100 Iconic African Baby Girl Names

African Baby Girl Names

The best gift a parent can give to their newborn baby is that which they’ll carry for their entire life, and that’s the gift of a good name.

This great bundle of Joy given to you from heaven deserves to have a name so sweet she would be grateful to you all her life.

And for this reason, we’ve made a list of beautiful African names for girls and their meanings for our mothers out there to help them narrow their search and make the right choice when naming their princesses.

Cute And Unique African Baby Girl Names With Meanings

1. Adah

The name Adah is of Hebrew origin, and the name means ‘a beautiful ornament’. The wives of Lamech and Esau in the old testament bore the name Adah.

2. Aliyah

This name with an Arabic origin is quite famous amongst the Africans. It is the feminine version of the name Ali. The name means ‘the rising’. Some variants of the name are Alia, Alya, and Aliya.

3. Audre

Audre is a sweet name with an English origin. The name means ‘noble strength’. A popular display of the meaning of this name was Audre Lorde who grew up battling cancer with a perfect display of strength.

4. Adaliya

Adaliya is a name with German origin, and it means ‘the noble one.’ It is a spectacular name well suited for your angels, and it comes with the nickname Liya.

5. Adelaide

Adelaide is a name quite famous across the globe, and the meaning is ‘nobility’. Adelaide was the name of the German princess who married the British King William IV in 1830 and was known as the ‘Good Queen Adelaide’.

6. Alyssa

The name Alyssa was formed from the German name Adalheidis which means ‘noble and kind.’ the name is pronounced as ‘uh-lee-suh’.

7. Aurelia

This name is of Latin origin, the name Aurelia is loved by everyone as it means ‘golden’. The name Aurelia was coined from the name Aurelius and is quite popular amongst Various countries.

8. Amber

Amber is a pretty feminine name that originated from the Arabic countries. Amber is referred to as a jewel; the colour of the amber jewel is of a warm honey shade.

9. Bolanle

Bolanle originated from the Yoruba speaking parts of Nigeria; it means ‘the one who finds wealth at home.’ It is believed to attract wealth naturally.

10. Bethanie

The name Bethanie is of Hebrew origin, and it means ‘a place near Jerusalem where Jesus visited Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

11. Binta

Binta is a divine name belonging to both the Africans and the Arabians, and it is a suitable name for parents seeking spiritual names for their daughter. The name Binta means ‘with God’.  

12. Bisa

The name Bisa originated from Africa, and it means ‘greatly loved’. Girls with this name are believed to attract love and care.

13. Billie

Billie is an English origin name, and it is a short and sweet name for both boys and girls. The name means ‘resolute protection’.

14. Brianna

Brianna is a name with an Irish origin. The name means ‘strong, virtuous and honourable’ and it can be shortened to “Bri” as a nickname.

15. Candice

The name Candice is quite popular in Africa and America. This wonderful feminine name means ‘Pure and innocent’. It is a perfect name for your sweet little pudding girl child.

16. Cassandra

Cassandra means ‘unheeded’ prophetess, it is of Greek origin and is considered to be very Important as pertaining to Greek history. Cassandra was the Trojan prophetess that prophecied the fall of Troy but was unheeded.

17. Charlotte

Charlotte is a feminine french name founded in the 14th century, and it is the Female version of the name Charlot or Charles. The name means ‘Free Will’.

18. Ciara

Ciara is the feminine version of the Irish male name Ciaran. The name means ‘dark-haired or black-haired’.

19. Dakota

Dakota is of American origin, and it is a very popular name meaning ‘a friend or an ally’.

20. Danielle

Danielle is the feminine version of Daniel. Danielle is a Hebrew origin name meaning ‘God is my Judge’.

21. Delilah

The name Delilah means ‘amorous or delightful’. It is a Hebrew baby name for girl children.

22. Dominique

Dominique is the female version of the male french name Dominic. The name means ‘one who belongs to God’.

23. Elaine

If you need something charming, elegant, and distinctive, then Elaine is the name for your baby girl. It is the past french version of the name Helen. The name Elaine means ‘bright and shining light’.

24. Edwina

This is the female version of the name Edwin, and it means ‘rich friend’. The name is pretty old and was famous during the Victorian time.

25. Eloise

Eloise is an English name with French origin; it means ‘healthy and wise’.

26. Eshe

The name Eshe first gained ground amongst the Swahili speaking people. Eshe means ‘life and energy’ both of which shows zeal, enthusiasm, and positivity towards life. It is one of the best choices of names from the female African collection.

27. Frida

The name was inspired by a celebrity that was quite popular at some point In time. She was a Mexican and an excellent painter called Frida Kahlo. She was named after the meaning ‘Peaceful’.

28. Fajah

A very rare African name meaning ‘thanks’.

29. Fayola

Fayola stands with the top cute names for female babies, and it means ‘One who walks with honour’. The name originated from Africa and is perfect for your girl child to live an esteemed life with dignity and self-respect.

30. Gabrielle

Gabrielle is the feminine version of the Hebrew name Gabriel which means ‘woman of God’.

31. Gemma

Gemma is a beautiful Italian name that cuts across many countries. The name Gemma means ‘a precious jewel’.

32. Hailey

A very beautiful and common name meaning ‘a meadow or an open clearing’.

33. Hannah

Hannah or otherwise spelt Hanna is a name with Hebrew origin that means ‘grace or Favour’.

34. Hyacinth

This is a beautiful female name of Greek origin. The name is gotten from a pretty purple coloured flower.

35. Indigo

Do you tend to lose track of time when you’re staring into her deep blue eyes? If yes, then Indigo is the perfect African girl name for your sweet daughter.

36. Isis

The name was originated from Egypt, and it is derived from the goddess Isis of the Egyptian pantheon.

37. Jemila

This beautiful name originated from Somalia amongst the Swahili speaking people. The name is also quite popular in Arab and other African countries. The name means beautiful.

38. Jendayi

There’s no perfect sign for humility than being thankful. The name Jendayi originated from Zimbabwe, and it means ‘grateful and thankful’. If you want a daughter so filled with humility, you must definitely give this name a thought.

39. Jacenta

Jacenta is a Greek origin name that can also be used as an alternative for the name Hyacinth which is a deep purple coloured flower.

40. Jovita

Jovita is of Latin origin, and it means ‘happy’. Some other forms of the name are Jasmine, Jalena, and Jacinta.

41. Kalifa

Kalifa is a beautiful spiritual name with Arabic and African origin. It is a perfect name for highly spiritual parents to give their girl child. Kalifa means ‘holy and chaste’. The name will surely have positive impacts on the girl’s life one way or another.

42. Keandra

A Gaelic origin name meaning ‘keen power’.

43. Kadeesha

This name is beautiful and one of a kind, it means ‘one with an expressive and outgoing nature’.

44. Kalinda

This name holds great significance in Hindu mythology. The name originated from Sanskrit, and it means ‘the sun’.

45. Keisha

An Ancient African name meaning ‘great joy’.

46. Kylie

A Name that originated from the Gaelic, Kylie means ‘beautiful or graceful’.

47. Laila

A Name coined from the Persian name Leila, it means ‘black beauty’. Perfect for your dark-skinned baby girl.

48. Leal

Leal is a name that originated from Africa, and it means ‘faithful’. It is among the cutest baby names for black girls. If you want your daughter to be loyal and faithful, Leal is the perfect name for her.

49. Lysha

 A Hebrew originated name meaning ‘A happy and delightful person’.

50. Larah

This is a very uncommon Latin origin name usually pronounced as ‘lar-ah’.

51. Makeba

Makeba is a unique and uncommon baby girl name. It is an Ethiopian name that translates to ‘greatness’. One of its famous bearers is a South African singer by the name Miram Makeba.

52. Maya

The name Maya means ‘Illusion’. It is a mythological name having Greek origin. The name Maya is common amongst countries, including India. Despite how simple this name looks, you’ll be surprised to know it does have a diverse history.

53. Michelle

Michelle is the female version of the male Hebrew name Michael. The name means ‘just like God’. One of its famous bearers is the former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama, who is considered to be one of the most influential women of the 21st century.

54. Malika

This is a name with Arabic origin, and it is quite popular amongst blacks worldwide. The name Malika means ‘queen’.

55. Mandisa

Mandisa is a name of African origin, meaning sweetness. Mandisa is the perfect name for sweet little baby girls, especially when it has a very cute pronunciation to go with it.

56. Nina

Nina is one of the very wonderful names for baby girls. The name Nina means ‘the priceless one’, and it sure is a perfect name for your little girl.

57. Nzinga

This name began from the central African continent. The beautiful name is said to have diverse meanings, but the one that fits best is ‘beautiful’.  A famous bearer of the name is Queen Nzinga Mbandi who fought against the Portuguese colonizers in Southwest Africa.

58. Nichelle

A name of African origin meaning ‘Victorious maiden’. Just like Michelle, the name Nichelle is quite sweet and has a deep meaning to it.

59. Nakeisha

Nakeisha is a very uncommon name, it is of African origin, and this beautiful and unique name means ‘her life’.

60. Oba

A pure African originated name that is not so common. The name means ‘river goddess’.

61. Phylicia

A Latin origin name, Phylicia means ‘lucky.’ parents feel they are lucky to have the child as their daughter, well; the daughter is also lucky to have them as her parents, So why not just name her after this noble thought!.

62. Paulina

This is a female version of the name Paul. The name in Latin means ‘small’.

63. Patriciana

A name originated from  Latin, and it means ‘Noble’. Another version of the name is Patricia.

64. Quiesha

An African name which means ‘favourite’.

65. Quanesia

A special Jamaican name for a baby girl meaning ‘life’.

66. Ruby

The name Ruby is Latin originated, and it is gotten from a precious stone with deep red colour. Your baby is a gem to you so you should consider giving her this name.

67. Ramla

The origin of this name is still unknown as it is claimed to be both Egyptian and African. The name Ramla means prophetess, and it is a name that offers sanctity and godliness.

68. Serena

The name Serena is Latin originated, and it means ‘serene and tranquil’. It is the name of the popular tennis athlete Serena Williams.

69. Shaniece

Shaniece is a very rare African origin name meaning’ gift of God’ which is exactly what your daughter is to you.

70. Shaquana

The name Shaquana means ‘the truth in life’. The name is very unique and worthwhile. Give this name to your daughter and watch her be a light to the path of others.

71. Sakina

Mostly given to Muslim babies. It means ‘tranquil and devout’.

72. Sierra

Sierra is a name of Spanish origin representing strength and firmness.

73. Taisha

A name with Arabic origin meaning ‘alive and well’.

74. Taleisha

A name that originated from Jamaica and its totally unheard of, Taleisha means ‘blooming life’.

75. Tahleea

A name of Hebrew origin pronounced as ‘ta-hleea’.

76. Trissa

The name was gotten from the Latin-Americans, and it means ‘noble patrician’.

77. Toni

The time when parents gave their tiny cute daughters lengthy names like Antonia is gone as the name Antonia has been refurbished into Toni. The bubbles bursting part about the name is the meaning, ‘priceless one’.

78. Tori

The name Tori is a short form of the name Victoria, and it means ‘winner or conqueror’.

79. Tiffany

Tiffany is of Latin origin, and it means ‘manifestation of God’.

80. Ursula

A name with Latin origin meaning ‘little bear’.

81. Valeria

A strength-depicting feminine name meaning ‘brave and strong’.

82. Viera

The name Viera means ‘the truth’ it originated from Russia.

83. Vanesia

This name is of Greek descent, and it means ‘butterfly’.

84. Viola

Viola has a Latin origin; the true meaning is violet, which is another variant of the name or the beautiful purple flowers.

85. Winnie

Winnie is short for the very popular name Winifred, and the name Winnie means ‘peacemaking or gentle friend’. Winnie Mandela was the name of the second wife of Nelson Mandela who stood against the test of time and waited for her husband to get out of jail for 27 long years!

86. Wilma

A name with a German origin. The name means ‘strong Will’.

87. Wendalyn

Another German origin name with the meaning’ wandering woman’.

88. Winona

This name is unique and is usually attributed to the firstborn daughters as it originally means ‘firstborn daughter’.

89. Xia

A Greek originated name meaning ‘hospitable’.

90. Xaviera

The name Xaviera means ‘new house’ according to the Basque language.

91. Yalonda

Yalonda is a name of Greek origin, ancient Greek to be precise. The name means ‘a pretty violet flower’.

92. Yakeera

Yakeera is of the Hebrew origin, and it means ‘precious’.

93. Yana

Another Hebrew name meaning ‘merciful one’.

94. Yafit

The name of the Hebrew descent meaning ‘a worthy woman’.

95. Zahara

Zahara is a name that originated from Africa, and it means ‘A flower’.

96. Zalena

Zalena is an ancient Greek name with the meaning ‘shine’.

97. Zuri

This name is gotten from the Swahili speaking part of Africa, and it means ‘beautiful’.

98. Zarene

A name from Persia meaning ‘golden vessel.’

99. Zena

An African name that when translated, gives the meaning’ friendly or hospitable’.

100. Zora

The name to end this Naming guide is none other than Zora. Zora is a Serbo-Croatian origin name that’s rare and beautiful! It means ‘dawn.’ you can give your daughter the name, so she stays as beautiful as the morning sun.


Parents often say they want the best name for their daughter; the truth is whichever name you eventually choose becomes the best name for your child. Choosing unique names for children is what trends now, but then it is advised that you do not compromise on the pronunciation and meaning of the name.

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