78 Popular Arabic Boy Names and Their Meaning

Arabic Boy Names

When it comes to Arabic boy names, there is a long list rich in heritage. Many male Arabic names have Islamic roots, are hundreds of years old, and are still popular today.

These names are typically given to a baby boy by his parents on his birth, though some babies may receive their names seven days later.

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is naming your new baby boy, and there are dozens of excellent games to choose from! It’s a little easier if you break it down by language.

Furthermore, Over 300 million individuals from 26 different nations speak Arabic. It’s also one of the most challenging languages to master!

It is a popular language for names because of its intricacy, elegance, and distinct sound. There are a lot of names that have numerous meanings!

Arabic provides several fantastic alternatives for your baby boy, whether you’re searching for a common name or something that will stick out from the rest.

Each of these Arabic baby names has a unique meaning in the Arabic language. Names with spiritual significance, names associated with nature and the earth, and names that convey strength and personality are among these meanings.

Despite their brief length, Arabic male baby names are based on centuries of naming history and maybe the perfect name for your baby boy.

However, Arabic boy names may align with many other cultures in honoring power, discipline, and solid personal attributes when they are not inspired by faith and religion.

Abbas (عباس)

This is a mighty name that would be ideal for a baby boy! Abbas is a Persian name that means “lion” in English.

Abdul (عبد)

Which means “servant of God.”

Ali (علي)

This very trendy and adorable Arabic name for boys has us completely smitten! Ali means ‘champion’ or ‘elevated’ in Arabic and is a common Muslim name. It’s rare to come across a three-letter name with a lovely meaning!

Abeer (عبير)

Abeer, which can also be written Abir, is an ancient Arabic name. It means ‘rose fragrance.’

Abdullah (عبدالله)

Abdullah is probably one of the most popular current Arabic boy names! It means “servant of Allah” or “slave of God.” Abdullah would be well-suited to the moniker Abdu. Abdullah, the father of Islamic mystic Muhammed, was a prominent bearer!

Aftab (آفتاب)

In the Middle East, the name Aaftab is highly prevalent. It means “sunlight” or “Sun.”

Aadil (عادل)

Aadil is one of the most adorable Arabic boy names. It means ‘high in moral and virtuous’ or ‘righteous.’

Adam (آدم)

This is one of the Arabic boy names which means “Made from earth or clay.”

Amin (أمين)

Amin is one of the Arabic boy names that mean “trustworthy.”

Amir (اَمير)

Amir is a Muslim name that translates to “a prince born to deliver orders or a born leader.”

Ahmad (أحمد)

Ahmed is a prominent Arabic name that means “the one who continually thank God or who is greatly honoured.” A lovely name with a beautiful meaning

Ajmal (أجمل)

This is one of the beautiful Arabic boy names that means “very handsome.”

Ashraf (أشرف)

Ashraf means “Most Honorable One.”

Aziz (عزيز)

Aziz is one of the Arabic boy names that mean “Darling or Precious.”

Bashir (بشير)

This simply means “One who brings good news.”

Bilal (بلال)

Bilal means “Freshness or Moisture.”

Dawood (داوود)

This is the Arabic version of the word David. It simply means “Beloved.”

Deen (دين)

Simply means “Religion.”

Elyas (إلياس)

A lovely name for parents searching for something modern, original, and short with a beautiful meaning! In the Islamic religion, Elyas means ‘Lord is my God.’ It is also the biblical name for Elijah.

Emaan (إِيمَان)

If you want your child to stand out from the crowd, this is the name for him! Emaan means ‘victorious,’ ‘pious,’ or ‘a person who is wholly committed to God.’

Farooq (فاروق)

A famous ancient Arabic name means ‘he who understands the difference between right and wrong.’ Farouk, Faruqi, Farok, and Farouq are other variations of the name.

Fahad ( فہد)

Who wouldn’t want their son to be named after something associated with strength, power, and agility? Fahad is an Arabic name that translates to ‘leopard’ or ‘panther.’ The number 8 is a lucky number for someone with this name.

Faizal (فَيْصَل)

Faizal, which means ‘judge’ or ‘the one who judges,’ is popular in Arab countries. Faizi, Faisal, and Faizel are other names that are similar to this one.

Fateh (فاتح)

‘Conqueror’ is the meaning of this lovely Arabic name. In Arab-speaking nations, Fateh is very popular among Muslim households. Rahat-Fateh Ali Khan, a well-known vocalist, is a famous bearer.

Ghaffar (الغفار)

Ghaffar is a common Muslim surname that means “worker of a person who forgives and forgets others’ misdeeds,” “most forgiving,” or “merciful.”

Haafiz (حافظ)

Haafiz is an Arabic name that means ‘keeper’ or ‘guardian.’ Hafeez and Hafiz are two other names for the same person.

Haamid (حَامِد)

‘Loving linked with a God’ is a common Muslim name. ‘One who praises’ or ‘one who gives approbation.’

Hamza (همزة)

Hamza simply means “Lion, Strong or Brave.”

Harun (هارون)

Harun simply means “Warrior lion.”

Hussain (حُسَيْن)

means’ excellent looking,’ ‘handsome,’ or ‘beautiful.’ It is a famous Arabic or Egyptian name. Hussein is a different spelling of this name.

Ibrahim (ابراهيم)

Ibrahim is another fantastic possibility for a baby boy’s name! This is a name variation of Ebrahim and signifies “father of many nations.”

Idris (إدريس)

Are you looking for an unusual Arabic name for your son? Idris means ‘lord of studious,’ and it is a pleasant and distinctive name.

Imam (إمام)

Imam is a prominent Muslim name that means “chief” or “leader.”

Imran (عمران)

Parents always want their children to be successful in life! Imran is another word for ‘property.’

Ismail (إسماعيل)

Ismail is an ancient Arabic name that means ‘God will hear.’ Ishmael, Isaiah, and Isaac are more names that are similar.

Jabbar (الجبار)

The meaning of the name is ‘mighty,’ just like the heaviness of the name. Jabbar is also one of Allah’s 99 names.

Jafar (جعفر)

Jafar is a sweet Muslim name that means “stream.” Jafar was also the name of Ali’s fourth caliph’s brother.

Jahmil (جميل)

Will you agree that your son is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you? Jahmil is a Muslim name that means ‘a a handsome man.’

Jalaal (جلال)

‘Faith’s glory’ is the meaning of a glorious name. The epic ruler Akbar, Jalaal-Ud-Din-Mohammed, was also known as Jalaal. The name will assure your son’s glory.

Junaid (جنيد)

A traditional Arabic name for infant boys! Junaid is Arabic for soldier or ‘warrior,’ attributes you’ll always want your son to have.

Kabir (کبیر)

Kabir is one of the most famous names among Muslims, and for a good reason. The name will never lose its allure, no matter how widespread it is. Kabir is a Persian word that means ‘excellent.’

Kadir (قدیر)

Kadir is a lovely and elegant name that means ‘beam of light,’ ‘grass shoot,’ or ‘green spring.’ The name Kadir is a popular variation of the name Qadir.

Kamal (كمال‌)

Kamal is one of the Arabic boys’ names that means “Excellence.”

Khaleed (خالد)

Khaleed means “Eternal, Endless or Immortal.”

Latif (اللطيف)

The name is Islamic and means’ gentle’ and ‘kind.’

Laziz (لذیذ)

Laziz is an Arabic word that means ‘lovely one.’

Mahdi (ٱلْمَهْدِيّ)

Mahdi means “the guided one.”

Malik (مَالِك)

Malik means “owner or king.”

Mohammed (محمد)

Mohammed is one of those names that is timeless! This beautiful name is an Arabic name that means ‘colossal,’ ‘bigger than anything,’ or ‘vastness.’

Mehfooz (محفوظ)

Mehfooz, often spelt Mahfooz, is an adorable Islamic name that means “protected” or “guarded.”

Mahmood (محمود)

It’s a pity that this name isn’t as popular as it once was! ‘The acclaimed one,’ or someone deserving of reverence,’ is what Mahmood means.

Nasir (ناظر)

A sweet and brief Muslim name that signifies ‘success giver.’ 

Omar (عمر)

Omar means ‘a fluent orator or forceful.’ It is a classic Arabic name with its charm and vibe.

Qabil (قابيل)

Names that begin with the letter Q are uncommon, unusual, and appealing! ‘An acceptance or approver of anything,’ says Qaabil.

Qahir (قاهر)

Qatar is a conqueror and a winner of territories for his people!

Qadim (قادم)

Old is indeed gold. Qadim is a historic Arabic name that signifies “something exceedingly old and ancient.”

Qalam (قلم)

The name Qalam means pen, which is unusual for a name. Qalam was a pen formed of dried reefs used for Islamic calligraphy in the past.

Qasim (قاسم)

You’d like your son to have two values: kindness and sharing. Qasim is a term that refers to a person who divides his possessions amongst others.

Rahman (رحمن)

Rahman is one of the very popular Arabic boy names. It is one of the names of Almighty Allah (God). The name simply means “Entirely merciful.”

Rahim (رحيم)

A lovely name with an even more fantastic meaning. Rahim is a word that signifies “kind, sympathetic, and merciful.”

Rafeeq (رفيق)

Rafeeq is Arabic for a kind person.’

Rashid (راشد)

Rashid is a common Muslim name that denotes someone who has reached adulthood or is right-minded.

Salah (صلاح)

Salam simply means “Righteousness, goodness, peace.” 

Samir (سمير)

Samir or Sameer has grown increasingly popular among Muslim families and families of other faiths in recent years. In addition, this is a charming buddy or a devoted and happy individual.

Sadiq (صديق)

Sadiq is a relatively common name in Arabic-speaking nations, and it means “honest and trustworthy.”

Salman (سَلْمان)

Many parents want to name their children after a well-known person or iconic actor! Salman is an Arabic name that means “safety” or “security.”

Saif (سيف)

Saif is a Muslim name that means “sword” in Arabic.

Sahil (ساحل)

Sahil is a lovely and timeless name that means “guide” or “bank of anything.”

Usman (عثمان)

Usman is a common Arabic name that means ‘the chosen one.’

Tawfiq (توفيق)

Tawfiq means “successful, Fortunate.”

Waheed (وحيد)

If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind name with a one-of-a-kind meaning, this is it! Waheed is an Arabic word that signifies “exclusive” or “special.”

Wasim (وسيم)

A lovely name with a beautiful meaning! ‘A person who is gorgeous and honest,’ says Wasim.

Yakub (يعقوب)

The meaning of a traditional Muslim name is ‘God will protect.’


The Arabic name Yousef is derived from the biblical name Joseph. Yousuf is another name variation.

Zain (زين)

Zain often spelled Zayn, is an Arabic name that has gained popularity in recent years and means “lovely one.”

Zaahir (ظهير)

Zaahir is an Arabic name that means dazzling, bright, or sparkling. It is derived from the name

Zaid (زيد)

Zaid is an Islamic name that signifies “prosperity.”

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