Anablephobia: The Fear of Looking Up

Anablephobia: The Fear of Looking Up

What if someone told you it was possible for you to be afraid of things as simple, please, as looking down or looking up? Well, that may seem weird, but it’s the truth.

Anablephobia is the fear of looking up, and the word ana is of Greek origin (meaning up), ble is of Latin origin (meaning result of the act of), and phobia is also of Greek origin, and it means fear.

Anablephobia is categorized as a specific phobia because it is a phobia with a known “fear object.” Anablephobia is also called Anablepophobia.

Causes of Anablephobia

It is generally accepted that fears like this arise from a combination of external events like traumatic events or environmental factors.

It may also result from internal predispositions such as heredity or genetics. Many specific phobias can easily be traced back to a particular triggering event, which usually may be a traumatic experience at a young age.

However, Social phobias and agoraphobia have been identified to have more complex causes that are not fully known at present.

It is believed that genetics, heredity, and brain chemistry pair with life-experiences to play a primary role in the development of different types of phobias.

Symptoms of Anablephobia

As with any other phobia that exists, the symptoms of Anablephobia may vary by person depending on the impact or level of fear that they feel.

The symptoms of Anablephobia typically include extreme dread and anxiety, as well as anything associated with panic like rapid breathing, shortness of breath, inability to articulate words or sentences, irregular heartbeat, excessive sweating, sweating, nausea, dry mouth, nausea, shaking and dry mouth.

Treatment for Anablephobia

There is no known treatment that is specific to this or any other phobia, for that matter. However, there are several methods of treatment that are commonly used for managing phobias, and they include therapy like Cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy.

Medications for Anablephobia

While there is no specific medicine that has been prescribed for the treatment of Anablephobia, it is good to note that there are some that can be prescribed to manage the symptoms.

Medications for managing the symptoms of Anablephobia can have side effects or even withdrawal systems that may be severe.

It is also essential to note that medicines prescribed for these symptoms do not cure phobias, and they only temporarily suppress the systems. However, it is best to try out any of the available therapy options.

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