7 Things in Your Backyard That Is Dangerous for You


It is not a bad idea to spend time in your backyard with your kids, have them run around while you play cameraman or woman.

Or you could simply want your girls to join you in the Jacuzzi and have a good girl’s time. However, all this is good too but there are dangers you might be exposed to in your backyard.

Bottom of Form Let us consider some of the ways you might be putting yourself in harm’s way, along with some ideas to help you minimize them.

Pesticide-infused grass

Pesticide-infused grass

We all know that pesticides contain harmful chemicals that are dangerous to humans, and direct exposure to this compound might increase your chances of cancer, amongst other diseases. Having your kids and pets play on pesticide-infused grass can literally rub off on them.

Pesticides also travel into streams and lakes, contaminating the water supply. Exposure to pesticide has been connected to increased cancer incidence, and can also lead to a hormonal disruption that causes thyroid issues or infertility.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services reports that homeowners use up to 10 times more pesticides per acre more than farmers do, just to maintain their lawns.

Lyme and ticks disease

The bite from a tick could leave you with Lyme disease, which may result to a period of exhaustion, and if left untreated, can cause even more problems such as meningitis, arthritis, or irregular heartbeat. You would have to check for ticks to stop this from happening regularly.

Look out for small little tick, which may be raised on the skin, and also, look out for the bull’s eye rash that may indicate the start of Lyme infection. See a doctor immediately if you are experiencing exhaustion or rash after removing a tick from your skin.

Dog poop

Your pet’s poo doesn’t actually do the work of a fertiliser. All it contains is loads of harmful bacteria. Your pooch’s faeces can contain viruses and worms which are dangerous to humans, some of which can be easily transmitted from skin-to-skin contact.

Dr. Bennett stated that dog faecal matter may contain parasites that you may not aware of, and can enter the body through your skin. Ensure you aren’t barefooted when you clean up after your dog.



You should watch out for bees in your environment if you are allergic to bees. You should also make sure there is an Epi-Pen available just in case you get stung by one. One can’t be too careful, so it is vital that an Epi-Pen is close by, just in case.

You can considerably avoid attracting bees if you don’t wear brightly coloured clothes, having perfumes on you, and eating or drinking sweets that the insect might find interesting.

Swimming pools

Last year, almost 5,000 people were rushed to the emergency room due to pool related accidents as a result of poisoning from chemicals in them, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Drowning isn’t the only thing you should be worried about.

Your life can be threatened as a result of the chemicals in your backyard pool. Asides being able to handle chemicals, you can be exposed to certain toxins as a result of over-treated pools, especially in hot tubs where water is vaporised and inhaled. Hot tubs allow for chemicals to seep into your body since it particularly opens the pores on your skin.

Follow the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), or adopt the use of ionization system to clean your pool to best avoid chemical contamination.

Backyard burning

Backyard burning

It doesn’t matter if it’s a burn barrel you use or a campfire, burning household waste is extremely dangerous.

Asides the risk of fire outbreak, waste burning may release chemicals into the air that have serious health consequences which includes, development disorders, kidney failure, asthma, including liver failure due to the effect of carbon-monoxide.

Ash residue can be particularly fatal, especially when it’s scattered on gardens. Properly dispose of trash, recycle and compost whenever you can.

Beyond the fire you make, Dr. Bennett indicated that smoke produced by wildfires can often irritate the body. This means that if you see or percieve smoke, stay away from it. She also advised setting up a fan to direct the smokes from the grill while it’s cooking.


If you must take out time, maybe on weekends, to spend quality time tanning with families and friends, it is crucial that you adopt the use of sunscreen.

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