15 Activities for Toddlers at Home

Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers are known for their excessive energy and attention-seeking gimmicks.

If you have a toddler or two at home, you know that occupying and keeping them off your neck is no mean feat.

Their activity level is high, and they need structures to harness that energy in the right direction.

Structuring kids’ play does not have to take the enjoyment out of it. There are a lot of fun activities that you can organize to keep your toddler busy.

They can play indoors if it’s winter and more outdoors during summer. Whether inside or outside the house, the following sensory activities will make their home life fun and engaging.

Indoor Activities for Toddlers at Home

Sometimes the weather outside is unfavorable for the little one to play. Also, there are times when your toddler doesn’t feel like playing outdoors.

On such occasions, they don’t have to binge-watch their favorite cartoon series. The fun activities below will give you an idea of what you can do for and with your toddlers.

Edible playdough

Most kids enjoy playing with dough both indoors and outdoors. There’s a lot that your toddler can make with play dough.

You can provide the dough and then allow them to make what they want. If you’re available to play with them, assigning them to model, specific objects will make the game more educational and fun.

If your toddlers are still in the oral stage where everything goes mouth, the edible dough will be safer.

Instead of buying artificial play dough, you can use wheat flour, water, and food coloring to make yours.

Painting and coloring

Children love coloring and painting, even though it can get pretty messy. Sensory activities that engage their creativity are excellent. Provide assorted water paints, papers, and crayons for your little ones to use.

Allow them to paint and color different objects of their choice. Paints can be messy so ensure the play space and surfaces are lined with paper to minimize the mess. Alternatively, you can set up a place on the balcony for them to have all the fun.

Use Glue to make Art

From three years of age, children can use glue and paper to make beautiful pieces of art. You only need to give directions on how to use the glue. Better still, be present so that they do not lick or mess up with the glue.

If you help them to apply the glue, they can stick rice, oatmeal, and other particles to make patterns.

Balloon Games

The beauty of balloons is that they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Toddlers love the magic of color, and anything bouncy lights up their mood. For indoor toddler activities, you can blow a balloon and use it as a hockey ball.

Custom-make hockey sticks from cartons or any other light material, then have fun with your little ones.

You can also play with flying balloons and encourage your toddlers to catch them. Balloon volleyball games are also a thing; try them out as well.

Play fort using cardboard boxes

Toddlers love constructing their tiny playhouses inside the main family house. If you have any empty cardboard boxes, they can use them. You may need to help them in the creation to avoid the wastage of the boxes.

Using a pair of scissors or a blade makes some cutouts act as doors and windows for the fort.

To decorate the inside and the outside of the fort, let your toddler use assorted crayons or simple paints. There are a lot of fun ideas for making a fun playhouse for your little one.


The players here are primarily girls who love imitating their moms in the kitchen. While it is okay to cook real food with your toddlers, play food is safer.

You can help your toddler set up a playing kitchen with small-size utensils and small portions of food.

They can use multi-colored noodles and cereals and pretend to be cooking and serving. For such an activity, avoid using real fire or hot water.

Warm water is safe but ensures you warm it yourself. Burns are prevalent among toddlers, so you will need to take extra caution.

Toy car wash

Washing toys can either be done in the house or on the balcony. If you decide to set up in the house, ensure that you minimize water spillage to avoid accidents.

You can use the bathtub or the sink. Put clean soapy water in the sink, then provide scouring materials.

You may need to keep coming around to wipe off any water on the floor for the toy car wash. Also, have a paper towel or a rug on the floor to absorb any water that spills.

Also, if the weather is cold, you can warm the water so that your little ones do not catch a cold.

Indoor Skating

Indoor skating is a fun idea for toddlers. You don’t need sophisticated skating attire or equipment for your kids to have indoor fun. All you need is space and some materials to slide on the floor.

Face towels and paper plates are the standard indoor skating tools. Your kids will place their feet on a piece of paper or cloth, then slide on the floor. Hardwood forms a better skating surface.

Outdoor Activities for Toddlers At Home

Activities for Toddlers

If the weather is favorable and everyone is in the mood for outdoor fun activities, then go ahead.

Water play

The most appropriate place for water play is either on the balcony or in the backyard.

You can put a tub of water outside and then allow kids to have summer day fun. Toddlers like using water guns, water bottles, and sprinklers to play with water.

Plying fill-the-bucket is also another fun activity. Give small cups with all at the bottom to each toddler, then let them try to fill a bucket with water, using the poked cups.

It is a fun game that keeps toddlers busy and develops their motor skills. Making water bubbles is also fun for toddlers.

Backyard Picnic

Simple activities like picnics give toddlers a taste of outdoor fun without going away from home. Involve your kids in setting up the picnic. They can help in preparing the snacks or food, then carry them to the site.

Kite flying

Kite flying never gets old. Toddlers enjoy this outdoor physical activity, and it’s also good to keep them fit. You can decide to buy kites and fly them in your backyard.

Alternatively, your kids can help you to make the kites using locally available materials. You will only need a piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors, and a thread to fly a kite.

Nature Play

Activities for toddlers at home must include nature play to complete the list. Nature is refreshing and educational as well.

Let your kids have unstructured fun and physical activity outside. They can play with soil and water, or they can catch butterflies.

Whatever keeps toddlers busy is a fun activity for them. Let them wear their gumboots and jump on the puddles if any. Active games keep your kids alert.

Bike Riding

Children from the age of two can ride a bike. Bike riding is fun and great motor activity. If you have a backyard, then your little ones can enjoy their ride there. It’s safer than out in the wild or on the road.

Non-messy Fun Activities for Toddlers At Home

Indoor toddler activities can be messy, and not everyone can clean up after the kids. If you prefer non-messy indoor activities, the options below will serve you right.

Building blocks

Building blocks are some of the safest materials for toddler indoor activities. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Your toddlers can use small blocks to build different shapes out of their imagination. Large blocks make towers and cubicles for your kids to play inside.

Stacking Up

There are a lot of stackable cups that children can use to make towers. Yogurt or juice cups are examples of such cups.

You can show your little ones how to do the stacking, then allow them to experiment with different fun ideas. Toilet paper rolls are also good for stacking up. It’s a simple idea that works.

DIY Musical Instruments

If your toddlers are music lovers, you can teach them how to make their musical instruments at home. This activity is good to stir up their creativity, and it’s also fun, especially if they succeed at it.

You will need plastic containers and metallic plates to make a simple drum set. Bottles and beads make good shakers too.

Character Dressing

Toddlers can make excellent character players since they are rarely shy. Ask your kids to become any character of their choice and put up an act.

To spice it up, you can provide some costumes and have them dress those characters to the best of their abilities.

Magnet Play

Toddlers can understand the concept of magnetism at their level. If you provide them with magnets and demonstrate in simple terms how magnetism works, they will have a lot of fun. They get to understand that some materials are magnetic while others are not.

Letters, Shapes, and Number Fishing

Get a collection of multi-colored letters, shapes, and numbers and put them in a big container. Your child can sort them out from the container and group the letters together, similar or complementary shapes as well as uniform colors.

Your Take Home

Having your little ones around should be a pleasure, not a burden. If you learn how to manage their extra energy, then you’ll be a happy parent with happy kids. Use the guide above to identify the best activities for toddlers at home and have fun together.

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