50 African Boy Names: Origin and Meanings

African Boy Names

Africa’s influence looms large when it comes to their culture and baby names. Being the second-largest continent in the world, Africa is filled with different countries and varying baby names according to their culture.

African names are believed to play a significant role in a child’s life, and that is why parents of African descent are extremely careful with the names they give their babies.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the best African boy names that you can give your son. This list contains both popular and unique entries from different cultures in the African continent, and they come with powerful meanings that you would love to see manifested in your child’s life.


A unique name of Swahili origin, meaning stern. This name stands for  strength


This name owes its origin to Ethiopian culture. It means he has grown. This is a very popular name among Africans


This name originated from West Africa and is very popular amongst the Yoruba people in Nigeria. It simply means born during his father’s presence with variants like Bidemi or Demi


This is a rare and unique name with Ghanaian roots. With this name comes a wave of strength and energy. It means warrior


Adisa means one who will teach us. This particular name is of Ghanaian origin and a perfect fit for your baby as it brings along  good positivity for the bearer


This is a very unique name as it serves both genders. It means a beautiful child and is of Gambian origin. Its variant is Adam


The name Adrian has become so popular in the United States, but its actual origin is central Madagascar. It means high-class man and is used mostly for people who are noble


This is a popular name among Ghanaians. It has to do with the intellect and thinking capacity of a person. It means someone who thinks deeply. People who bear this name are usually calm and calculative


A Ghanaian name that means ‘messenger from God,’ definitely most parents would love this name as it relates to divinity and God


 Amari is an African boy name that signifies strength. You may want to think about giving your baby boy this name because of its symbolic meaning. Amari means one who possesses great strength.


This name has its roots in Swahili, meaning son of a chief. It is mostly given to the male sons of their local chiefs


Asim is a name that originated from North Africa, and it means protector. This name depicts strength


Azizi means the precious one. It owes its origin to Swahili culture. A perfect name for your baby boy, who is a precious gift to you


A popular Yoruba name which means follow me home. It can also be spelled as Bami or Dele. One famous bearer of this name is Bamidele Olumilua, who was once a Governor in Nigeria


Beluchi is a rare and unique name amongst the Ibo people in Nigeria. It means provided God approves. This name is special as it signifies that only what God approves happens in our life


Bobo is a fascinating name that has found its root in Africa and Ghana in particular. The name Bobo means one who was born on Tuesday in Ghanian while it means humble in African


This name originated from Kiswahili, and it means gentleman. This name is as unique as it sounds.


This name originated from Malawi. It is a very symbolic name for couples who haven’t been able to produce children for some time. It means he has arrived at last


In West Africa, this name ranks among the highest African boy names. Chima means God knows and can be abbreviated as Chi. One famous bearer of this name is Chima Okorie


This name originated from the Eastern part of Nigeria, which means the ‘blessing of the Almighty.’ This is a unique name because your son is a blessing from God to you


Since children bring joy to the family, you would want to consider this name for your baby. It originated from the Amharic language in Ethiopia, meaning joy or happiness


This is a South African name that means ‘one who is searching.’ It ranks high among South Africans


It means one who is strong. Djimon originated from Swahili, and it is a very popular name among Africans


Having an intelligent son is the prayer of every parent. Elewisa means one who is intelligent and mindful. A thoughtful name for your son


Faraji is an East African name from Swahili, meaning’ consolation.’ Most people who bear this name are those who were given birth to after years of waiting for children by their parents.


This is a very unique and popular name among Africans and other continents of the world. Femi means ‘love me,’ and one famous bearer of this name is Femi Kuti, who was an Afrobeat legend and human rights activist from the western part of Nigeria.


Most couples love giving their babies names that depict power and strength. This particular name originated from Botswana, and it means conqueror


This name is very special as it has a symbolic meaning. Gitonga means wealthy one in Kenya


This is a unique Ghanaian name. Gyasi means the wonderful one. You may want to consider this name while checking out for African boy names for your baby


Hashaan means good looking. You would want to consider this name for your perfect little man as it may boost his morale among friends


This name is mostly for parents who love spiritual names. This name means immortal and from Senegal.


This name originated from Swahili, and it means spiritual leader. It is a very popular name in the United States and suitable for parents who love giving their children spiritual names.


Jabari means brave one and of Swahili origin. Boys tend to possess exceptional bravery, so this name will be perfect for your little boy


This name originated from Uganda. Kabaka means king and is used to refer to their traditional ruler and sometimes given to their babies.


Kenyada means a rare gem. This unique Swahili name is a perfect fit for your baby boy, who is a gem to you. This name is unique as its meaning is outstanding


This is a unique Ethiopian name that can alternatively be spelled as Caleb. It Means brave and faithful


Kofi is a West African name, meaning born on Friday. This name is popular among Ghanaians


Kwame is a  popular name among Ghanaians which means one who was born on a Saturday. It would be just the right name for your prince charming if he came into your life on a Saturday.


Mawuli simply means there is a God. This name would remind your child that God truly exist each time he is asked the meaning of his name


A rare Ethiopian name with the variant Meleak, it means the angel. This is a beautiful name for your baby because of its angelic meaning


This name comes with dignity, and it’s just perfect for your little prince. It simply means grace and majesty.


This unique Ethiopian name comes with a strong and powerful meaning for your boy. Neberu means ‘The leopard.’ An interesting name for your son.


This particular Ethiopian name is rare, making it unique and perfect for your little one. It has an intriguing meaning which is ‘he will wear the crown.’


The name Nnamdi originated from the Ibo people in Nigeria. It symbolically has two different meanings, one relating to God and another to mortals. It can either mean my God is alive or my father lives.


A unique Yoruba name meaning king. This name is usually used by the Yoruba people to refer to their traditional ruler


Since names play a significant role in our lives, this name is definitely perfect for your baby boy. This is an Egyptian name that means strong eyesight.


Shakir is a North African name that means thankful. With this name, you can be able to imbibe in your child the importance of being thankful.


This simply means one who brings good fortune, and its origin is Rwanda. This is definitely a positive name for your baby as he may bring you and your family good fortune.


Shaka means leader, and it is mostly used by the South Africans for their traditional leaders


This name originated from Zulu, and it means ‘to rejoice’ with a variant Jabu


The name Mandla means strength. It is a popular name among Africans with its origin from Zulu


This is an African name that is very popular among the Yoruba people in Nigeria. It means the Lord is Worthy to be served


A Yoruba name which means my prosperity has come. This name is very unique and popular among the westerners in Nigeria


A bold and strong son is the wish of every parent. Yafeu means a strong man. This is a special name among Ghanaians.

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