4 Best Online Masters in Luxury Management

Best Online Masters in Luxury Management
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The fashion and luxury goods industry is a sector that is constantly expanding. It is estimated that the industry will grow every year by at least 8%.

People who want to learn how to work in such a competitive environment need to know all the subtleties of promoting and marketing luxury goods — from where to hire an essay writer online for the perfect promotional texts to what champagne to treat potential luxury customers or even write personal statement for you.

We’ve prepared the best online courses for you where you can get a master’s degree in luxury management.

Executive Master in Luxury Management – EMILUX

The degree of Executive Master in Luxury Management (EMiLUX) requires you to study for 13 months.

This is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge of luxury and make an investment in your career.

You can look at the specialty from different cultural perspectives and in different markets.

The institution collaborates with world-renowned companies to create an exclusive education program and tools to prepare students as best as possible for their careers in the luxury industry.

Major partners include Bain & Company, BCG Dorchester Collection Academy, Moet Hennessy, and Cartier.

The main advantage of the EMiLUX program is the symbiosis of a high level of academic training and the lively world of luxury businesses.

Teachers are constantly involved in research, publishing articles, undergoing continuing education, and advising some of the world’s most renowned luxury companies.

MIA Digital University

This program will offer advanced knowledge and skills in management, marketing, customer relations, and communication in the luxury industry and provide a clear understanding of how the world of the industry works.

The study will help students enrich their understanding of the fashion and luxury sector, stand out amongst their peers by learning relevant skills, and make themselves more attractive to employers.

The program focuses on helping to address the pressing challenges of the luxury and fashion industry, as follows:

  • Understanding a new type of consumer;
  • Overcoming the challenges of an evolving retail industry;
  • Global online shopping.

Students will learn about the real challenges facing luxury companies, important business operations, design, innovative tools, technology, and the importance of strong interpersonal relationships with customers and how to develop them.

Through this online program, students can advance their careers in the fashion and luxury goods industry and increase their salaries.

Students will learn how to create strategic marketing development plans and communication strategies and implement them. They will also learn the basic skills of project managers in the luxury and fashion world.

The training takes place entirely online. Students can access videos, live webinars, and tutorials and interact with instructors and peers.

GBSB Global Business School – Online programs

The Master in Fashion & Luxury Business Management is designed for students who are interested in management in the fashion and luxury industry.

The program works with luxury businesses in Europe and around the world.

These companies are constantly looking for employees who know how to combine management and creativity in the luxury sector.

This training program nurtures a new generation of managers who uncover their creative talents and learn the necessary business management skills.

Upon graduation, students will have the leadership skills needed to negotiate.

They will learn the process of creating and promoting luxury products using examples from around the world and the necessary marketing knowledge to promote the luxury segment.

Students will learn through online lectures, webinars, and networking with their professors and peers.

LISAA — The Higher Institute of Applied Arts

This renowned Parisian university turns a bachelor’s into a master’s in fashion and luxury management.

Students study on a specially created online platform and gain knowledge from global experts in marketing and management in fashion and luxury goods.

They are introduced to the entire process, from collection or brand creation to promotion and sales.

The course lasts two years but gives students the freedom to study on a fee schedule. Because of the flexible class hours, students have the opportunity to work for well-known companies in the industry and course partners.

These include luxury fashion houses such as Dior, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, and the world-famous Galeries Lafayette.

Moreover, the institute has access to a database of the most current vacancies in the field and helps employ its students.

Course materials are constantly updated and based on practice and current research to provide only relevant and trending information.

Instructors present material in an interdisciplinary manner to fully demonstrate all aspects and the importance of developing a variety of skills.

Throughout the course, students are individually guided to create their own projects.

We have selected for you the best master’s online programs in luxury management from all over the world.

The advantage of studying online is that you can benefit from a flexible schedule and get an internship or work in elite and famous companies while you are still studying.

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