17 Best Architecture Apps for Android

architecture apps for Android

Are you trying to find an app that meets your needs as an architect, or are you just a fan of architecture? Then, download these architecture apps for Android. 

Architecture has changed due to technology. For architects, contractors, and project managers, architecture applications have changed the game whether they are working in the field, in an office, or from home.

They have removed time-consuming paperwork, facilitated easy communication with clients and coworkers, and optimized design workflows.

Since the advent of apps in the architecture profession, the concept of workshops has dramatically transformed due to the power of smartphones and tablets.

Their versatility and variety have produced a more productive and effective workflow that can be done on-site or while on the road, covering various field elements.

Certain websites target professionals specifically, but others, with their easily navigable interfaces, accessible content, and user-friendly design, appeal to all architecture fans.

You can greatly boost your productivity with the aid of these apps.

Imagine taking on new contracts, improving performance, and saving time by utilizing applications exclusively.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to choose the best app for your needs, given the abundance of identical ones available on the market.

But don’t worry; you’ll quickly locate at least one of our carefully chosen architecture apps for Android.

1. AutoCAD

For architects looking to create, store, and retrieve drawings, AutoCAD is one of these architecture apps for Android.

This is where you can work on, view, and create 2D CAD drawings (only in DWG format).

However, you can convert it to PDF or DWF when sharing it with others.

When you begin a new drawing, you can access various advanced editing tools, object snap, keypad input, property and coordinate checking, and other features.

The app will assist you in taking accurate measurements while on the job site, transferring drawings from blueprints to the device, storing them in a cloud account, and sharing them.

Use the 7-day trial version of the free version or pay $4.99 a month for the premium version. If you’d like extra storage, get the ultimate version.

2. Concepts

Concepts is an intelligent drawing app that simulates writing on paper naturally.

This app offers a flexible, responsive environment for planning, creating, and thinking.

As a result, sketching becomes quicker and more enjoyable for designers, architects, graphic artists, and other professionals.

Moreover, among the top architecture apps, Concepts have become a necessity.

The Concepts interface keeps hidden layers of complexity for professionals while optimizing accessibility for beginners.

3. SketchUp

One of the most well-known design tools available is SketchUp, which provides a complete 3D modeling solution that works well for intricate and simple 3D modeling tasks; because of its strength and intuitive interface, designers and architects hold it in high regard.

In addition to several subscription options and specialized apps for desktops, smartphones, and other devices, SketchUp offers a free seven-day trial. This app is one of the best architecture apps for Android.

SketchUp Viewer is the name of SketchUp’s Android app. This app allows users to open models from various sources, including local model files (.SKP) and Trimble Connect, 3D Warehouse, Dropbox, and other sources.

Additional features SketchUp Viewer offers include layer management, perspective switching, measurement tools, layer viewing capabilities for specific models, and more.

4. Magicplan

Similar to certain apps here, Magicplan is highly well-liked. Ensure you have a gyroscope before installing it because it requires an Android device with an AR core.

Bosch, DeWalt, and four more laser meters with related series are some of the ones you can use. It is not just for architects to use; other professionals can.

Make a floor plan, check the 3D layout, and customize the home’s interior decor. You must pay to obtain additional floor plans if you would like them.

The plans are available in CSV, PDF, JPG, DXF, PNG, and SVG formats.

You will learn the cost of the project, the estimated amount of taxes, and the price of each item as you create your magic plan.

5. Floor Plan Creator

The Floor Plan Creator application is the only tool to create accurate and detailed floor plans.

You can use it with ease, regardless of your level of experience.

After that, you might bring your floor plan when shopping to see if there is enough space for new furniture.

With many features and support for metric and imperial units, this is one of the best architecture apps for Android.

Next, use cloud sync to share automatically and backup plans across devices.

Utilizing the official Floor Plan Creator website or other devices, edit plans uploaded to the cloud.

Similarly, you can export your work as a print-to-scale image, PDF, DXF, or SVG.

The premium app only requires a single payment, and there are never any distracting ads.

Furthermore, each in-app purchase costs between $0.92 and $8.48.

Numerous users have also left positive reviews. Its interface, for instance, appears fully functional, easy to use, and not overly complicated.

Users frequently claim that Floor Plan Creator is the only free smartphone app that functions best.


The 3D model viewer BIMx, created by Graphisoft, is a useful addition to any architect’s toolbox.

It improves departmental coordination, especially when it comes to bridging the gap that often exists between construction teams and architectural studios.

Even for those needing more substantial design and architecture experience, BIMx’s many features make conducting in-depth and comprehensive model inspections easier.

Graphisoft BIMx is offered as a desktop and mobile application with comparable features.

BIMX offers other functionalities besides streamlined collaboration features and in-context measuring tools to facilitate effective project communication and collaboration.

7. Planner 5D

Next on our list of architecture apps for Android is Planner 5D.

The most effective and appropriate app for creating your ideal home is Planner 5D, which is also widely used. Get a 2D, 3D, and virtual reality view of your designed home plan.

It’s even possible to borrow concepts from other people’s work. Along with the floor plan, begin designing the exterior and interior spaces based on your preferences.

Consult the catalogs to choose and resize furniture, alter color and texture, adjust décor pieces, and personalize the items.

However, the free version only allows you to view and edit some catalogs.

Please take a photo of any other designs you like, then work on it. This app is even functional in the situation of a network connection failure.

8. Houzz

One of the best architecture apps for Android, Houzz can help you with all your needs, whether building, remodeling, or decorating.

You’ll be happy using it because it provides many features to simplify your tasks.

The app’s vast collection of more than a million high-resolution interior and exterior pictures is one of its best features.

To find inspiration for your project, you can quickly browse and pick images according to your tastes.

Once you’ve selected the images you like, you can immediately draw and annotate them using the sketch feature. The best way to browse and buy products is with Houzz.

Additionally, the app allows you to connect with millions of professionals in home improvement.

For this reason, this app deserves a spot among the best architecture apps available.

Houzz is currently available for free download. After selecting one of the three packages—Starter ($65/month), Essential ($99/month), or Ultimate ($399/month)—you can begin your 30-day free trial of the Pro version.

9. CubiCasa

The main use case for CubiCasa is as a floor planning application that converts indoor scans into accurate floor plan models enhanced with dimensions and other useful information.

Its primary function is to create 2D-floor plans, but it can also create location-based reports highlighting specific room features and including a plethora of extra data.

CubiCasa is a flexible tool used in various fields, such as commercial spaces, real estate listings, smart homes, interior design, and more. CubiCasa|2D Floor Plans” is the name of the CubiCasa Android app.

The previous features, such as indoor scanning, floor plan creation, home report generation, and plan exporting capabilities, are all included in this app.

With all of the features the Android app offers, users can anticipate a thorough experience.

10. Floor Plan Creator

Another excellent app for designing a home is called Floor Plan Creator.

You can measure and compute the area required by each room here. If not, the app will take care of it automatically.

Measure the space to accommodate the furniture as well. You can choose a duplex or more if you require more rooms in your chosen area.

The symbol library, which includes electric items, windows, and doors, is available.

You will be able to view the completed house in three dimensions. The app will draw the plan with a mouse and stylus pen.

Among the features are the ability to install it on different devices, store a backup plan in the cloud, modify the file format, use units, and work with certain laser meters.

11. Homify

The ideal app for connecting with professionals in architecture design is called Homify.

This app is a great option to gather many ideas without searching through search engines one at a time.

1.5 million images of exterior and interior house designs are available. After that, it will assist you in obtaining all the expert advice and support you require to complete your tasks.

Additionally, you can activate the filter photos according to specific categories, like the most recent, popular right now, and all-time.

Even though you initially struggle to understand the layout, you eventually understand that Homify deserves a spot on the list of the best architecture apps for Android.

12. Chief Architect

As its name suggests, Chief Architect is a CAD solution well-known for its automated building tools that make it easier to create construction designs.

With features like floor plans and panoramic renders, its main focus is on residential designs.

Professionals in interior design, remodeling, kitchen design, and related fields need this indispensable tool.

Additionally, the software has integrated sharing features that make it simple to present designs to homeowners or subcontractors.

Chief Architect provides the 3D Viewer app accessible on iOS and Android platforms.

This app offers a gyro camera feature, manual camera adjustment, walking and flying modes, and many other features for extensive model viewing.

On smartphones and tablets, users can efficiently explore and present their designs with the help of the 3D Viewer app.

13. GPS Fields Area Measure

For architects and many others, one of the best architecture apps for Android is called PlanGrid, and it’s free.

The app measures area, perimeter, and distance with extreme accuracy.

You can choose the GPS/Auto-measure option and begin walking after marking the area to be measured.

You can easily mark the boundaries using the Smart Marker mode.

For this reason, it is frequently used in construction sites, sports, farms, land surveying, solar panel installation, and other applications where area measurement and planning are necessary.

Additionally, you can use the auto-generated link to share the route maps with others if you so choose.

There are additional versions of the app available if you require more features.

14. Home Designer

You’ve found the best app if you’re searching for an architecture design app that will allow you to create floor plans quickly. 

Home Designer is included in this list of the best architecture apps, given its practical applications.

Even image files can be imported and used as templates. After that, you can experiment with the interior design and alter the size and design.

In addition, there is a library with over a thousand pieces of furniture.

The Home Design app is free and downloadable; in-app purchases cost between $5.78 and $58.51 per item.

15. Revizto

Next on our list of architecture apps for Android is Revizto. Revizto is a powerful platform for collaboration that facilitates 2D and 3D workflows.

It provides a centralized BIM environment that improves communication between all project participants.

Its strong issue-tracking and clash-detection capabilities, which offer a dependable way to find and fix model conflicts, are among its most notable features.

A major selling point of Revizto is that it provides many VR-related functionalities, such as guided walkthroughs of project models.

Revizto Site is the name of the Revizto Android app. It is a relatively new addition to the platform’s functionality and comes with many features on par with the fully functional desktop app.

Viewing 2D and 3D models, tracking issues, displaying object properties, viewing point cloud data, navigating between appearance templates, and more are all possible with the Revizto Site app.

With the Android app, users can complete most tasks on the go, offering flexibility and convenience.

Revizto also has an older Android app called Revizto 5, which is limited to Android tablets but has some of the same features as Revizto, like real-time issue tracking, 3D/2D model management, and simplified collaboration.

16. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D allows you to locate interior design inspiration and produce one simultaneously for a polished end product.

If you made a mistake, don’t worry—undo and redo options are available.

With its amazing photo-realistic 3D rendering feature, Home Design 3D is a standout app for architecture.

The ability to explore your 3D floor plan in real-time gives you a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you the impression that you are inside your future home, which sets it apart.

Additionally, you can access this app’s features and illustrated tutorials without an internet connection.

It continues to offer reasonably priced in-app purchases for $0.20 to $21.63 for each item or a $8.99 Gold Plus Version subscription.

17. My Measures

Last on our list of the architecture apps for Android is My Measures.

The app My Measures, which stores and shares object dimensions, is true to its evocative name.

The app works on a straightforward principle: users can take a picture and annotate it with dimensions, such as angles, arrows, and precise object measurements.

Users can arrange their projects using folders and work with multiple unit systems and fractions with My Measures.

Although certain features are free, in-app purchases are required to access additional features.


It can be challenging to find a single app in the broad field of architecture that precisely matches your unique use case.

Apps for architecture differ greatly from one another and frequently target different audiences and have different needs.

The trend lets you use your own Android phone to plan it.

With these apps, you can estimate the project’s cost and select the materials required for the house.

As a result, the list of architecture apps for Android above is a fantastic way for you to begin a better professional life.

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