5 Most Famous Flowers and Their Meanings


Women love flowers. We will do anything to get a beautiful flowery dress, a pair of shoes with a touch of fancy design and a nice bag with some roses on it. And oh! We feel it is romantic when we get presented flowers by our significant other.

I don’t know if every other person pays attention to the meaning of the flowers they get, but I for one am always conscious of what a person might be trying to tell me using flowers.

So every time I get flowers, I don’t just take them and keep them in a flower vase, I try to understand the meaning of that flower and how it affects my relationship with the person who gave them to me.

In this article, I have put together five different flowers and their meanings so that the next time the man you have a crush on present you a flower, you know what he is trying to tell you and you know the next step to take.

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1. Tulips


I love to lips as a matter of fact they are one of my favourite flowers. Tulips are not just any flowers; they are very special flowers because men give out too late exclusively when they are celebrating a special moment in their relationship with a woman.

When a man gives you red tulips, it means that he is deeply in love with you and this is because red is a passionate colour. Red tulips are also the official flower that you receive on your 11th wedding anniversary.

However, if your relationship is in you and you received red tulips, it is also a good thing because it means the man loves you so much and wants to live with you longer than 11 years (you just might be looking at forever).

Yellow tulips are also very lovely, and they are cheerful flowers they look just like the colour of the sun. So whenever you get yellow tulips, you need to understand that the person values your friendship because this flower is a friendship flower.

As for the pink ones, they are also very awesome, and if you have it in mind to impart the impression of love on a friend or family member, then pink flowers are just the perfect option for you.

2. Daisies


The classic white daisies naturally would give you this feeling of purity and innocence, and that is the reason why people give them out when they are in a new relationship.

If you’re on a honeymoon and you are thinking of the perfect flower to give to your spouse, then white daisies are your best option.

Daisies are however known to come in a wide range of colour. If you’re feeling very creative, you can have a combination of different colours of daisies in a bouquet and trust me your spouse would appreciate it.

For parents who just welcomed a newborn into their family, you can also use daisies for flower arrangement.

If you have a friend who just moved into a new home or is experiencing a new part of their life then, daisies should be given to them so that they would understand how much you care about them and how well you wish them in the new path they have chosen.

3. Lilies


Do you know somebody who is humble and virtuous? Then that person is probably named lily. Lilies are gorgeous flowers, and they mean virtue and humility.

If anybody presents you with lilies what the person is trying to make you understand is that the relationship the both of you are building is headed for the right direction.

Someone might also present you with lilies if they admire you for being a lovely person and they have hopes that everything you embark on in the future would have a brilliant ending.

White lilies are also called Maria flowers because they’ve been dedicated to the Virgin Mary. For this reason, they symbolise innocence and purity.

So if you’re thinking of the right flower to give to a new bride, you should consider white lilies. The Casablanca Lily is one other flower that has a magnificent bloom, and it is a perfect present for anyone whom you intend to be with, and you are ready to make a promise of a magnificent future life with.

Let us not forget the orange lily. Orange lilies are flowers you can give to anybody you’re passionate about.

And finally, the lily of the valley whenever I hear about the lily of the valley it reminds me of some kind of beautiful religious things. But asides that it impacts the message of sweetness to whoever you are presenting it to.

4. Carnations


Carnations are flowers that are usually given to express admiration and love for a person. If you get some light red carnations from someone what it means is that you are adored and the person really loves you.

However, you must not mistake a gift of red carnations for something related to passionate emotions. If you get dark red carnations it means the person has some sentimental affection may cause dark red carnations to say the same thing red roses mean.

As for light pink carnations they are often used to express gratitude to someone who took care of you just like your mother.

Dark pink carnations have more sentimental meaning, and that is why people usually give them out on first dates. If you wish anyone prosperity especially if they’re going into a new venture, then you might want to present them with white carnations.

White carnations are also presented to seniors because of the colour and because we naturally feel white signifies purity and cleanliness. We wish only purity and happiness for the old people around us.

5. Roses


I know this is what you have been waiting for. Roses they are the flower that comes to almost everybody’s mind when you think of getting flowers for anyone at all. The easiest way to show how much you love a significant other is by sending them red roses.

Pink roses are also very adorable, but they are presented when you have something important to say to somebody who is important to you. White roses are my all time favourite flower, and they are the classic flower that you give to a bride for her bouquet.

Orange roses mean enthusiasm and passion so if you have a friend who has shown tremendous passion and enthusiasm in a specific field you can give them orange roses.

And finally yellow roses they are the all-time joyful flour if you have someone who you wish to get well soon or you have a joyful message to deliver to any of your friends you could send them yellow roses.

If there are other flowers and meanings that you’ll love to share with us, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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