Top 40 Baby Boy Names That Mean Winter, Snow or Ice

Baby Boy Names Winter

Winter is a season filled with a lot of snow and pretty snowflakes; it is also a merry festive season for many people around the world.

Names related to winter are quite common these days, as they are known to attach to the child, the happy feeling that the season comes with, and some of the unique meanings they possess on your little one.

The winter boy names are very prominent across the globe. Most of the winter baby names below are very rare and classic. So, go ahead and search for the perfect winter-related name here and select the best name out of them for your little bundle of joy.

Top baby boy names that mean winter, snow or ice

1. Aspen

Aspen is the name of a beautiful tree whose leaves are shaped like hearts. This tree blooms the best during the winter season.

2. Arjun

This is one of the most universally attractive Hindi names, Arjun means “bright shining white.” like the winter snow. It is the name of the hero of a famous Hindu epic

3. Aster

The name Aster means star. Just like the star that lead the three wise men to the stable baby, Jesus was born in the cold winter night. It is considered a unisexual name.

4. Aubin

The meaning of this name is “blonde.” Aubin would make a perfect name for a baby boy born in the winters

5. Ailbe

Ailbe is an old Irish unisex name meaning “white,” which is quite related to the winter snow. It is pronounced as AL-veh, its nickname is Alby.

6. Blaze

Blaze means “snowstorm”; it could also mean “fire,” making it a very unique name for your baby boy.

7. Bodhi

Bodhi is a Buddhist name that means “enlightenment” or “awakening.” It is a very spiritual name, with positive meaning attached to it.

8. Christian

This is name would perfectly suit any little boys born around the festival of Christmas.

9. Colden

Colden is an old English word, which means “the dark valley.” Although Colden has no significant relationship with winter, It Is on this list because it has the word “cold” in it, therefore making it a perfect winter name for your baby boy.

10. Crispin

Crispin is considered as another version of Christopher. It means “curly-haired.”  It would go well on your boy if he has curly hair. This name is also associated with winters and snow.

11. Cypress

Cypress is a tree that grows during the winter season in the North. The name also signifies strength.

12. Dong

Dong is a Chinese name, that means “winter.” It is cute and short to pronounce. It is a very catchy name with a lot of appeal in it.

13. Douglas

Douglas is the name of a well-decorated Christmas tree. It is a trendy name as well.

14. Eirwen

Eirwen is a Welsh name that means “white as snow.”

15. Frost

Frost was a very popular name during the 1980s. It would make a good choice for a crispy name for a baby boy, especially if he were born on a frosty winter morning.

16. Gabriel

Gabriel is the name of the biblical angel who delivered the message of Jesus’s birth to his mother. In the Hebrew language, Gabriel means “God is my strength.”

17. Gwenyth

Gwenyth is a name from Welsh origin that means “fair or white.” It is a wonderful name for a winter-born baby boy.

18. January

This name is derived from “Janus,” who was regarded as the God of snow according to ancient Roman mythology.

19. Jack

Jack means “God is Gracious.” This name is included in the list because of its associated with winters with the phrase “Jack Frost.”

20. Jasper

This is a unique Persian name that means “bringer of treasure.” It has a very charming pronunciation too.

21. Jonas

Jonas is the Greek version of the name “Jonah,” which means “dove.” The dove is a symbol of love, purity, and innocence, and it’s white as snow.

22. Kari

Kari is a Turkish word that means “covered with snow.”

23. Lixue

This name is very unique for its meaning and pronunciation. It is a well known Chinese word that means “pretty snow.”

24. Laban

This is a very unique Hebrew name, which means Light; it is the name of the Old Testament father of Rachel and Leah; it is frequently used by the Puritans.

25. Nevada

This name originates from the Spanish language, and it means “snow-clad.”

26. Nicholas

Santa Claus’s real name is Nicholas, and its meaning is “wolf.” This is a popular Christmas inspired name that would probably be best for your baby boy.

27. Noel

Noel is a lovely French name, and it is the male variant of Noelle. So if you’ve got a twin boy and girl, you could name them Noel and Noelle.

28. Oakley

However, this is a unisexual name which is derived from the name of the Oaktree; it suits both boys and girls.

29. Quilo

Quilo is a very unique name you can give to your boy. The name refers to the cold North Wind as derived from Roman mythology.

30. Robin

Robin is quite another elegant name, which means “shining or bright.” It is also the name of a bird that is usually seen during the winter season. It is also popular as the name for the sidekick character in the “Bat-Man” film.

31. Rory

Rory is an Irish name that means “red king.”

32. Rudolf

Rudolf was the name of one of the reindeers of Santa Claus; it literally means “a wolf.” It is a very delightful name for your baby boy that is sure to add style to his personality

33. Storm

Storm is a name associated with “snowstorms.”

34. Vale

If you are a fan of Snow Skiing, this name may just be the perfect one for your boy. The name Vale is derived from the word “Vail,” which is a popular destination for the skiing sport, which makes it associated with snow.

35. Whittaker

Whittaker is a distinct name for a boy. It means “from the white field.” It is a constant reminder of a clear white sheet of snow spread across the earth during the winter season.

36. Winnie

The name is inspired by the winter season, the name carries with it a spirit of the festivities as well as captures the whole essence of the fantastic winter snow.

37. Wren

Wren is the name of a winter bird. It is regarded as the magician of the birds according to the Irish culture. This is a popular and unique name for your little boy.

38. Yas

Yas comes from the native American language, and the meaning of the name is “snow.” It is a stunning baby boy name for your child and is inspired by the breathtaking scenic views of the winter season.

39. Yukio

This beautiful name is of Japanese origin, and it means “snow.” It is also an easy-to-pronounce name since it is short. It is an amazing baby boy name and has a very catchy vibe.

40. Yule

Yule is another beautiful and unique winter baby name, and the meaning is “winter solstice.” It is an extremely rare name that will surely appeal to everyone who hears it.

Baby names related to winter have a sort of beautiful cuddly warmth in them, just like the babies themselves; this is the same kind of warmth you will feel whenever you call your child. Have you picked a nice name already?

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