50 Baby Boy Names That Mean Warrior

Baby Boy Names That Mean Warrior

Who doesn’t know that choosing names for your child can be stressful? You do want to pick a name that will have a nice ring to it with good meaning, but then it seems like a daunting exercise.

You do not have to worry yourself anymore because here is a compiled list of 50 baby boy names you could choose from which convey the meaning of a ‘warrior’, of a fighter who is physically and mentally strong all through his life.

1. Ajax

The name Ajax is of a Greek origin, and it means ‘strong warrior’. You can choose to pick this name for your little son as it suggests that the boy will grow to be a brave fighter.

2. Albern

Albern is a classic name that is of English origin. It means ‘noble warrior’ one who fights for justice, being noble as well as being firm.

3. Alexander

Who would not want their baby boy to be an Alexander? This famous name is of  Greek origin, and it means ‘defender of men’.

4. Alger

This is another warrior name for boys, Alger is a short name with an English origin. It has meaning to be a ‘clever warrior’ suggesting that the boy would be a good and smart strategist.

5. Andrus

This lovely name is the Estonian version of the word ‘warrior’. You can decide to choose this name for your little boy as it is an unusual name.

6. Barron

The name Barron is a derivative of the title Baron. The name is of English origin and means’ warrior’. The name signifies royalty as well as toughness.

7. Berenger

This name is of German origin. It is a very reliable name for your baby boy, which means a ‘warrior fighting with a spear’.

8. Birendra

This sweet-sounding name is of Indian Sanskrit origin. The name Birendra means ‘king of warriors’. How’s that for a warrior baby name?

9. Boris

Boris is a name of Slavic origin, and it means ‘to fight’. Who doesn’t know Boris Becker? The great tennis player was a great fighter.

10. Bomani

Bomani is a name of African origin that means warrior. Bomani is a very popular name, and in Swahili, it means ‘strong soldier’. Choose this name for your little boy and watch him grow to be sharp.

11. Caddock

The name Caddock has roots in England. It means ‘war-ready, battle sharp’. Caddock signifies that the baby boy would become a talented strategist.

12. Cadogan

This lovely name is of Welsh origin. The meaning of Cadogan is ‘honor in battle’. There is an excellent history of this name with so many early Welsh leaders bearing this name.

13. Callan

The place of origin of the name Callan is Scotland, and it is a name very common there. It means ‘rock, battle’ implying a warrior who is as solid as a rock.

14. Chevy

The name Chevy is of French origin, and it is among the US top 1000. It means ‘knight, horseman’. It is the short form of the name  Chevalier.

15. Danahue

Danahue is an Irish name which has meaning to be ‘dark fighter’. You can pick this if you are looking out for a new and trendy sweet name for a tough boy.

16. Dieter

This name has a German origin. It is derived from German ‘theud’ (people) and ‘hari’ (army). The name Dieter means ‘warrior of the people’.

17. Duncan

Duncan is a name of Scottish origin, which has meaning to be ‘dark warrior’. This name is very popular, and it is included in many outstanding literary works.

18. Dustin

Dustin is a cute warrior baby boy name that is of Norse, Scandinavian origin, and it means ‘brave warrior’. Dustin is a variant of Thorstein, Thor’s stone.

19. Earl

This name is of English origin, and it is an aristocratic title for people of the noble class. It comes from the old English Eorl meaning ‘nobleman, warrior’. Selecting this name for your boy won’t be a bad idea.

20. Einar

The name Einar means ‘lone or bold warrior’. It is a name from Norway, which implies that the baby boy would have the strength and capacity to face everything alone without being defeated. This name will definitely suit your little prince charming.

21. Eloy

This sweet name is of Spanish origin, and it means ‘mighty warrior’. The name Eloy has various connections which include Latin, Spanish, and even a French connection.

22. Evander

The name Evander is an extension of the popular name Evan. This name has both Greek and Scottish origins. The name means ‘bow warrior, strong man’.

23. Finian

Finian is a masculine name of Scottish origin. It means ‘handsome warrior’. This is a name that will be the pride of any parent who wants to see their boy become a tough and handsome young man.

24. Gerald

Gerald is a very common German name. The name  Gerald means ‘warrior who fights with a spear’, Gerald is a combination of modern with ancient.

25. Gideon

If you are on the look for a Hebrew name for a warrior, then Gideon is the right choice for your strong and brave cute little baby boy.

26. Harold

Harold is a name of Scandinavian origin, and it means ‘army ruler’. The name Harold is associated with King of England before Norman conquest, and it is gradually becoming popular.

27. Herman

The name Herman is of German origin, and it means ‘soldier warrior’. It is a very common ancient name that is recently making a strong comeback. You should try giving your boy this wonderful name.

28. Herve

This name is of French origin with the meaning’ battle worthy’. This simply implies that your baby boy will grow into a man worthy to face any life battle.

29. Humphrey

The name Humphrey is derived from two Germanic elements ‘hun’ which means ‘warrior’ and ‘frid’ which means ‘peace’. This name means ‘peaceful warrior’. This will be a nice name to pick for your child.

30. Igor

This name has a sweet sound to it. It is of both Russian and Scandinavian origin. It has meaning to be ‘heroic warrior’ or ‘warrior of peace’ from Ingyar, who was the warrior of Ing, Norse God of peace.

31. Ivor

Ivor is a name of Irish origin which means ‘archer, bow warrior’. It is the combination of yr meaning ‘bow’ and arr meaning ‘warrior’ derived from Norse name Ivarr.

32. Jimmu

Jimmu is a name of Japanese origin with the meaning’ divine warrior’. It is coined from Jim meaning ‘God’ and mu meaning ‘military’. This is a nice name you should consider selecting for your son.

33. Junaid

This name is of Arabic origin, and it means ‘warrior, soldier’. It is a very common Muslim name in many countries across the globe.

34. Kane

The name Kane means ‘warrior’ and is of Celtic, Hawaiian, and Japanese origin. It is a common name in Australia usually used as a first name. The movie ‘citizen Kane’ is considered one of the best movies ever made and has also made this name popular.

35. Kaiden

Kaiden is a name of Celtic origin, and it means ‘warrior’. You can decide to choose this unusual name which is a variant of the name Kaden.

36. Kimble

This is a poetic and classic English name which means ‘chief of the warriors’. As parents, you can select this name for your baby boy and watch him reach a great point of success.

37. Louis

Louis is a cute name with French and German origin, with meaning’ renowned warrior’. Sandra Bullock and a number of British royals chose this name for their child, as a result of this the name is gradually becoming popular.

38. Ludovic

Ludovic is a name of Italian and Scottish origin. The name means ‘famous warrior’. Give this name to your baby boy and watch him come forth to be brave and famous.

39. Luigi

It is a classic Italian name with many other popular people bearing the name. Luigi means’ renowned warrior’, suggesting that the boy will be brilliant and a fighter all the way. Why don’t you give your boy this name and see the transformation?

40. Ludvig

This name is also of German origin. The lovely, cute, and firm name Ludvig means ‘a respected warrior’, this is an attribute which as a parent, you would like to see in your baby boy.

41. Magnar

The name Magnar means ‘a feared or especially strong warrior’. This strong and powerful word signifies that the boy will be a powerhouse of a man as he grows up. Go ahead and give your son this name.

42. Madison

This is one of the names that mean ‘a powerful warrior’. It is a variant of the name Madison.

43. Murphy

This name is of Irish origin. The name Murphy means ‘sea warrior’, and it emanates from an old Irish name Murchad. This name has a strong link with ship mechanism too.

44. Naois

This name carries the meaning’ mythical warrior’. It is of Celtic origin. Naois is a nice and lovely poetic name which will be an excellent choice for your baby boy.

45. Oscar

The name Oscar is well popular with the famous awards. It is of Irish origin, and it has meaning to be ‘champion warrior, God spear.’

46. Owen

Owen means a ‘young warrior’ of noble birth, and is a name of Welsh origin. This name is becoming increasingly famous with a lot of actors bearing this name.

47. Roger

This is another lovely name you should consider choosing for your boy. The name is made even more famous by the celebrated champion Tennis player Federer Roger. The name Roger means ‘a legendary famous warrior’.

48. Ryder

This is one beautiful name you shouldn’t leave out in your search for names. It is a very popular name gotten from the old English rider meaning ‘mounted warrior or cavalryman’. This is a trendy name for your baby boy.

49. Usbeorn

This name is of English origin, and it means ‘a divine warrior’. You can decide to choose this name if you need qualities such as good strength of character, discipline, and fair play in the life of your boy.

50. Werner

Looking for an unusual name that carries the meaning’ protector, army’, then Werner is the right choice for you. It’s a name that is of England and Germany origin.

With this list of 50 warrior baby boy names already provided, you can now choose whatever name you think will suit your little boy the most.

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