowing
JakobLatin, Hebrew and GreekSeizing by the heel or supplant
JentonHebrewJehovah has favored with a son
JakodiOld GaelicDescendant of the helpful one
JourneyAmericanA trip to experience from one place to another
JeongKoreanQuiet and gentle
JovanSlavicGod is gracious
JeordieHebrewFlow down
JakovHebrewHe who supplants
JovanniItalianGod is gracious
JakshHindiLord of kuber
JoveLatinFather of the sky
JephthaHebrewHe will open
JoviLatinFather of the sky
JovonLatinFather of the sky
JalalArabicGreatness, superiority and renown
JeraldGermanRule of the spear
JoyOld FrenchDelight or great happiness
JeraldoGermanRule of the spear
JeleelArabicServant of the Great reverend
JeranIsraeliCry of rejoicing
JoziahHebrewGod will save
JalexEnglishEligant born
JozsuaHebrewGod rescues, yaweh is salvation
JerandeEnglishRules of friend
JerardEnglishRules by the spear
JalorIndianGlory of indian
JereHebrewLifted up by God
JeremeHebrewThe lord exalts
JuanSpanishGod is graceful and gracious
JamarcusAfrican AmericanFrom the mars
JerimiahHebrewThe weeping prophet
JuanchoSpanishGod is gracious
JamarionAmericanSparks a d sea
JeremijaHebrewGod will raise
JuanpabloHebrewGod is gracious
JamarreonAmericanCreated name
JeremyHebrewGod will uplift
JubalHebrewRam’s horn
JambavanIndianDivine kings
JeretGermanticRuer with spear
JameonAmericanRight hand of favor
JericAmericanEver or eternal ruler
JuddEnglishFlow down
JamesLatinSupplanter or replacer
JerichoArabicCity of the moon
JamesonHebrew and EnglishSupplementer or son of james
JerielHebrewGod has seen
JudeaHebrewThe praised one
JerkerOld Norse, SwedishKing forever
JermianeGerman, Latin and FrenchBrother
JuergenEnglishEarth worker
JarmalArabicVariation of beauty
JamirSlavicFamous spring
JuhaniScandavanianGod is gracious
JamisHebrewYaweh protects
JereonDutchHoly name
JuhoGreekGod is gracious
JamaoJamaicaSomeone who is righteous
JerommekeArabicHoly man
JulesLatin and FrenchYouthful, soft and downy
JanakHindiFather of sister, creator and a good man
JeromyEnglishAppointed by God
JulianEnglish and LatinDowny-bearded, sky father and youthful
JandoAfricanDeligent and a leader
JeronimoItalian and GreekSacred name
JulianoGreekJoves child
JujuOld RomanYouth
JandreAfrican DutchCompassionate, a leader, strong and a miracle sent from heaven
JarrallAmericanStrong or open minded
JandroAncient GreekProtector of man and defending men
JarramArabicFruit, seed and kernel
JulioGreekDowny-beareded or soft beareded
JanelGreekGod is merciful or fair one
JerrenIsraeliCry of rejoicing
JuliusGreekYouthful or downy- beareded
JanezGermanGod’s gracious gift
JerrettOld GermanBrave
JumaAfrican swahiliBorn on Friday
JangOld FrenchYoung
JerricEnglishGifted ruler or people’s ruler
JunaidArabicA sufi Saint, spiritual, young and a warrior
JanisonAmericanSon of Jane
JerrielHebrewGod has seen
JuneRomanBorn in June
JanjotIndianOne who enlighten
JerrisonEnglishMighty spearsman
JungkookKoreanGreat country
JunmayHebrewGod has answerd
JerrodEnglishRules by the spear
JunichiroJapanese and indianHe who takes
Jan-MichaelHebrewGod is gracious
JerronIsraeli and GreekCry of rejoicing or sacred name
JuniorLatinThe younger one
JanneScandinavian and old NorseGod is gracious
JerryGermanSacred name
JerseyEnglishGrassy Island
JuniusRomanBorn in june
JanosSlavic and HebrewGod is gracious
JunpieJapanesePure a d genuine
JanoschAncient GreekGraced by yaweh or God is gracious
JeshaiahEnglishGod is salvation
JurijAncient GreekFarmer or earthworker
JanuszPolishGod is gracious
JessHebrewThe lord exists
JushIndianTo be pleased, delight, fond of, devoted to, satisfied
JaquanAmericana and HebrewGift of God
JesselCzechAsh tree
JussiHebrewGift from God
JessieHebrewHe sees
JusticeOld French and EnglishEquality
JaranHebrewCry of rejoicing
JustinLatin and EnglishJust, fair or righteous
JestinLatinJust, right and upright
JardanHebrewJehovah has heard
JesusHebrewTo be delivered or rescued
JustinoLatinJust, right and righteous
JardinOld FrenchEnclosure and garden
JetalIndianRespected, elder one and fame
JustinusLatinJust, fair and upright
JariathHebrewTributary Lord
JethroEnglish and JewishMore than enough overflow
JustisLatinUpright or righteous
JustoSpanishJust and fair
JarlathIrish and GaelicTributary Lord
JevonteAmericanCreated name
JustusLatinUpright and just
JarleOld NorseNoble man, noble warriors
JewellEnglishLord, generous and bountiful
Joon-SuKoreanComfortable and unfold or exceptionally beautiful
JezekCzech and slovanianUnaprociable person
JuvencioLatinThe one that represents youth
JarnHindiHe will sing
JhettAmericanWild spirit
JuventinoSpanish and LatinYouth
JarnuSanskritWanning another name for the moon
JuwaanSpanish and HebrewGod is gracious
JarodHebrewDescending or downflowing
JianHebrewGod is gracious
Jeong-EunKoreanUpright, straight, loyal and pure
Jesu-koberuoUrhoboThank you Jesus
Jae-sangKoreanTraits of generosity, empathy and compassion
JibadeEgyptianOne who is related to royalty
JideYorubaWealth has come
JedennaNigeriaHold on to God
JumokeEgyptian and yorubaOne who is loved by all
JabariEgyptianBrave and courageous
JameshaArabicBeautiful leader
JabulaniAfricanTo rejoice
JaromHebrewTo be prosperous and happy
JibrilArabicStrength from God
JaromilSlavicThe one who is strong at heart
JidennAfricanTo hold the father
Jeong-GwonKoreanWealthy and prosperous or powerful and authority
JaromirWest slavicPrestige and good reputation
JieiChineseFruitful, kindness and protection
JyriGreekEarth worker or farmer
JaronHebrewHe who shout or sing praises
JiggsEnglishInner desire to serve humanity
Joo-WoonKoreanCircumference, most refined and beautiful
JarmanOld GermanGerman
JylerAmericanCreated name
Jung-HwaKoreanA righteous wealthy man
JemefeNigeriaRich or a wealthy person
Ji-HunKoreanWisdom, talented, smart and meriteous deeds
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